Expertise Required For The Translation Of Business Cards

business-card-translationThe trend of establishing international enterprises has become more common nowadays. Business people interact with others on daily basis as is the demand of their job. Marketing products globally and running an international business necessitates people to show active presence in conferences, meetings and seminars all over the world. These social events undoubtedly offer many opportunities to interact with the business community across the world. And business card  is the most practical way to introduce oneself without indulging in long conversations.

An Arabic translator working for the Los Angeles services of the marketing analysts translation service company told us about the regular requests they receive for the translation of business cards. Business people often need their business cards to be translated in more than one language to reach out to all their international clients. He further enumerated the technicalities involved in the translation of business cards. The translation of business cards is different from the translation of documents. Business cards are always precise and to the point, maintained a Portuguese translator with a long experience of translating business cards. He works for the Miami translation service of the marketing analysts translation service company.

When a translator of any language gets an assignment of translating business cards, he/she has to keep a few things in mind. The client on his part, also needs to consult a professional translation company adept in translating business proposals and legal documents to be used in international courts of law. Their previous experience makes them trustworthy and reliable. Business cards represent who you are and what you are. Therefore, you will neither be trusted nor be taken seriously  if the translation of your business card is faulty or inept. It’s better if the business card is only printed on one side. It is customary for people to scribble things on the back of your card. Although in some cases when the information is too much to be printed on just one side, both sides are used. Though a Korean translator working for the New York City translation told that he had only witnessed few such business cards in his entire career of translation.

It is prudent to keep your business card simple. You must mention your title, your company’s name and your contact details on your business card for the benefit of the receiver. A French translator employed by the El Paso translation services was of the view that short and precise business cards had low translation costs and hence were more practical. Correct translation of your title is also very important for others to know about your status in the company. There is no need for you to get your address translated. The address should just be translated in the other language’s script, making it easier for the client to understand it.

In some cultures, a special style of writing is more popular than others or some colors are given more  importance than the rest. For example, Japanese never like business cards printed in bright colors whereas Chinese love something written in red. Knowing these small cultural nuances can increase the acceptability of your business cards in another culture.

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