The Role Of Translation Companies In Improving Global Living Standards

Despite foreign investors heavily investing all across the globe, there are millions of people still living below the poverty threshold. In the developed as well as underdeveloped countries, the impoverished masses do not have the basic necessities of life namely food, clothing and a decent shelter. Climate change in some parts of the world including Africa and Asia has resulted in drought and depletion of water resources. This has severely affected those who depended on their lands for living. Although the global economic crunch has badly affected the low income group, there are professional translators working in NGO’s to uplift the living conditions of the poverty-stricken masses all over the world. Even in the developed countries, there are people who cannot afford the basic necessities of life and a decent shelter. They are unable to afford medical treatments. It has also been observed that stress due to unemployment and financial insecurity leads to drug abuse and alcoholism. Therefore, poverty is one of the major challenges which the modern world is facing today.

We often overlook the role of translation service companies and translators who are making concerned effort to meet these challenges, said one certified Polish translator working for the Portland translation services of The Marketing Analysts Translation Services company. The recent investments made in Africa, especially for the oil and gas explorations have only been possible with the aid of certified translation companies. The same is true for any overseas investment made in any region of the world. The investors need translation services and translators/ interpreters to effectively communicate with the local populace. Also without translation companies, no intercultural dialogue or negotiation can take place.

It is also interesting to note that the recent investments have increased the demand for interpreters and translators all over the world, hence creating a lot of opportunities for linguists. The rising need for labor in Africa is a positive development for the region, not to mention the opportunity of working as interpreters for those who are bilingual. This shows that translation companies have directly and indirectly played a very positive role in serving people.

In order to create social harmony all over the world, uniformity in living standards needs to be achieved. Global peace and harmony depend upon an equal distribution of resources and availability of the basic necessities of life for everyone. As long as translation companies like The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company are working towards this goal, there is hope of betterment in the lives of impoverished masses. Such companies are also a source of employment for many people.

Have You Closely Studied Your Website Traffic?

Have you been updating the content on your company’s website regularly? Are you keeping track of the stream of visitors visiting your website on a continual basis? If not, you are potentially missing a lot! Your website is your company’s mouthpiece. With one-third of world’s population now using the internet, you are going to collect more revenue by publicizing your company through your company’s website. The statistics shown by the Common Sense Advisory reveal that about 61 percent of people having access to internet, research commodities online, before purchasing them. Surprised aren’t you?

Confused from where to begin and in which language to carry out website translation? Watch your website closely and see from which country you are getting your visitors the most. Say, you have a regular stream of visitors from Poland or Brazil. This means that your product is ready to be launched in new markets. But the first step towards it is to povide Polish and Portuguese translation of your website. Do not trust just any translation company to carry out this task for you! This might be more tricky than you think.

Translating your content will not always suffice. If you don’t have a multilingual SEO and are relying on a translation which is word for word, you may be making a grave mistake. All languages do not translate well verbatim, leaving great gaps in the information and even making statements seemingly totally unrelated to your message. This is why at times the term website localization is used. Localizing your content means you are changing it at places to resonate with your target audience.

In whatever country you are trying to establish your business, it may necessitate in-country translators, that is, native speaking people who know the language and its nuances. The Marketing Analysts Translation Services has people standing by in virtually any country that you may want to do business with. One of the indicators that you may need this service is, when checking your website you see a high volume of ‘hits’, but a low turnover. In most cases it’s your content. And the first thing to look for when you are getting volume from a certain country, but little business, within said content, is if it translates well to the general public or those who would be interested in your product.

Just for research, we looked at the myriad of websites offered with a Chinese Translation in order to get a grip on the American market. Though some interpretations could be worked on, the majority are done quite well and carry their message succinctly! If they have a failing, it would be the captions beneath the pictures that they put there a-plenty. But they know what grabs your attention and more importantly, they know what keeps it and draws you to buy from them: ‘Information’! And it’s there, converted well and comprehensive. It isn’t a wonder to me that they do so well in competing even with domestic markets, as the consumer knows what they are getting.

And it’s time we face up to the fact that China is the competition who has raised the bar, and they have done so starting with competent translation on their websites, directed at the target country they wish to sell to. Can you afford to do anything less than that?

Exploring Investment Opportunities In Guatemala

Guatemala is situated in Central America, a prime location for those interested in investing overseas. With its access to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Guatemala can have trade with any Asian and European country, not to mention North America. With the recent socioeconomic developments in the country, Guatemala offers a suitable environment for foreign investments. Spanish being the official language of the country, companies considering to invest in Guatemala will need the aid of certified translators.

The economy of Guatemala has gone through some promising changes and the country offers much more to foreign investors than it has ever in the past. There have been concerned efforts on the part of the Guatemalan government to modernize its economy and take initiatives to attract more investors. Primarily an agricultural country, Guatemala has now improved its infrastructure and reduced trade barriers to modernize its economy. Guatemala has also initiated free trade agreements with the United States and its neighboring countries.

An translator from The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company in Chicago maintained that the Houston Spanish Translation has translated a few official documents on behalf of the US and Guatemalan government. Economists are of the view that this shift in the Guatemalan economic policy and these trade agreements will play a fundamental role in the ‘promotion of direct foreign investment’. These free-trade agreements have increased the access of Guatemalan products in the international markets which is a very positive development.

On the whole, the country has become a good place to invest. There is still room for development in many sectors. A few economic policies of the country need to be revisited. But the government has realized that in order to compete with its neighboring countries, Guatemala will have to reform its economy. Food industry, call centers, energy and oil sector, tourism and textile industry, light manufacturing , forestry and the mining industry etc are some areas which have proven to be profitable investments in Guatemala. The country’s infrastructure also needs improvement. Guatemala needs to build roads, railways and new ports which will contribute towards the country’s development.

New investors planning to invest in Guatemala will face the language barrier. We advise you to hire a reputed Spanish translation company like The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company    ( We have a bunch of professional experienced Spanish translators/ interpreters  who can assist you in all matters related to translation, localization and interpretation services.

A System For Developing Nations

The world has gone through a transition of world-systems over the past few centuries. From feudalism to socialism and from socialism to capitalism, the world experimented with many political and economic systems. Capitalism evolved from Europe and is now an economic system followed by even the third-world countries. Waller-stein has enumerated the characteristics of ‘modern-world-capitalist-system’. These characteristics state the positive points as well as the drawbacks of modern capitalist system. By seeing things with a rational approach, it will become obvious that the modern man has no better option than striving for a single world-system, namely, Capitalism.

By bringing the underdeveloped nations in the mainstream world-economy, the developed nations can play a positive role. By dealing with the shortcomings in the ‘modern-world capitalist system’ this wide economic gap between the developed and third-world countries can be bridged. As intercultural communication has increased, trade alliances are benefiting all partners alike. This has also heightened the demand for translation companies.

With human rights organizations playing their role to eliminate low wage labor, modern-world-capitalism is far less threatening than the already discarded world-systems. It is undeniable that a ceaseless accumulation of capital is the driving force of our New World-system, but there is always some room for reformation in any political or economic system. The world has become a global village, where different political and economic systems will prove to be a hindrance in development. Therefore, a single world system is the need of the hour. An translator working for The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company maintained that the developed nations are heavily investing in the underdeveloped regions, e.g, Africa and some parts of Asia.

With the trend of global enterprises increasing with every passing day, it is evident that the underdeveloped nations will also claim their due share in the modern-world-capitalist-system. We need to understand that the previous world-systems equally exploited some segments of society. It isn’t easy to decide which system exploited people more than others. But it will be interesting to notice here, that all these world-systems failed for having many loopholes and were replaced by the modern-world-capitalist system.

Today even the most underdeveloped nations are part of the investment plans of global companies. In the African continent alone, thousands of jobs have been created so far due to foreign investments on a large scale. Today’s world-system has something to offer to everyone, notwithstanding their religion, ethnicity, caste or creed. As cross-cultural communication has reached its peak, the need for reputed translation agencies like The Marketing Analysts Translation Services is increasing.

Keeping Track Of Mistranslations? You Should.

It is very important for an organization to keep track of the mistakes in translation projects. Poor quality control wastes and money. Professional experts from The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company based in Washington D.C. carried out localization assessment for a few global companies on their request. They observed that the companies with unsuccessful translation programs had no proper quality control and no way to keep track of the previous flaws in their translations.

It might not seem very significant at first, but with no proper quality assurance your internal reviewers or linguists will make the same type of corrections over and over again. But if you have a good quality control system, your internal reviewers will not need to correct the same mistakes again and again, as they will be documented and recorded to be avoided in future projects. One Denver translation services company has a long background of fixing  translation programs for their clients.

The first thing that we suggest our customers is to centralize their translation programs under one translation management system, says an Italian translator working in the New York office of The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company. Centralizing your translation program can make it easier for you to keep track of all the translation projects going on in the multiple divisions or units of your organization. A centralized translation program can make it easier for the employees to coordinate about multiple translation projects in the same company.

Have you ever realized that without a proper quality control you are taking a huge risk? With a bulk of translation material being reviewed by your linguists every day, there is a possibility that a few of the mistakes will be over looked. Imagine if some mistranslated material reaches your customers. It is going to harm your credibility. Some clients are very critical about such mistakes and it takes very little to put them off. If you are confused about what to do, you needn’t worry. Contact us ( and we will help you out in setting up a quality control system which will assist you through all your projects.

This purpose can be achieved by developing a formal quality plan with a quality gauge against which you can compare all your translation projects. This way, all the mistakes in your translation projects will be tracked down at an earlier stage. This will eliminate the possibility of costly fixtures on finding out errors in your translated material at a later stage.

The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company is always there to provide you with any kind of assistance you might need regarding translation services, interpretation services and localization assessments.

Aspiring To Build An Internationally Recognized Brand?

Are you aspiring to make a name for your brand internationally? Then you must have considered localizing your website in various languages. As important as website localization and translation of your material is, you might have noticed that most of your company’s material is translated from English to other languages and vice versa. For example, how often do you need Portuguese to German translation as compared to German to English translation and English to Portuguese translation? This proves our point that English has become a global language.

As a global company, how much importance do you give to the English language and its correct usage?  Do you differentiate between the different dialects of English when posting content on your website? If not, it might be a good idea to differentiate between your English speaking audiences. Your American audience will prefer a more direct and straight forward sentence but your British audience will appreciate a flowery, high-flown expression. Using a flowery expression for your American audience will not work and might put off your clients. On the other hand, a simple expression might be termed as banal by your British audience.

One Raleigh translation services company maintained that it is very important to differ between the various dialects of English for the benefit of your international customers. You do not want to offend or confuse your Scottish, Irish, Welsh, American, Australian or Canadian audiences. To entertain your clientele in the best possible way, you need to engage the natives of these countries for the localization of your content for your respective customers. Only natives will be aware of the nuances of their dialects. The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company based in Louisville believes in the separate identity of each dialect of the English language. Often other translation service companies overlook this fact and translate or localize content in American English, assuming it will also cater the audiences from other English speaking countries.

This is indeed a very wrong approach. If you are aspiring to become a thriving international enterprise, you must give English its due importance as a global language. Having an experience of two decades in the translation industry, The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company will advise you to hire only those translation service companies which can provide you with the natives speakers of certain dialects of English language for website localization or content translation. You don’t have to look far as our company has the best language translators and linguists any translation company can offer. For any queries, visit our website ( or leave a message and we will get right back to you!

A Cultural Understanding Of Your Target Market Can Make A Huge Difference

When you are going global with your business, a cultural understanding of your target audience can do wonders. If you know how to approach your target audience and how to effectively advertize your product in the target market, your sales can increase to a considerable level. Whether opting for website localization or the translation of your company’s brochures in another language, cultural understanding can go a long way. Sociologists have classified different cultures into three groups according to the variations in their ways of communication.

The cultures which base their communication on logic were named as the linear-active cultures. Scandinavians, Germans and Austrians come into this category. A German translator working for the Austin translation services of The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company confirmed this study. He remarked that Germans think logically and give more credence to written than verbal confirmation. These people like to be direct and are emotionally detached in their communications. While you are localizing your website or manuals etc for these countries, you need to be very direct in your marketing campaign. While designing advertisements or localizing them for these countries, try to be convincing in your approach. Try not to deviate from the original subject as these cultures place a high value in time and do not like unnecessary ravings.

Contrary to these less interactive cultures, there are multi-active cultures. People belonging to these cultures are more emotional in their interactions with others. These people are sentimental, talkative and have a more intimate way of communicating with others. They place high value in spoken words and their emotions have an upper hand in most of their decisions. Italians, Spanish and Latin Americans fall into this category.

If you want your content localized or translated for any of these countries, you ought to modify it in a way which appeals your target audience. Be more vocal about your product. Instead of being strictly market-oriented in your approach, you will need to add color and feelings to your advertisements. Instead of using formal expression, try to use informal and colloquial expression to convey your message. A Spanish translator working for the Houston translation services of The Marketing Analysts Translation Services confirmed this study. He said that Spanish and Mexican people prefer to stay away from formalities in their public dealings. Your marketing strategy for these countries must focus on creating a homey atmosphere to attract your audience.

Then there are the reactive cultures which also place a high value in good communication. These people are passive and calm by temperament and also very sociable. Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese all qualify as reactive cultures. These people also give credence to a verbal promise and do not always conduct business formally. Even if they hold a different opinion from others, they will respect the contradictory viewpoint and will refrain from openly negating it. These cultures are consumer-based and marketing your products effectively in these countries can be very beneficial for your company.

A psychological insight into the cultural variations of your target audience is going to uplift your marketing campaign.

Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies of H&R Block and Quicken

The majority of taxpayers in the United States never think about their personal income taxes until the very last minutes, and then never want to think about them again until the next time they are due. With this being the case, tax preparation companies like Intuit and H & R Block have an uphill battle when trying to promote their tax preparation products and services to the intended market.

Among tax preparation companies, H & R Block is the largest in the U.S. and offers a full gamut of products and services to meet the needs of just about all classes of taxpayers. English and even many non-English speaking tax payers who seek to simplify the time consuming and difficult task of doing their own taxes can go to one of the thousands of H & R branch offices and have a tax professional with Spanish translation skills do the work for them. Alternatively, people who are comfortable preparing their own tax returns and can select an English or bilingual online solution from Intuit or H & R Block that can help in simplifying and automating the task.

While tax preparation is one of the most dreaded life experiences, tax preparation suppliers have established a reputation for using communication strategies that employ translation companies such as The Marketing Analysts Translation Services and modern technologies such as social media to reach multilingual target audiences. For example, in a recent promotional campaign H & R Block hired a French translation services company and employed a range of strategies to reach their target customers: videos on YouTube, a YouTube contest, Facebook, and Twitter.

However, H & R Block’s creative communication strategies don’t simply revolve around technology. Using Web 2.0 resources, the company created a multilingual two-way communication method where the company listens to customers as it communicates. For instance, the marketing team follows Twitter users that have raised tax questions online, with the objective of keeping an open ear to their target market. Occasionally H & R Block employees reply directly to tax questions, and occasionally employees simply offer words of comfort and encouragement.

The use of social media and web 2.0 technology by H & R Block has surprised many veteran marketing professionals and translation professionals because in the past the tax preparation industry has been viewed as a conservative, old fashioned industry. Even more interesting is the fact that H & R Block has generated some interest in the field of tax preparation.

Realism and its International Application…Visualizing The Doctrine In Today’s World

Realism was a philosophy which was not related to political or international affairs in the past until recently. The doctrine implies that every individual is ‘primarily selfish and power seeking.’ If applied to nations rather than individuals, it would establish that all nations aim to seek power and pursue their own national interests with little consideration for the interest of other nations of the world. Moreover, the desire to establish supremacy over other countries of the world has been as old as the formation of societies. But viewing it all in the current perspective, one wonders if today’s world can afford to follow the doctrine of realism.

We definitely need a world where people can live together in harmony and peace. Differences in culture must not be taken any further than that, as racism can breed contempt and hatred for which we have enough in today’s world. Instead of taking the resources of other countries, mutual collaboration between countries on an international level can be beneficial in a productive way. Bilateral ties and trade partnerships can strengthen economies. One Translation company, The Marketing Analysts Translation Services is playing a major role in bridging cultural gaps while providing effective interpretation services for international conventions and seminars.

Realism, if not taken to an extreme, can definitely become a productive force. But when nations  establish themselves as stronger entities without any consideration for the rights of the weaker nations, that is when there is a serious threat to peace and stability in the world. Countries must realize that a third world war would be a serious threat to humanity. Therefore we as humans, both individually and collectively, should learn to respect our cultural differences. The role played by translation services is commendable in bringing people from different cultures together on various forums.

A Spanish translator working for the The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company told that he had served the company on various international forums. He viewed his job as a service to humanity because the prime purpose of an interpreter, according to him, is to make people understand each other. Misunderstandings arise when the concerned parties are unable to communicate with each other. Difference in linguistic backgrounds is the primary reason of a communication barrier.

Social media is also playing a positive role in bringing people of different ethnic backgrounds closer to each other. What the world needs today is harmony and progression that is for everyone and not for a chosen few.

How Can Centralized Translation Memory Help You In Cutting Costs?

In the United States, TM was a popular abbreviation for transcendental meditation back in the 60’s, but nowadays TM is an abbreviation commonly used for translation memory software. Perhaps you are already aware of translation memory or TM which stores pre-translated, recurrent phrases or sentences which helps language translators by saving their time and maintaining consistency throughout a translated document. A centralized translation memory system stores data on a central server making  export and import of data from desktop TM easier.

Global organizations have this technology and if your company still lacks a centralized translation memory, it is time you hire a translation vendor to build one for you. It might be a good idea to build a centralized translation memory system having a glossary, a work flow engine, cost estimation tools and other necessary functions. Centralized translation memory can prove to be more effective than a decentralized translation memory.

When we spoke to a German translator in Chicago who works for The Marketing Analysts Translation Services, he mentioned the names of a few global companies which faced problems due to ineffective translation management systems. These companies had come to The Marketing Analysts Translation Services, disappointed by the performance of their translation vendors. Their translation company  ( started incorporating the translation memories of these global organizations into their translation management system. A major step was to centralize all this material into their translation management system which made it easier to monitor all data closely and make revisions when required.

And guess what? These companies started saving a considerable amount annually as the newly centralized translation memories reduced the time and number of translators needed to complete projects. One company which markets pharmaceutics saved close to $500,000 last year after updating their translation memories. Another company which manufactures electrical appliances and frequently requires the localization of manuals, saved up to 55% percent of what they spent previously on translations.

Are you also dissatisfied with your current vendor and the translation management system they offer you? Be a little bold and switch over to a renowned Houston translation company like The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company based in Houston and you will notice a visible reduction in your company’s translation expenses. You can get a bulk of translations done for you in very economical rates if your translation vendor provides you with a centralized translation memory system.