How To Choose Low-Cost Certified Translation Services

legal-certified-translation-2A majority of certified translation services are expensive or, at least, quote an expensive rate upfront. In essence, high quality of translation know-how increases the cost to the customer.  Because of this truth, it is always a good idea to choose a good-quality, certified translation service rather than to choose a bad quality one whose main appeal is its low price.

However, there are instances when people are short of finances or need a moderately proficient translation service to get official documents or other legal documents translated by a certified professional. When this is the case, the most obvious problem is that a simple search online will turn up thousands of translation services that claim to offer the cheapest translating services. But should you choose one?

Of course, there are low-cost translation services that offer good quality translation between any two languages. They can even offer bulk discount rates if you have more than one translation project. But while browsing through such translation service notices, you should always ask this question, “Are these translation services certified?”

Certified translation services are recognized, validated and empowered by the various relevant authorities with the right and authority to notarize all translated documents to be accepted by the official government agencies, both here in the US and throughout the world. Therefore, by choosing a certified translation service, you essentially are guaranteeing that your officially translated document will be accepted without issues.

On the other hand, you cannot secure such assurances from unofficial translators, because they insist that you obtain an official document notarized from a notarizing authority. Furthermore, if you want them to provide notarization for you, they charge extra, which will ultimately offset your savings. In this kind of lose-lose situation, what are the alternatives?

If you are looking for low-cost certified translation services, your best bet is to conduct careful research. You should never choose a single translation service and decide to run with it. Instead, get quotes from multiple certified translation services and compare the prices and their services. Normally, the translating services with the most positive reviews from past customers charge higher translation fees than ones with relatively modest reviews. Therefore, it is your responsibility to examine closely claims and testimonies so that you can decide between quality and cost.

It is also possible for you to get discounts from existing high-quality certified translation services. While these discounts may not make much of an impact on a small number of projects, if you are choosing bulk subscription with a large number of translation projects on hand, you can enjoy large savings. You can always ask the translating service that you have chosen on the basis of their policies for discounts on bulk translation projects. Such a request makes sense: you can group your translation projects to achieve economy and efficiency instead of spacing them out as ultimately more expensive, scattered  single projects. By grouping your translation projects, or even asking your friends to club their translation projects with yours, you can enjoy discounted rates, which will benefit everyone concerned.

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