Establishing Credibility and Promoting Yourself As A Translator

As a professional translator, your credibility is based on your ability to provide an accurate translation of your client’s material.  As you can imagine, factors such as spelling and grammar, organization and the quality of paper that your translation is printed on can all influence your credibility.  However, the quality of the source material that you translate for your client can also influence your credibility too.  If the document or presentation that you translated contains inaccurate and unreliable data then then client might have a negative perception about you and your professional credibility.  Therefore, in many professional situations, there can be an unlimited number of factors that you never even consider that can cause your credibility to tank.

Following our discussion on using persuasion, your credibility can be adversely affected on how you attempt to sway the attitudes, intentions and motivations of other people.  From both a personal and professional perspective, misrepresenting your legal translation skills and accomplishments can have a very damaging effect.  For this reason, it makes sense to clarify all of your experiences and include solid references in order to convince the hiring authorities that you are qualified and that you are who you say you are.  In the same way that you prove your competencies, your clients need to demonstrate that they are financially strong, technically competent, have better solutions and are the least risky. Perhaps most important of all, your readers and listeners must see you as a person of goodwill who has their interests at heart. You must have a “you attitude”; that is, you must consider your audience’s needs and viewpoints at all times. While this can be very challenging, you should try to find out what pleases them and what annoys them.

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