A Good News Message That Gives Credit And Encourages Future Sales

The following letter is an example that was written by a San Jose Japanese Translation worker.  The letter is addressed to a client of a company that has recently applied and been granted credit.  As mentioned in the previous blog post, this follows the structure of a good news message.  Other good news messages that were composed by workers providing Chinese translation in New York City have been the subject of past blog posts and we encourage you to review them.

We welcome you as our newest credit customer! This is your brand new credit card, which allows purchasing from Sales Center to be even easier than before. Now it’s simple to use your new store credit card to purchase up to a total of $7,000.

With a click and ship card in your pocket, you can have access to our complete inventory, anywhere and anytime. Even if you prefer call into our order department, we can deliver your purchases within 24 hours. A message e-mailed to you on the fifth of each month will identify every credit purchase you have made with your card inside the current billing period and the amount that is currently due. Once you make a payment for the full amount due by the due date, you prevent interest from being incurred on your account. Alternatively, you can pay as low as 11% of the amount due, whatever amount is greater. A monthly interest charge of 5.5 percent of the outstanding balance will be included on your upcoming statement.

Please visit Sales Center today. As a new credit customer, you will find that each department is stocked full with the latest product styles for your entire family.

From household electronics to the latest athletic gear, kitchen appliances and clothing accessories, our goal is to be your one stop destination for a complete shopping experience. And keep in mind, we offer free delivery on orders over $50.

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