Using New Technology To Rapidly Localize Content

Big organizations face the ordeal of getting loads of content translated on a weekly or even on a daily basis. Especially if your company/organization operates in various international markets, your translation needs often surpass the limit to which you can keep track of all your translation projects. Not only does it become difficult to manage all your translation projects, it also becomes a challenge to speed up your project time-lines with so much content to handle.

Is your translation vendor using latest technology?

As far as website localization is concerned, many new tools are being used by translation companies to speed up the project time-lines of their clients and also to save them from unnecessary hassle. One Houston translation services company is also employing the latest technology in content management to facilitate our clients. Let’s see what this latest technology is.

Are you manually exchanging content with your translation vendor?

We talked to a few Portuguese translators, everyone being of the opinion that all companies have different needs and requirements. If you update content on a weekly basis on your company’s website, website localization will become a ‘not-so-easy’ task. Getting your website localized would mean translating all this content into another language. Imagine the number of files required to be sent and received from your translation services vendor in such a case. Using email to pass this material back and forth will delay the projects and updates on your website.

Ever considered system automation?

With new technology being used in the field of translation, you needn’t complicate things by doing everything manually or using email to send and receive files. If you haven’t set up a content management system as yet, contact The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company as we have a team of competent professionals who can set up an effective content management system for you.

By establishing a connection between your content management system and our translation management system, you will be able to speedily send and receive files from us.

How it works

This link between your company’s content management system and your translation vendor’s translation management system enables large files to be sent quickly for translation. Your translation provider is instantly notified of the received file and can start working on it immediately. When the translation is done, your translation vendor will resend the file to your system. Without wasting any time you can upload your content on the desired location on your website.

This new technology can help save a lot of your precious time, enabling you to speed up your project time-lines which will eventually benefit your business.

A Cultural Understanding Of Your Target Market Can Make A Huge Difference

When you are going global with your business, a cultural understanding of your target audience can do wonders. If you know how to approach your target audience and how to effectively advertize your product in the target market, your sales can increase to a considerable level. Whether opting for website localization or the translation of your company’s brochures in another language, cultural understanding can go a long way. Sociologists have classified different cultures into three groups according to the variations in their ways of communication.

The cultures which base their communication on logic were named as the linear-active cultures. Scandinavians, Germans and Austrians come into this category. A German translator working for the Austin translation services of The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company confirmed this study. He remarked that Germans think logically and give more credence to written than verbal confirmation. These people like to be direct and are emotionally detached in their communications. While you are localizing your website or manuals etc for these countries, you need to be very direct in your marketing campaign. While designing advertisements or localizing them for these countries, try to be convincing in your approach. Try not to deviate from the original subject as these cultures place a high value in time and do not like unnecessary ravings.

Contrary to these less interactive cultures, there are multi-active cultures. People belonging to these cultures are more emotional in their interactions with others. These people are sentimental, talkative and have a more intimate way of communicating with others. They place high value in spoken words and their emotions have an upper hand in most of their decisions. Italians, Spanish and Latin Americans fall into this category.

If you want your content localized or translated for any of these countries, you ought to modify it in a way which appeals your target audience. Be more vocal about your product. Instead of being strictly market-oriented in your approach, you will need to add color and feelings to your advertisements. Instead of using formal expression, try to use informal and colloquial expression to convey your message. A Spanish translator working for the Houston translation services of The Marketing Analysts Translation Services confirmed this study. He said that Spanish and Mexican people prefer to stay away from formalities in their public dealings. Your marketing strategy for these countries must focus on creating a homey atmosphere to attract your audience.

Then there are the reactive cultures which also place a high value in good communication. These people are passive and calm by temperament and also very sociable. Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese all qualify as reactive cultures. These people also give credence to a verbal promise and do not always conduct business formally. Even if they hold a different opinion from others, they will respect the contradictory viewpoint and will refrain from openly negating it. These cultures are consumer-based and marketing your products effectively in these countries can be very beneficial for your company.

A psychological insight into the cultural variations of your target audience is going to uplift your marketing campaign.

How To Communicate With International Customers Using Social Media

Most companies that operate globally have a presence on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Myspace etc. On occasion international customers will post comments on these sites in their own native language, which will likely be unintelligible to you. It is very important that your company respond in a timely matter to these messages. It is also essential to respond to any negative feedback posted by your customers. But how will you understand these posts and how will you respond in the customer’s language?

A timely response to a question, complaint or appraisal can lay the basis for a relationship of trust between you and your customer. It might not be possible for you to answer every post on your social media page, but addressing complaints and suggestions or answering questions your clients raise are important. Ignoring feedback and complaints left by customers can be a costly mistake. Every company needs to satisfy their clients, said a Project Manager from The Marketing Analysts Translation Services.

It might be a good idea to develop a system where the negative comments could be marked by a red flag. This way it would be easier for you to sort through the messages and focus on the complaints first. You can understand the message by translating it from the machine translation. Your replies can then be translated into the target language with the help of a translation service company. It might be a good idea to check your social media messages weekly and have your replies translated by a professional translation service.

Careful monitoring of your social media web pages will keep you aware of negative publicity that could harm your company’s image. It’s said that good news travels fast but bad news travels faster. Trust that any negative feedback about your company, if not addressed to in time can harm the reputation of your enterprise. Any negative information, authentic or not, can spread like wildfire. Remember that it takes years to establish a good reputation but it can be ruined in a matter of a few hours.

You only need to be a bit more attentive to the needs and demands of your customers. It is impossible to satisfy all your clients across the globe but it is possible to address their complaints and respond to them in a timely manner. This is a great way to show your clients that their opinions and views are important to you.

Web Site Translation For Stonger E-Commerce Revenues

E-commerce has completely changed the concept of traditional bricks and mortar shopping. Instead of traveling to a local shopping mall, today’s consumer can login from home to online marketplaces that span the globe.

One downside that can exist with some online retailers is a language gap that can make it difficult for e-commerce retailers to reach out to customers beyond their limited regional boundaries. Utilizing website translation services in e-commerce offers a solution to this problem.

As electronic commerce continues to gain market share, web-based businesses have an increased need to cater to international customers. These business need translation services to translate their web content into the languages being used in foreign markets that they intend to target. The translation of online advertising materials may seem straight-forward but it can introduce new challenges. One important point to consider is that translating online advertising material is slightly different than the translation of ordinary text. Translation of online advertising material involves the translation of “keywords” being used in the ad text. Translating keywords is more complex than merely translating simple paragraphs and requires greater expertise.

The most important thing to remember regarding the translation of online advertisements is that it is certainly not an easy thing to do. It is pertinent to keep in mind that machine translators often used by translation agencies are not as efficient as that of human professionals. If one wants to attract buyers, hiring a professional and reputable translator with the appropriate expertise is critical.

After the translation of the website’s text has been completed, the translation should be proofread by a second translator. 

In summary, the translation of online advertising materials can have a major impact on its success.


Advanced Marketing Solutions For Strategic Decision-Making

Advanved Research Solutions For Strategic Decision-Making

Advanved Research Solutions For Strategic Decision-Making

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is concerned with helping clients identify, select and implement successful marketing strategies.   Our intent is to provide our clients with advanced research solutions to improve the quality of strategic decision-making.

Clearly, the right strategic decision-making produces the positive outcomes that every organization seeks.  However, wrong decisions may produce disastrous results.  As example, here are some startling statistics from well-known American retailers:

•             1990 – 2004         Circuit City grew from $2 billion to $9.75 billion.  Five years later, the company filed for bankruptcy.

•             1930’s   Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward were about equal in sales and profits.  Twenty years later, Sears was about three times larger than Montgomery Ward.  In 2001, Montgomery Ward closed all of its remaining stores.

•             1991       Walmart surpassed Sears and Kmart to become the largest US retailer.  Today Walmart is the largest retail company in the world and is becoming one of the largest grocers in the US.

While these examples are dramatic, every organization is affected by strategic decisions. Thus every company must plan and act strategically.  You can uncover the information you need through numerous ways—from online research to focus groups to predictive models.  With effective market research, we can help you determine the need for your service or a product’s likelihood to sell, target-market demographics, and determine desirable store locations. To help you meet your target market’s needs, we offer a leading collection of tools, resources and professionals.


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Using Statistics To Optimize Your Advertising ROI

Through multivariate statistical analysis, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS can take several advertising concepts and determine the most effective design that will maximize your advertising ROI.  Regardless of the hundreds of combinations of variables (different prices, offers, imagery, text, size, placement, color, etc.) that your copy tests involve, we can quickly reduce our testing to a dozen simple experiments that run simultaneously.  Instead of considering one variable at a time, our methodology tests all variables at once, this is why the number of tests can be so small. With our proven approach, we identify the best method to maximize your advertising campaign’s results.

To learn more about our advertising tests, visit our advertising concept and copy test page today or contact us for additional information.

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Discriminant Analysis, Marketing Segmentation & Perceptual Maps

Perceptual Map Created With Discriminate Analysis

Perceptual Map Created With Discriminate Analysis

Perceptual maps are used to visualize the differences and similarities in perceptions and choices between products, brands or customers.

For example, a manufacturer of salon brand hair care items wants to see whether a lifestyle variables such as being a NASCAR racing fan, education level, ethnicity and demographic variables such as personal income, sex and a number of other factors are useful in distinguishing purchasers of their products from purchasers of other salon hair care brands.   Based on this classification, customer profiles will be developed in order to plan targeted advertising campaigns.

Discriminate analysis, a multivariate technique used for market segmentation and predicting group membership is often used for this type of problem because of its ability to classify individuals or experimental units into two or more uniquely defined populations.  The discriminant score is the basis for predicting to which group (a purchaser of the manufacturer’s brand or a competitive brand) the particular individual belongs. The discriminant weights of each predictive variable (age, sex, income, etc) indicate the relative importance of each variable.  For instance, if age has a low discriminant weight then it is less important than the other variables.

With this information, a classification matrix can be developed that indicates the accuracy of our model that will be used to construct our map.  For instance, if our discriminant model correctly classified 94.5-percent of users of our brand, then only 5.5-percent were incorrectly classified.  Conversely, if the model correctly classifies 92-percent of the competitive brand users, then only 8-percent were incorrectly classified.  We consider this a strong model because the number of correct classifications is much higher than what might be expected by chance.

Other Applications of Discrimant Analysis

While our example illustrated how discriminant analysis helped classify users and nonusers of salon brand hair care products based on independent variables, other uses of discriminant analysis include the following:

Product research – Distinguish between heavy, medium, and light users of a product in terms of their consumption habits and lifestyles

Perception/Image research – Distinguish between customers who exhibit favorable perceptions of a store or company and those who do not

Advertising research – Identify how market segments differ in media consumption habits

Direct marketing – Identify the characteristics of consumers who will respond to a direct marketing campaign and those who will not


While discriminant analysis is often used in marketing research for marketing segmentation and predicting group membership, there are more powerful and accurate techniques available.  We invite you to learn more about our solutions by contacting us today.

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Copytesting Procedures That Maximize Advertising ROI

Although copytesting is widely used throughout the world, most of it is low quality and unreliable.  Often, it is unclear as to what is actually being evaluated.  Only rarely do copytesting studies provide any insights into actual performance.

To ensure the success of your advertising campaign, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS believes advertising research must comply with the following principles.

  1. Copytesting should provide measurements that are relevant to the specific objectives of the advertising campaign.  For example, if the objective of an advertising campaign is to evoke emotional appeal, a measure of day-after recall would be appropriate.
  2. Copytesting research should provide actionable insights and recommendations that project the campaign’s success or failure.  If the research suggests that the campaign will not achieve performance objectives, the campaign maybe be cancelled or media distribution maybe scaled back.
  3. Copytesting should rely on multiple performance measurements.
  4. Copytesting should be based on measurements of human response.  This includes the reception of a stimulus, the comprehension of the stimulus and a measureable response to a stimulus.
  5. Copytesting research should suggest the number of exposures required to produce a stimulus.
  6. Copytesting should attempt to duplicate an actual environment (clutter, competitive offerings, etc) where the ad is scheduled to be placed, received, processed and responded too.
  7. Copytesting should take into account basic sampling considerations.
  8. Copytesting should be based on reliable and valid research methodology.

While these principles establish a high set of standards, they should be regarded as necessary.

Why You Need A Corporate Blog & How To Ensure Its Success

Regardless of the size of your business, a blog and user friendly Content Management System must be a critical components of your Marketing Mix.  This entry includes discusses the importance of having a corporate blog and includes some great ideas to make it a smash hit.

A blog is a great addition to your web strategy because it provides another avenue to communicate with existing and potential customers.  In addition to offering supplemental information, that does not have a place on your main website, blogs are good places to discuss new ideas and sometimes discover previously unrecognized opportunities.

If you currently have a blog, here are some suggestions for adding interesting content that will attract more visitors.

  • Consider interviewing some experts in your industry.  You probably have many experts in your field that are not widely.  These people can share interesting content.  By posting interviews with these experts, your blog may gain a loyal following.
  • Invite new people to contribute articles to your blog and participate in discussions.  This technique, known as Guest Blogging as gained popularity over the past couple years.  Many webmasters indicate that Guest Blogging can provide a nice change that breathes life back into a blog site.
  • Use your blog to create an online conference.  If successful, your conference or seminar can be run quarterly or annually at little to no cost.
  • Consider adding blog entries in different languages to reach foreign markets.  Our inexpensive certified language translators can easily translate your entries into any language.

If you do not currently have a blog, you should consider the many benefits and opportunities that they provide.  THE MARKETING ANALYSTS offers a complete Content Management System and blogging platform that puts the power of the web into the hands of your non-technical marketing employees.  With Google friendly pages, search engine optimized content, in-depth web analytics, complete onsite training, and virtually every option your team can dream of, your new web platform will give you a competitive edge against your competition and offer rapid ROI.   Contact us today for complete details.