How To Communicate Internationally Without Getting Kicked in the A*%!


Our world today is far more competitive than it was in the past, in part because networking has brought uniformity in many aspects of life around the world. Today becoming a global citizen in the true sense of the word, requires one to be adept to many things. Also, the emergence of global companies has set new HR standards whereby only a true global citizen can excel.

To become a global citizen, one must be proficient in more than one language. In today’s world, bilinguals definitely have an edge over monolinguals. Polyglots knowing more than two languages definitely increase their value in their professional careers. People with good linguistic and communication skills such as legal translators frequently take preference over others without a multiple language facility, and rightly so. Additionally many people use their linguistic skills professionally to become experienced translators and leading translation agencies throughout the world.


The Place of Translators

The field of translation is an attractive career option because the need for professional translators is increasing as a result of the expansion in international business and trade. In all likelihood the need for translation will further increase in future. Thus those considering making translation a full-time or part-time career should have few reservations.



Technology Savvy

Internet and other information technologies are now commonly used for commercial purposes. For this reason most companies provide personal laptops, cellular phones and other tools to their workers and expect them to be technology savvy, since the use of technology minimizes the risk of errors and saves time. Employers also usually provide the latest software available in the market and expect their employees to stay up to date with new apps.

Marketing and sale of products is also promoted through social media. Nowadays marketing and sales personnel of international companies run their advertising campaigns primarily through the Internet.
Many advancements have also been made in the wireless networking technology.


Absence of Racial Prejudices

To become responsible global citizens, professionals must shun all racial prejudices, which can become major obstacles in free interaction with members of other communities. A global citizen must be flexible enough to work in a multicultural environment and maintain a good work relationship with foreign colleagues.

One’s personal feelings, religious or cultural differences cannot affect relationships at work. A global citizen acts responsibly in the workplace and keeps personal opinions personal.

Ability to Compete

Because our world has become a highly competitive place, the worth of an individual is based upon his/her ability to compete successfully in the competitive marketplace. This ideology may seem opposed to the idea of equal rights for all humans, which is the foundation of all democratic states, but when we talk about rights, every individual has the freedom to excel and make the most of his/her life.

Individuals are at liberty to compete freely to obtain their share of wealth, power and prosperity. And every global citizen has the potential to compete with others. As long as a person uses an acceptable means to achieve his/her goals, competition remains healthy.

All these attributes shape an individual into a global citizen. Today global citizenship is an aspiration of everyone hoping to become globally successful, for global acuity is increasingly important for survival in a global economy.

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