Social Harmony and Translation Services

With the world having become cosmopolitan, social harmony on a national and international level has become exceedingly important as individuals and as a nation. Sociological imagination, a term coined by C. Wright Mills, refers to the connection between personal lives and the social setting in which we live. An individual’s our level of contentment or dissatisfaction affects our performance at work. Welfare states know the impact of personal problems on society and since individuals make societies the state takes responsibility for every individual.

Translation services have some responsibility in connecting nations and in working towards global harmony. Although technology and communication have been major factors in globalization, without translation services it would be challenging to bring linguistically different nations together. A Houston Spanish translator working for The Marketing Analysts Translation Services shared his views about the importance of language translation. He believes that while globalization has resulted in the loss of individual cultural identities, the benefits of globalization are more important than those losses.

People are affected by some of the same problems that exist throughout the world. People need access to good jobs, good education and health care services. People want to prosper and need loans to set up businesses. Terrorism is a threat that can be combated with collective efforts. To address these global concerns, cross-cultural interaction is necessary. Translators who work in specialties such as medical translation and working for NGO’s or providing legal translation services, directly or indirectly cultivate harmony within and across the borders.Considering the goal of sociological imagination, it is apparent that a job of government must be to provide employment and meet the basic requirements of its citizens. Instead of viewing unemployment as a person’s personal failure, it should be seen as a social problem that millions of people are facing all over the world. Social factors are largely responsible for private problems. Social harmony is fundamentally important for a country to prosper and no one else plays a more substantial role than translators to create uniformity in societies.

Why Is Arabic Translation In Demand?

Have you ever told someone that you are an Arabic translator? The person must have looked at you with an impressed face. Having the ability to translate in a language as complex as Arabic brings along several benefits like amazing opportunities for work and travel. There has always been a high demand for this language.

A famous translator Zoe Trunks explains why Arabic translation is very much in demand these days. Discussed are the three key areas where Arabic certified translation is widely used.

Oil Industry

Business in the Middle East centers on oil. It has 53 percent of the globe’s oil reserves and Saudi Arabia alone accounts for 19% of this amount. This demand for oil is predicted to increase by 50% by the year 2030. With oil all set to be high in demand, so will be the need for Arabic translators. Companies like British Petroleum have a large interest in the Middle Eastern and Saudi petroleum markets. This ensures that Arabic translation is and will be in demand in future.

This struggle in oil business is not one-sided. Western companies are not the only ones who are trying to make a mark in Saudi markets. Middle Eastern countries are also trying to enter the Western markets. Consider Jordan, for instance. Jordanian companies are trying to promote their renewable energy projects in the West. Many Western companies have a great interest in such projects. With Middle Eastern companies looking to invest in the Western market, there will be a great need for qualified translators.


The significance of an Arabic legal translation is not only confined to the business world. It enjoys equal importance in global media which is playing a key role in highlighting its significance. There is more and more political news from Middle East and Arab appearing in the media. Arabic language is thus reaching a larger audience than before, making its translation desirable and important. For instance, the role of Arab League in Syrian conflict is evoking much interest from the West, opening newer avenues for Arabic translation.


Cellular phones and social media have taken the entire world by storm and Middle East is not an exception. Statistics reveal that the time is not far when Arabic will be the fourth most frequently used language on the Internet. Facebook and Twitter users are also growing in the Middle East with every passing day. Overall growth of Arabic as an international language is massive. It clearly shows how important this language is going to become in the near future. With businesses beginning to use social media for corporate reasons, there is going to be a great need for Arabic translators to help translate posts and web pages.

How The Human Mind Learns A Langauge

Only the human brain has the capability to learn and master a language. Linguists have experimented on apes by placing them in conducive environments for learning a language. Even though they developed great communication skills, they were unable to string a few words together to form sentences. The ability of humans to learn a language is remarkable. The configuration of the human brain allows it to learn more than one language. As a result, we see many bilingual and multilingual people around us, maintained an analyst with a long background of linguistic research working for The Marketing Analysts Translation Services in Louisville, Kentucky.

It is believed that trade and the diversity of languages created a need for translation services . The art of translating demands a high level of competence and concentration. The human mind was created to develop a language, learn it and pass it on. Therefore, we can observe young children learning a new language with very little difficulty. As children learn a language, they don’t study grammar rules.  Instead, children learn a language by being surrounded by fluent speakers of a language.

Many certified translation workers have given their own opinions on how the human mind deciphers and learns languages. Though it will require a deep scientific study to understand how the configuration of the human brain helps us learn languages, it is true that the ability to learn it has something to do with our capacity to speak.

Humans are the only animals who use language and pass them on from one generation to the next. Humans learn languages that are constantly subject to change. The etymology of words changes to suit the needs of people. Language enables us to communicate effectively, which makes the humans intellectually superior than all other life on earth.

Why Translators Must Master Writing And Public Speaking

Even before one starts their career, the need for good communication skills arises. The students with good public speaking and presentation skills excel in college and have to face fewer difficulties in the workplace. It has also been observed that bilinguals and translators have a better written expression and can also speak effectively in public presentations. Command over more than one language hones the communication skills of a person. Translators are experienced in working with different types of clients and understanding to their needs. This is one reason why translators are often convincing and good at persuading others.

Students and workers who fear speaking publicly are often very good writers. This means that their fear does not come from a lack of communications skills, but is generally due to lack of preparation and sometimes confidence. Most beginners in public speaking feel anxious while facing an audience but gradually they overcome their fears. A Vietnamese translator providing translation services for ten years shared his experiences of getting over the fear of public speaking. For him, it took considerable effort and several years to shed his fear of speaking in public. Now he works as a translator for The Marketing Analysts Translation Services and also serves as an interpreter for conferences and seminars.

In what arenas can good public communication help? To compete in today’s world, one needs to to have strong verbal and written communication skills. Studying public communication helps you in being vocal about your opinions and conveying them in the right manner. The right choice of words, the best delivery and some affectation can make you a success. According to a French Translation Services worker, it is a prerequisite for an interpreter to have good communication skills.

Your chances of getting a good job increase if you are a good speaker. Moreover, mastering public speaking gives you many important life skills. These skills include critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and team building. We use these skills every day in our lives. Learning to speak publicly can help you succeed professionally as well. Companies need seasoned professionals and good communicators. They like to have creative employees with solid spoken and written skills.

Hence, it is important to improve your public speaking and writing skills. While you don’t need to be an expert communicator, you should look to continuously improve your skills.

The Work Of Medical Translation Workers

Medical Translation Service From THE MARKETING ANALYSTS

Medical Translation Service From THE MARKETING ANALYSTS

In the United States, lack of health coverage and the inability to speak English is, for millions of Americans, a pressing concern, and for some, literally a matter of life or death.  A growing number of translation services workers have received medical training and are working to make healthcare accessible to 5% of Americans who cannot speak English fluently.  Removing the communications gap between doctors and non-English speaking patients and other problems of illness and health care in the United States and throughout the world are just some of the things that translators do on a daily basis.

To more fully appreciate the services than language translation companies requires a sociological review of health issues.  The review looks at why certain social groups experience more health problems than others and how social forces affect and are affected by health and illness. We begin by looking at patterns of health and illness throughout the world.

Patterns of Health and Illness Throughout the World

In making international comparisons, researchers, government employees, economists, and others often group countries into one of three broad categories according to their economic status: (1) developed countries have a comparatively high gross national income per capita and diverse economies; (2) developing countries have comparatively low gross national income per capita, and less diversified economies that tend to be based on agricultural production; and (3) least developed countries are the poorest countries of the world.

Patterns of health and disease uncover alarming differences between developed countries, developing countries, and the minimally developed countries. Future posts will focus on health and illness from a global perspective, medical translation workers will explain patterns of infant mortality, life expectancy and disease throughout the world. We will also be discussing worldwide health problems that have created special needs for language translators including AIDS, obesity, and mental illness.

Working To Solve Social Problems Through Translation

impoverished-childrenIn a 2006 Gallup asked a random sample of Americans, “What is the most important challenge facing the United States today?” The most popular responses included the war in Iraq, terrorism, the economy, unemployment, immigration, health care, education, the energy crisis, and poverty and homelessness. In all of these responses, it’s interesting to think about how certified translators were needed, how they were used to addressing these problems and develop solutions.

But translation services workers aren’t only hired to work on solving domestic social problems. Translators, particularly French and Portuguese translators are commonly hired to help NGO’s solve even more complex problems in Africa. In 1990 the United Nations Development Program published its first annual Human Development Report, which measured the well-being of populations around the world according to a “human development index.” The human development index assesses three aspects of human growth: life expectancy; intelligence; and standard of living. The most recent report concluded that unless global action is taken right away, the world will gradually expeience mass poverty, division based on heavy inequalities, and threaten from common insecurities. Throughout the world, translation services are breaking down communication barriers, transmitting the message to audiences and have been instrumental in helping to develop proactive solutions.

Problems related to poverty and malnutrition, insufficient education, AIDS, substandard medical treatment, civil war, oppression of ethnic and religious groups, environmental destruction, and other social issues are international concerns. Such problems present both a threat and a challenge to our national and global security. Translators working with various NGO’s help facilitate increased awareness and understanding of these problematic social conditions throughout the world and are working to develop solutions.

The Theory Of Anti-Globalization And Translation Services

As opposed to ‘globalization’, we often come across the term ‘anti-globalization’. Globalization suggests a world without any consideration of borders, where there will be equal opportunities for everyone. It also suggests the world will be turned into a homogenous sphere without nationalist conflicts and stratification on the basis of rank, caste, race or class. But so far this kind of uniformity throughout the world has not been achieved for various reasons. Translation services and top-rank translation service companies like The Marketing Analysts Translation Services company have played a major role in globalizing the world.

Though globalization means ‘a fair and complete distribution’ of technology and opportunities across the world, this distribution depends upon certain factors. The speed with which technical diffusion can take place in a country depends upon its political and economic circumstances. Acceptability of innovations also depends upon the cultural character of a certain region. An exactly equal distribution of resources and capital throughout the world is hard to be accomplished because countries, industries and individuals with power have a control over them. Some activists have come up with the slogan of “anti-globalization”. A well-informed translator with one translation services company indicated that anti-globalization sentiments have developed as a result of some multinational companies hiring labor from third-world countries with household wages. These companies lay off local workers to hire manpower from the under-developed countries.

However, this idea does not carry much weight. Globalization is not the reason behind unemployment or exploitation. The reasons for exploitation could be avarice and greed on an individual level. It cannot be regarded as true for all employers or international companies. There are many companies out there which are paying their foreign employers very well, said a Portuguese translator working for a Chicago translation services company. Furthermore, there are other ways to keep exploitation at a minimum. Trade unions are playing a vital role in making sure that employers are given all their rights.

Turning this world into a globalized sphere can address many problems which the humanity faces today. A certified translator working for a French translation services company told us that African countries are now following in the footsteps of the West in making investments in infrastructure including roads, ports, schools and marketplaces. All this has become possible due to translation services that have helped people communicate across borders.

Due to the latest technology and fastest means of communication and transportation, what happens in one part of the world affects the rest of the world too. Hence, globalization cannot be avoided by any means. It is better if we accept it as something positive and utilize it for the betterment of humanity.

Today’s Competitive Translation Industry

After many years, we can say that the demand for translation services has finally reached its pinnacle. Translation has now become a pure professional activity which is needed by top-notch international organizations and associations. Years ago, the need for full-time professional translation workers was almost non-existent. However, in more recent times, demand has accelerated due to internationalism and international humanitarian efforts.

With a demand for translators to address the needs of worldwide commercialization and marketing, universities have seen a growing interest in students seeking careers in translation studies.  However, most graduates of translation studies programs won’t be fortunate enough to find work by submitting resumes to large employers.  Instead, most translators will need to find work with long established translation companies.  This is because most companies have an infrequent need for a language translator with specific expertise.

Because it is more economical for most businesses in Houston to hire a Houston translation services company, business decision-makers invest time and energy identifying translation companies that they can trust.  Overtime, a sense of loyalty is built.  This makes it a challenge for new translation companies to build a presence in the translation market. As a result, setting up a translation company and making it profitable requires hard work especially when there are so many competitors.

Over the past decade, a shift has been observed in perceptions towards the translation profession. Instead of taking it up as a side profession or a part-time job, translators have become increasingly serious about developing careers in this field. According to some estimates, the need for New York City translation services alone will increase by a 20% every year, as the surveys suggest. Translation services are needed to support this age of globalization and they help bridge communication gaps between nations.

Today, translation companies have become the pillars of society.  Without them, most companies cannot engage in international transactions. In fact, nearly all business done internationally requires the aid of translation services.  But the industry has also become extremely competitive.

Culinary Translation – What’s Cooking?

menu-translationMenu translation sounds like the easiest translation possible. After all, how difficult can it be to translate “Roast beef with rice and salad” correctly? If an automated translation tool is used for translating something as simple as this, it may appear as a bad phrase on the menu, which will take appetites away. Getting an automatic translation tool on the Internet for menu translation can lead to some serious confusion. The following provides some reasons for trusting the services of menu translation solely to a professional translation services firm instead of a free online translation tool.

A name of the dish on the menu should not sound repulsive to the customers. It needs to sound appetizing, along with providing information about the contents of the dish. Culinary translators must bear in mind that while translating menus, some things need to change altogether. For instance, octopus is a very popular ingredient on menus in Greece. An appetizer “Chtapodokeftedes” that is prepared from octopus in Greece looks somewhat like meatballs. However in the English translation it certainly cannot be named as “octopus balls”! Therefore, the choice of suitable words must be careful.

In terms of recipe book translations, ingredients can pose another challenge. Because certain items in recipes may not be available in Western Europe, the cook may be forced to find substitute ingredients. For example, a wonderful recipe from the Philippines has an ingredient known as “heart of the banana flower” when translated in English. Obviously, odds of getting a banana flower in Europe are very limited. The solution to this problem is usually to look for an ingredient that can act as a substitute both in terms of consistency and taste.  Identifying appropriate substitute ingredients can be trusted only to a human translator with relevant knowledge of the culinary field.

The best way to guarantee an error-free menu translation is to use human translators instead of the easily accessible software translation tools. For instance, an online tool might be able to provide the translation for “duck” but not in as enticing a way as a human translator can. As already discussed, software translation errors can also result in a menu that is highly unappetizing to the diner at the table.

A badly translated restaurant menu not only discourages customers but also means bad business for the restaurant. After all, the first impressions that customers get regarding the restaurant are through its menu. Thus restaurant owners must not rely on a menu translation that is just “good enough.” For the sake of their own business, they must look for the best menu translation. Getting a professional translation firm like The Marketing Analysts Translation Services ( to translate your restaurant menu is well worth the investment.

Foreign Investors See Mozambique As A Land Of New Opportunities

mozambique-investment-opportunitiesMozambique is situated in South-eastern Africa sharing its boundaries with Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. Over the past several years, the country has undergone major macroeconomic reforms that have helped stabilize the country’s economy. As a result, foreign investments are being made by companies all over the world and the demand for translation services here has risen steeply.

While the bulk of the workforce continues to be in the agricultural sector, large foreign investments like the Mozal aluminum smelter has helped increase the country’s foreign exchange and work diversity. A Portuguese translator working for an Austin translation services company told us about the translation projects they receive due to economic growth in Mozambique. Since Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique, clients doing business with Mozambique typically require Portuguese to English translation or English to Portuguese translation of their documents.

Because of the natural gas reserves found in Mozambique, foreign investors are also concentrating on the exploration of new oil fields. According to foreign investors, there is a strong chance that Mozambique has large undiscovered oil wells.  As interest continues to build, translation services will be needed to help petroleum executives communicate with the local public and government officials.  Sometimes, it can be difficult for the investors to select the most suitable translation company for their unique needs. In cases like these, it’s advisable to consult an experienced The Marketing Analysts Translation Service or another highly experienced translation company.

Mozambique is a rising economic power in the African world. If the political and economic stability continue, economists predict that the country’s GDP will grow at an annual rate of 7.7%. Most recently, the economic sector of Mozambique has been heavily influenced with discoveries of natural resources like coal, salt, graphite, precious stones, marble, oil and especially the large reserves of natural gas. Foreign investors have been concentrating mainly on developing the industrial and energy sectors of Mozambique. Still the county’s infrastructure requires a significant investment. More roads, railway tracks and bridges need to be built to improve logistics.

The country has a lot to offer foreign investors. In a few years’ time, Mozambique will be one of the most economically strong countries in the African continent.