Example Of A Message For Resolving A Claim

Here is an example of message that was written by a Washington D.C. translation services worker and composed as an individual response to a distinct claim scenario might begin with a specific statement of the good news: the resolution of a claim with respect to the client’s request. Examine this message:

Within a week you are going to receive a brand new factory-inspected optical drive to replace the one you returned. Thanks, Dr. Clark, for giving us the opportunity to back up our claim of total buyer satisfaction. Our goal for the past 104 years has been to provide precise and reliable digital storage devices that meet the most exacting standards. Throughout our manufacturing process, every drive must meet stringent factory tests for accuracy and durability. Technicians in our test laboratories have been alerted to your experience; however, so that we can maintain the high ratings we have been given by all major professional journals.

We appreciate your interest in our products, Dr. Clark. Please continue telling us how we may supply your needs for dependable storage devices.

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