Five Reasons For Adopting The Profession Of Translation Or Establishing A Translation Company

Often people are hesitant to choose translation as a profession. There are a number of reasons behind this general reluctance, although with globalization the market for translation services has expanded greatly. Still some people are of the view that becoming a translator does not offer a steady income.

We asked the opinion of a Portuguese translator about the earnings of certified translators who work for The Marketing Analysts Translation company in San Jose. He told us that the translation business has gone through a major shift in the recent years. The global corporations and international associations are the primary clients of translation companies. This being the case, experienced translators are generally kept very busy.

The translators working for translation services companies have an edge over freelance translators. Companies have a steady flow of business coming in all the time, and the projects they receive often have a large budget. Translation companies have more connections with global companies and a translator who is establishes a career with a translation company, does not have to worry about publicizing himself/herself. The translation company he works with advertises him/her as their employee. But because translation service companies are very particular and concerned about their reputation, translators have to be on their toes to provide their clients with foolproof, impeccable translations.

On the other hand, freelance translation has its own pros and cons. If a person chooses this profession for the flexibility of working hours and wants to be his own boss, then freelance translation is the best bet. A freelancer has the freedom to accept or decline a request as he pleases. But a freelancer has to promote his expertise. Promotion and marketing one’s skills isn’t easy and can take years.

The profession of translation offers the translator freedom and space. It can pay very well if you are skilled and get in with the right company. Meeting deadlines is an important requirement for all language translators. It makes the clients trust you. Accuracy and precision is also one of the things a professional translator takes pride in. For those who have a keen interest in language, there is no better career than being a translator, says a French translator working for a Kansas City translation services company. For someone having an aptitude in languages, the work of translation becomes an interesting activity. He loves to translate from one language to another. A translator is his/her own boss. Some translators enjoy the unpredictability of their working hours while others complain about it. But times have changed and now translators are well paid and more and more people are investing into the translation business because of its ever-increasing demand.

Parts of A Report

Introduction. The introduction explains and states the problem or condition, and offers background information. Define the target audience and go over your sources of information, in addition to your purpose for not including particular information such as expert opinions and relevant data. Dallas Chinese translation workers recommend  that you state working definitions, except in cases where there are so many that a glossary is required. In case you use a glossary and appendices, refer to them in your introduction. Lastly, establish the scope of your report by detailing the important concepts covered in the body.

Body. The body separates an elaborate issue into connected topics and subtopics, positioned in order of their significance. Break up the subject into its key components and then the key components into into subparts. Several New York French translation workers suggest that authors continue to break up the subject matter in order to simplify it and make sense of the topic. For example, if your major topic is “Common Problems Reported In New Automobiles”, you might break this down into a number of subtopics:  “Engine troubles” and “Non Engine troubles”.  The second subtopic can be divided into a number of sub-subtopics including “broken interior components”, “non-working electrical issues” and perhaps even “after sales service”.  These divisions and subdivisions prevent the author from getting off track and assists readers in following the analysis.  It’s critical that based on your logic and analysis that your audience can draw conclusions that are the same as your own. Good research necessitates the inclusion of all feasible issues and reduces the focus from possible to certain causes. Sort, assess, and decipher information to attain a logical conclusion. The course of action could be outlined like the following:

  1. Define and Assess all Feasible Factors, and Reject the Improbable Ones
  2. Choose the Most Likely Reasons and Assess Them
  3. Determine the specific (or Direct Causes)

Conclusion. The conclusion will likely be in the most interesting section for the majority of readers since it provides answers to the questions that the audience had initially. As a result, many reports these days offer the conclusion just after the introduction and body section.

Here you review, decipher, and suggest. Even though you have evaluated information at every stage of your research, your summary brings everything together in a wider understanding and recommends specific strategies. One Kansas City translation worker recommends that the final section be considered in three ways:

  1. The summary must correctly mirror the body of the report.
  2. The general meaning that you present needs to be congruent with the results reported in the summary.
  3. The suggestion needs to be in line with the research purpose, the proof offered, and the explanation provided.

The summary and explanation needs to be intelligently linked to your suggestions.

Responding to Credit Requests and Inquiries

Most Denver translation services specializing in businesses communication will answer two types of letters about credit for their clients: potential customers requesting credit, and firms requesting information on a credit applicant. Unless circumstances indicate that an individualized letter is preferable, as in the case of a potentially large account, form letters are acceptable for favorable credit replies.

The following form letter prepared by a Chicago Translation company follows the direct plan, giving the good news right away: Credit has been approved. Next, credit terms are explained and the letter closes positively. The handwritten postscript provides a personal touch, even though it tries to sell something.

Your credit line has been approved for $2,500. You may begin using your account immediately.  Finance charges are computed on your average daily balance during the billing period by using a periodic rate of 1.5% monthly (18% annually) on a balance of less than $500, and 1% monthly (12% annually) on a balance over $500. You may pay your entire new balance within thirty days of the closing date, and avoid additional finance charges.

Thank you for opening your account with Home Care.

We look forward to serving you.


Janet Hamilton
Credit Manager

Businesses respond to credit-information requests from other companies. Often the inquiring company will send a time-saving, fill-in-the-blanks form letter with such questions as:

  • How long has the customer had a credit account with your firm?
  • What are the customer’s paying habits and credit limit?
  • How much does the customer now owe?

If a form letter doesn’t fit the circumstances, the company sends a direct-request inquiry. A Spanish translator in Kansas City has provided an example of a  letter that responds to such an inquiry. Notice that the writer makes no personal judgments; she sticks to the facts concerning Mr. Rudner’s account with her company. And although she ends on a positive note, she stops short of making a recommendation, since she can only describe Mr. Rudner’s payment history, not his future payment habits.

Writing Congratulatory and Other Goodwill Messages

Even though goodwill messages don’t have much related to enterprise dealings, some might offer a little marketing details when the opportunity presents itself and when suitable. Nevertheless, most Dallas translation workers suggest that a sales message needs to be downplayed and should appear supplemental to the helpful, kind message. In the subsequent letter, the seller is successful in appearing more concerned in the rapport with the recipient than in a generating a sale:

Great job on hooking the big catch at the Denton County Invitational angling contest! The instant we noticed the newspaper picture of you lifting that monster catch and our BassMaster retractable pole in the other, we felt amazingly proud.

Being a community sportfishing specialist, James, you might consider having a look at our other BassMaster equipment. At a minimum plan on visiting us in the near future and allow us to shake your hand. Perhaps we will even talk you into sharing that big fish story with us.

As Kansas City Spanish translation workers suggest, the reader of this letter will not feel a great deal of pressure to buy but will feel that the dealer took special notice of his accomplishments. If you add a sales pitch, make sure that it takes a back seat to your goodwill message. Honesty and sincerity must come across above all else.

How Translation Workers Are Using Computer Graphics And CAD Software


“Computer graphics offer this promise: to make readable molehills out of mountains of data.”

A Computer Graphics Picture Is Worth a Thousand Printouts

Computer graphics satisfy certain unfulfilled needs of international managers. Overloaded with work and pressured and the need to communicate with workers in various parts of the world to make quick decisions, most managers would prefer scanning a single picture to reading through reams of printouts that pile up on their desks. To these managers, a computer graphics picture is worth a thousand printouts. Less numbers-oriented managers would happily trade a statistical output printed in tabular form for one that is graphically presented. To these managers, keeping it simple is a virtue.

Today, a number of Saint Louis Translation workers have computer systems with highly sophisticated, color graphics programs. As a result, they can work with their clients to produce complex visuals in a variety of languages, as in these examples:

• With an electronic stylus (a pen with an electronic signal), you can draw pictures on a graphics tablet, to be displayed on the monitor, sent to a high resolution commercial printer or stored or sent to other computers.

• You can create 3-dimensional effects, showing an object from different angles by using shading, shadows, and so on.

• You can design a device, build a model, simulate the physical environment, and let the computer forecast what will happen with different variables (say, plant or office layout).

• You can integrate a computer-assisted design process (CAD) with a computer-assisted manufacturing process (CAM), so the design will actually direct the machinery that makes the parts themselves (CAD/CAM).

Computer graphics have countless applications. In minutes, a Kansas City Translation worker can chart its client’s projected yearly profit for their annual report that will be translated into Spanish. A manufacturer gets a visual display of inventory. A marketing department displays consumer patterns and regional trends. An engineer in research and development projects “what if” scenarios to check adjustments in projected figures. Sales managers compare employees’ performance or check sales trends. The company president tracks progress on major projects. Computer graphics allow people to organize raw data so they can be interpreted at a glance.

Retail Productivity Analysis

Developing regional shopping malls was one thing, but analyzing the performance of hundreds of tenants was another story for Bob Schaut, vice president of marketing for the Taubman Company. Schaut recalls that sales reports were growing too long to draw meaningful conclusions as the number of tenants in each shopping mall increased from 30 to 40 in the early 1960s to nearly 200 in the 1970s.

But with the newly added computer graphics capability … , his task has been greatly simplified. Having produced a map of the mall floor plan, the computer now shows productivity of tenant space using color codes.

These applications imply obvious benefits. For one, computer graphics save time. Rather than having to analyze and interpret masses of data, managers can generate graphics from their databases and interpret the visual results in minutes. These graphic results can, in turn, be turned over to French Translators in Denver who can translate them into a variety of languages to be used for presentations at staff, sales, stockholder meetings, and conferences, or when presenting important findings or reports. In these situations, a picture often is worth a thousand words.

Faster interpretation of information creates a third benefit: faster decision making, since trends or deviations are much easier to spot in graphic form. Faster decisions, in turn, give companies using graphics a competitive advantage.

Avoiding Legal Translation Dangers in Global Business

Understanding legal documents and the importance of a good translation service is extremely important to global companies. An employee’s contract, a patent and a business permit pertaining to worldwide business concerns are some examples of legal contracts used by global organizations. Sometimes, these types of records are held in a protected location and detail how a company must conform to specific legal and governmental requirements. When a company is unable to achieve compliance, they could face numerous legal actions that are registered against them.

Keeping track of all of various legal requirements can be very challenging for international organizations with offices throughout the world.  This is because each office must abide by a unique set of legal guidelines for each location where they conduct business.  The inability to comply with legislation may lead to some minor or severe punitive damages.  In some situations, it may even lead to the forced ejection and consequently, the loss of customers (and future buyers also). The result is an enormous loss in earnings and delivers a huge blow for the company.

This is why it is important that before making the jump head first into another country, a company must know and understand the nation’s distinct guidelines. By having a full understanding of a country’s rules, it is possible to simply introduce your business to other nations and limit your exposure to costly litigation. That’s usually where international Saint Louis Translation services come in.

As the name implies, translation services offer specialized legal translation services for firms with operations in overseas locations.  Some Kansas City Translation Services businesses can quickly and accurately translate any kind of document to a variety of languages and certify that it is free from errors. Getting assistance from these translation companies may save you lots of trouble, and can help you in the future.

Selecting A Quality Language Translation Provider

About Us

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a leading language translation company that provides translations and interpretations between English and more than 150 other languages.  For your global translation needs, you can count on THE MARKETING ANALYSTS to provide the highest quality English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and Thai language translation service.  We are also a leading provider of specialized translations for medical, engineering, legal, electronics, hospitality/menu and other technical fields.  Visit our website today or call us today (888-600-8830 or 941-258-1462) for a free quotation.

Evaluating Translation Services

With the market full of translation companies, selecting an accurate and reliable translation company can be extremely challenging.  Here is a list of several factors to evaluate when selecting a translation service.

History and Experience

Consider the number of years that the translation has been in business.  Generally, companies with greater tenure are most likely to provide quality work and have high quality, knowledgeable translation specialists in your field.  THE MARKETING ANALYSTS has 20-years of experience in the translation service industry.  During this time, we have successfully serviced the needs of individuals, corporations and government agencies that have required medical, legal, financial, technical and other fields that require translators with specialized training, education and expertise.


How does a translation company screen potential translators?  Does the translation service company have a formal recruitment and selection process in place in order to guarantee the highest quality service?     THE MARKETING ANALYSTS requires that each candidate for a translation position have a minimum of ten years of verifiable professional translation experience.  We also perform thorough reference checks that relate to past translation projects.  Our educational requirements insist on native level language proficiency combined with an advanced degree or certification in their specialized subject field.

On-Time Service and Project Management

Your project has deadlines and you need peace of mind that your project will be completed on time.  On average, our translators complete 2,000 words per day.  However, we also offer rush service in case your project has very short deadlines.  While we do charge extra for rush service, we might be able to meet your tight deadline.  Please call us and we will tell you for sure.

Honest & Knowledgeable Customer Service

Time is money and you cannot spare either on novice professional service providers.  When you work with THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, you can expect quick and honest answers to your questions. We are interested in your long-term business and work hard to earn your respect and positive word of mouth referrals. Therefore, we expect you to ask questions and you can expect our utmost attention.


Different translation companies have different pricing structures.  Most companies will charge per word.  However, rates may differ based on the specific language and localization, education and expertise of the translator, and additional services like desktop publishing and express services.    It is important to realize that if a price seems too low, then it probably is.

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a U.S. based company that serves clients throughout the world.  With two decades of success, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS remains true to the values that fuel its success today: accurate, fast, friendly, and honest service.   Our clients can still count on receiving this exceptional service.  As a leading translation services company, we are committed to helping you achieve your communication goals.

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