How To Translate For The Life Sciences

We keep stressing the importance of quality in translation projects. Some industries demand more precision and quality as compared to others. Life sciences sector is one such industry, where you need to be very meticulous about your translation projects. You need to keep track of your translation projects during every stage till they are ready to be sent to the client. So for life sciences translation projects, there are only few translation service companies which you can trust.

The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company is one such responsible translation firm which can be trusted for life sciences translation projects. Life sciences translation projects may include the translation of medical journals, patient histories, record of patients including discharge summaries and medical reports etc. According to a medical translator working for the Dallas translation services of The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company, these documents need to be preserved in their original form and spirit when translating. Especially while translating medical reports of patients, a single mistake can result in serious consequences.

Are your translators certified?

For life sciences industry, your linguist/translator must be certified to carry out the translation of technical content. In the life sciences industry, precision and professional expertise matter a lot and going global is not less than a challenge. If you are adding more markets to your promotion campaign, managing content can become difficult. Are you sure that your translation vendor is well-equipped to meet this challenge?

Check if your translation vendor has taken the following initiatives:

How is your content being managed?
Expanding an organization to different markets requires one to deal with different languages. And in the life sciences industry, translation of large files can be extraordinarily strenuous because of the accuracy this sector demands. With your content going through so many human touch points, the probability of error increases. Therefore, it is best to minimize the manual handling of the content as much as possible.

Your translation agency should integrate your content management system with their translation management system, which will minimize the probability of unchecked errors in your final translated version. You will be able to send documents back and forth with a few clicks of your mouse.

Integrating these two systems together will also make it easier to trace mistakes at any given stage. This will speed up the whole process of translation, at the same time ensuring that the translated file is authentic and foolproof.

How will you cut your translation expenses?

More content means more translation expenses. Has your translation vendor planned anything to cut these costs? Large organizations need a centralized translation memory for cost saving. It’s your translation vendor’s responsibility to devise strategies to curtail your translation expenses. Effective use of translation memory will make sure that already translated phrases and sentences are reused, saving time and money.

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