How Translators Are Used To Conduct Research

As a language translator, you might be tasked with working on research project for a client that involves applying analytical skills to problems, proposals, and planning for a client. A surgeon, for instance, studies medical records and prescriptions taken by patients in order to determine the safest treatment and procedures to use when sedating, recommending healing times.  Prior to buying investment property, a smart investor will analyze traffic patterns, accessibility, property taxes, growth trends and other market conditions. A fire inspector will build an arson case on the analysis and logical reconstruction of events, interviews of potential neighbors and background information of the owners in a case.

A French translation Services company in Washington D.C., was once asked to document and translate a number of job procedures on an offshore oil platform for a team of investors from Mexico.  The project involved numerous interviews with technicians, supervisors and other specialists to precisely determine and document the correct steps involved in each of the jobs.  In other examples, the same translation company was asked to identify product adoption rates of rechargeable battery operated scooters in China.  Other translators have been asked to listen to audio recordings of acts of violence and based on personal judgment identify what events actually transpired and who committed the actual attack.   In more busness oriented examples, translators with The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company have been hired to assess the feasibility of a proposal for company expansion or investment in various regions of the world. The list is endless, but the process is basically the same: (l) making a plan, (2) finding the facts, (3) interpreting the findings, and (4) drawing conclusions and making recommendations.

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