Responding To Business Inquiries When A Sale Isn’t Involved

A number of inquiries from people in the marketplace and nearly all inquiries from colleagues won’t offer chances to make sales. In responses these types of inquiries, you Houston Translation workers have a couple of objectives: (1) to respond to the inquiries truthfully and thoroughly and (2) to create a positive impression that can stimulate potential sales or creates professional partnerships.

Listed below is a good reply that was written by a Spanish Translator in Dallas in response to an inquiry from an outsider that won’t lead to a sudden sale:

I appreciate your writing to inquire about the warranty we offer on the NexTech Tablet PC. Listed below are the answers to your queries, in the sequence you asked about them:

l. Every repair that your computer requires due to normal wear and tear is protected by the iron-clad warranty, apart from issues brought on by mistreatment, including scratches and cracks on the external glass, cracked circuitry from dropping, or shorting from liquid and humidity exposure.

In the event the source of damage is being challenged, it’s possible to appeal your case to our impartial client satisfaction board. We are going to respect their determination.

2. When service is required, we cover all shipping and insurance charges. If possible, pickups are made on a next-day basis- -and normally in just 2 business days of your telephone call.

3. Certainly, a one-year computer service policy can be purchased prior to the end of your 1 year warranty. You are able to continue this coverage forever.

Ensuring that you’re completely happy is our objective, Mr. Martin. Anytime you require additional information, merely inform me. Please keep me updated on how well you enjoy your NexTech tablet PC.

A comparable strategy is acceptable with regard to answering inquiries from co-workers; however a memo framework needs to be employed rather than a letter framework.

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