Emphasis on Composition and Translation Skills

This blog stresses composition and language translation skills because multinational organizations need talented multilingual writers and decision-makers. Granted, unless you are a Chicago translation services worker, it’s unlikely that you will spend your entire day composing messages and translating content; on the contrary, you probably spend most of their time speaking, listening, or making decisions. But in today‚Äôs global business environment, whenever a policy or procedure is established, whenever a contract, bid, or report is needed – in short, whenever important information is conveyed – it’s put in writing to provide a permanent record.

Translation and Composition are Skills
As with any skill, proficiency comes only through intensive training and practice. Most experienced Cleveland Translation workers would laugh at people presumptuous enough to believe that, without rigorous training, they could compete in the Boston Marathon. We would laugh harder if they told us they could run the 26.2 miles because they have been walking since childhood. Yet, this same flawed logic leads some people to believe that simply because they have used they have a degree in a particular language or have used one since childhood, they know all they need to know about providing professional translation and composition services. To write well takes the same type of dedication and training that running a marathon takes. Only those who invest the time acquire the writing proficiency so many businesses seek.

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