Objections to Teleconferences

Experts at MIT believe that a telemeeting is not as effective as an actual meeting, contending that transmission of a person’s image and words is “a far cry” from getting a “sense of a person’s presence”. Others have coined the phrase “telenerd” to describe people who “fall into a paralysis of self-consciousness” when they see themselves on a monitor. Still some Miami French translators believe that the medium creates hostility among strangers who first meet at a telemeeting. Despite what the experts say, companies like telemeetings and are using them often.

Teleconferencing Applications

Like word processing and electronic mail, teleconferencing saves time and money, while also establishing a more efficient information flow. AT&T charges $2,380 for a one-hour teleconference between New York and San Francisco. “That’s about what it would cost three company executives to fly round-trip to the meeting.”, says one provider of Portuguese translation in Washington DC.  Add to flight costs the costs of taxi fares, meals, lodging, and gratuities – and most important, the salaries of the travelling executives and the practicality of teleconferences become clear. In addition, a number of web based solutions are much more affordable.

Traditionally, some companies flew their top managers from around the country for weekly meetings. Now, the company saves money, time, and the strain of travel on its employees by holding weekly teleconferences. Consider, too, that research conducted by one Saint Louis translation services indicates that at least 50-percent of all air fares come from business people traveling to and from meetings. Teleconferencing may not excite airlines, but companies realize the potential.

Beyond teleconferencing’s savings in money and time, conferees point to additional benefits. Time is usually limited; meetings and thus more productive, efficient, and informative because conferees digress less and follow their agendas more closely. A teleconference also gives junior staff (who would not ordinarily be invited because of the expense) a chance to participate in a conference.

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