At some point in your career as a translator, you will be asked to prepare a presentation.  You can take advantage of your excellent planning by utilizing the subsequent recommendations offered by fellow translators for your presentation.

Present the Subject matter Clearly, but Carefully
As one Houston translation worker explains, you should provide the listeners with a moment or two to get accustomed to you and your conversation style prior to shifting to your primary points. Normally, the audience can overlook details important for a precise comprehension of your subject matter.

After you have expressed your subject matter and discussed everything you anticipate doing (generally within a few minutes following the start of your discussion), proceed straight into the meat of your presentation. Several Washington D.C. translation workers warn that you should never switch back to what seems like beginning or foundational content. These kinds of changes distract your listeners.

Apply Straightforward Transitions
During your discussion, make use of obvious transitions to indicate a change from one concept to another. In a nutshell, make sure you employ statements as, “Now I’d like to discuss,” “Turning now to my third point.” “The second point I wish to emphasize,” “In conclusion.” or “To summarize.” Also repeat key points or terms to keep them fresh in your listeners’ minds.

After you indicate your closing with a phrase like, “In summary.” conclude quickly. Listeners will take you at your word. People count on you to finish, not drone on for 5 or 10 more minutes.

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