Translating to Solve Problems

What does your client hope to achieve with the localization and translation of his document or presentation? Is that goal for him and for his company? What does the non-English speaking reader who the English to French translation is geared to want to achieve by reading it? What does your non-English speaking audience member want to achieve by being attentive to the translation of the presentation? As one certified Houston translator explained, these kinds of inquiries are often two sides of the same coin. Suppose you are attempting sell a new kind of kitchen cleaner to a restaurant operator. The restaurant operator’s objective is to determine if your new cleanser offers more value than what he currently buys. Alternatively, picture yourself explaining to someone how to install a new wireless network adapter that was purchased online. The reader or listener must set it up properly and install the necessary software to configure it. Understanding your client’s desires and the audience’s expectations is essential for a positive outcome of your translation and your client’s communication endeavors.

Take note of your client’s objectives. There isn’t anything else that clarifies thought as much as writing it down or entering it into a computer. This activity isn’t just a technique to record thoughts. Making a hard copy of your client’s ideas will assist you in clarifying your own legal translation or interpretation planning. Once the client compares what he had thought with what you both had written down and with what you both are now thinking, you generate value understanding into where your ideas are directing you. Your client’s objectives must be measurable. In other words, they need to be stated using a method that permits him to see if they have been achieved.

Using the following objective, the non-English speaking reader will understand how to install the device or your client’s target audience will be able to increase their productivity is not measurable as stated. How could your client measure his understanding? The objective stated as the reader will be able to assemble the wireless network adapter in fifteen minutes is measurable. Your client could give the reader the wireless network adapter and the instructions. If the reader, using your instructions, assembles the device in fifteen minutes, your objective is met. Many language translation projects lend themselves to such measurable goals.

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