HugoBefore traveling to Austria I associated the name Hugo with the Scorsese’s film.  Once in Austria, I discovered that it is also the name of an alcoholic cocktail that has been conquering Europe and maybe the world in the recent years.

A colleague of mine, a certified translation freelancer from Klagenfurt told me, that the Hugo cocktail was created in 2010, but I myself doubt it because elderberry syrup has been homemade by many Europeans as a remedy for colds for centuries. In my opinion it has just become very popular and fashionable lately. However, I also doubt that this is so important – no matter when created, it is a unique fizzy drink that can make a Tirol night a refreshing memory and a hot summer evening in my home country – twice as refreshing.

So, what do you need to prepare a “Hugo”? Our friends from a Vienna Certified Translation Service give us the following recipe: three fourths of proseco, a tablespoonful of elderberry syrup, one third of soda water and as many fresh mint leaves as you find enjoyable. If you do not know what proseco is, I can tell you that it is sparkling wine, in fact the most famous Italian sparkling wine made of proseco grapes. However, if it is not sold in your local shop, I guess you can use any dry white sparkling wine.

hugo2The translation professionals from the above mentioned certified translation service say that to prepare elderberry syrup is very easy and a great aromatherapy. However, If you do not have any elderberry plants around your place, it is not the season when they blossom or you simply just do not have the time, you can replace it with any aperitif. The one below is made with an Italian aperitif called Aperol which has a very pleasant to the eye orange color.

Once you have all the ingredients, pour them in a glass. Stir and add some ice or a slice of lime if you desire. And, of course, do not forget the mint leaves. Here we go – I bet you will like it. Enjoy!

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