Translation—A Profession That Povides Freedom To Travel And Work

traveling-translatorMost jobs offer some perks or privileges to their employees in order to provide an incentive to work more productively. But frequently people who desired additional time to travel, find themselves tied to their desks in 8 to 5 jobs. Therefore, more people are adopting the profession of translation. A Russian translator working for the Portland translation services of The Marketing Analysts Translation Services told us that translators are paid well and are highly regarded for the services they provide.

Due to globalization and the increasing number of companies that are interested in cross-border investments, the scope and market for translation services has widened. Language translators earn more by translating for translation agencies who service international organizations. This is individuals are more expensive to service and usually come with greater risk. On the other hand, companies generally have sufficient budgets for the different kinds of services and are more experienced in ordering them

We were interested in talking to language translators, about their reasons for choosing their career. A medical translator working for a San Jose translation services firm shared some of his work experiences. He left his job at a pharmaceutical company a few years ago to work as a translator and his first assignment was to translate an immunization card. It was French to English translation and he told us that he thoroughly enjoyed it.

When asked about the reasons for leaving his previous job, he told us about his love for traveling. He said that his previous job only provided 15 days of vacation each year. But as a translator, he can travel the world and work at the same time. All he needs is a laptop and an internet connection.

A French translator working for a Chicago French translation company said that he likes the freedom that the translation profession offers. He said that one can always accept or decline an assignment if he doesn’t feel like doing it. As a result, he has the freedom to pursue his hobbies without being hindered by work. This does not mean that a translation career would not be difficult. Once a translator accepts a task, he is required to do his best and meet the deadline. High-quality work done in the assigned time period is always the demand of clients. And profession, like any other, thrives on satisfied customers who bring repeat business.

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