Bavarian Cuisine

Marienplatz square, Frauenkirche, the significant locations closely tied to the beginnings and rise of National Socialism…there definitely is much history and many sights to see in Munich. And yet, a  not less interesting part of Munich is the food out, and in general – Bavarian cuisine. What first comes to mind when you hear Bavarian cuisine? Probably pretzsel, wurst, roast pork and sauerkraut. However, our friends from a Munich German Translation Service claim that this is a very tiny part that is associated with the cuisine of southern Germany. So there is a lot more to talk about.

Bavarians have kept many of their traditions and that includes their food. If we open the menu of any Bavarian restaurant we will undoubtedly see that it includes mostly traditional dishes and desserts.

Appetizers and salads include mainly root vegetables, potatoes, cheese and various wursts (sausages). Usually, as an appetizer or a snack you will be served a platter in a pan containing potato salad, baked sausages, sauerkraut and mustard, often accompanied by bacon and pretzels (pretzels in a knot-like shape).
Traditional breakfast or snack consists of Weißwurst (white sausage with spices, with minimum 51% content of veal), sweet mustard and a pretzel.

Soups in the Bavarian cuisine are most often made from clear beef broth with the addition of pasta or meat noodles. One of the most popular soups is Leberködelsuppe – clear beef broth with noodles made of beef liver.

Our friends, the technical translation workers told us, that in the past, meat was served only on holidays. However, the majority of Bavarian cuisine today includes meat – mainly pork and beef, although poultry is not neglected, either. Fish has been considered a vegetarian food for long, but today it also finds its place in the Bavarian table. Side dishes usually include roots and / or bakery products:  sour cabbage, potatoes, different types of turnips, pasta and potato noodles.

The Munich legal translation service professionals proudly say, that despite the large quantities of meat consumed, the Bavarians have a flair for desserts, too. The most famous of them are the apple strudel, Bavarian cream, fried apple rings, various cakes with yeast and dried fruit compote with fresh seasonal fruit – usually apples, pears and plums. Christmas cakes include the famous stollen, cookies and biscuits.

Consider The Connection You Want to Make With The Audience

To begin the process of finding the right tone, thinking about the connection you need to build with your audience. A team of Louisville translation workers offer the following questions to help you:  Who are you and who is your audience? Have you been acquaintances or longtime friends who share similar interests, or are you complete stranger? Do you think you’re equal in standing, knowledge, and training, or is your relationship imbalanced? The responses will assist you in defining your relationship with the audience to help you choose appropriate “voice” in your presentation.

In case you are responding to longtime friend, it is possible to use a casual approach. In case you are low on the corporate totem pole in your business, you typically need to embrace a well-mannered tone when communicating with the individuals higher than you. Some individuals in top management roles are very proud of their standing and dislike a lot of expressions from employees in lower level roles who may seem presumptuous. As Houston Translation workers point out, these individuals might not want you to state your ideas and they might dislike stated or implied critiques of their initiatives or choices. For anyone who is writing to an individual like this, you must demonstrate respect of their position, or risk your message being unsuccessful.

While different circumstances call for different tones, nearly all professional communication should seem businesslike. The tone must suggest that you and the audience are smart, reasonable, unemotional, unbiased, fact driven, sensible, qualified, and productive. You and your audience are civilized individuals who have common regard for one another. In order to reach this tone, you need to prevent yourself from becoming too familiar. An example, provided by Legal Translation in Washington D.C. workers warns that communicators should never discuss aspects of an individual’s private life except if you are close to the person. These kinds of references are indiscreet and presumptuous. It’s also wise to steer clear of terms that suggest closeness, including “just between you and me,” “as we are well aware,” and “I am certain that both of us agree.” And you need to be cautious about appearing too folksy or chatty; the audience may translate this tone as an insincere effort to appear like an old friend.

Translating Collection Letters For The Urgency Stage

Following from a previous discussion, if your collection efforts reach the Urgency Stage, The Marketing Analysts Translation Company recommends that companies adopt similar strategies to write their non-English speaking clients.  When these letters are translated into the language of your client, they can become very powerful tools.

Dear Ms. Bachmeier:

For six years now, Ms. Bachmeier, you have been a valued client. During that time, your credit limit with us has increased from $400 to $1,200.  And during that same period, we’ve given you five favorable credit references.

You can be justifiably proud of such an excellent credit rating.  You’ve worked hard to earn it.  Unfortunately, your rating is in jeopardy because your balance of $926.34 is four months overdue.  Unless we’ve received your check within five days, we’ll be forced to report you to the Northampton Credit Bureau and to our collection agent.

Neither of us will benefit from such reports.  We will lose a valued customer, and your will lose a rating you’ve spent years building.  Why not be fair to yourself and us?

Please send your check today for $923.34 and retain your excellent credit rating.

Yours truly,

Frank Kowalski
Executive Vice President

The executive vice president of the company that sent this letter signed this letter to stimulate payment.  Earlier letters to Ms. Bachmeier were signed by someone in the credit department.  Rather than appeal to fear, many Washington D.C. translators suggest that the letter writer chose a softer tone and appeals t pride and self-interest, since the addressee’s credit history is excellent.

In the next letter, the letter writer appeals to fear because the addressee is a poor credit risk.  In his case, the collection department skipped the inquiry stage, going directly from reminders to an urgent letter.

Ultimatum.   If a debtor fails to respond to your letter of urgency, send an ultimatum.  Stress that the debt must be paid voluntarily or by force.  Most legal translation workers in New York recommend that their business clients make it clear that they intend to seek legal action, and outline the procedures you plan to follow (e.g., attorney, collection agency, court) to enforce your claim.

A Collection Letter: Urgency Stage

Dear Mr. Russo:

When we shipped you the radial-arm router four months ago, Mr. Russo, we did so in good faith.  And we expected you to act in good faith by paying us within 30-days.

But you’ve ignored our reminders for payment.  Therefore, unless we receive your payment for $738.69 within seven days, we will be forced to turn your account over to our attorneys.  You can avoid this action by coming in within five days and signing a 60-day promissory note at 16-percent interest.

Choose whichever option is best for you.  Mr. Barnes, but you must act now to avoid the loss of credit and the expense of litigation.

Yours truly,

Thomas Moreno
General Sales Manager

Requests For Payment (Collection Letters)

Until recently, only people with excellent credit ratings were allowed credit.  According to The Marketing Analysts Translation Company, few are denied this privilege and as a result more and more non-English speaking people are applying for credit and receiving it.  By extending credit—even to marginal risks—companies can increase sales and profits.  Today, our economy thrives on this principle.  With the increase in the number of people of a variety of ethnic backgrounds and speaking a wide variety of languages, the extension of credit, however, has created the need for sophisticated collection techniques.  The collection letter’s primary purpose is to elicit action (i.e., payments).  Its secondary purpose is to retain customer goodwill.

Collection Appeals (on Benefits)

The insightful collector starts with the premise that most people will pay their bills because of pride, honesty, or the desire to keep their credit privileges.  Some will need reminders, but will pay when podded gently.

For those unwilling—or unable—to pay promptly, a number of legal translation services companies suggest that collection writer make a personal appeal.  The following positive and negative appeals are effective:

One: Resale

Resale, which is used in the early stages of collection, emphasizes the benefits customers have gained by using the product.  Like the unsolicited sales letter, the resale appeal works best when you create vivid images of the product in use.

After two months of relaxing and sleeping on a Sealy Posturerpedic, you’ve probably reached the conclusion we hear so often: You will never go back to a regular mattress.

Two: Fair Play

Fair play stresses ethics. Translators with the San Francisco Translation Services Company recommend that you appeal to the debtor’s integrity, honesty or sincerity.  The moral principal is: We’ve given you certain goods or services and, in return, you promised to pay.  Isn’t it only fair that you now pay for the benefits you’ve received?  This appeal to fair play works well in combination with the resale appeal.

After two months of relaxing and sleeping in the soothing comfort of your warm Sealy Posturepedic, you’ve probably reached the conclusion we hear so often: You will never go back to your regular mattress.

And, of course, there’s the added benefit of your Sealy’s lifetime warranty.  Your mattress is built to last and should anything happen, we will replace it free of charge.  Since you’ve had time to enjoy these comforts, you must agree that your Sealy’s an excellent bargain.  Now we would like you to hold up your part of the bargain by sending us the $236.99 due on your payments.

Three: Cooperation
Cooperation again stresses a moral principal.  The premise is: We cooperated by letting you buy on credit; won’t you now be cooperative and pay what’s due?

When we extended you credit to buy the Sealy Optimum mattress, we guaranteed it would increase your productivity by 20-percent. You, in turn agreed to make monthly payments of $87.95.  The Sealy Optimum has done what we said it would.  Won’t you please do the same by sending the $236.99 past due?

To Be Continued.

Legal Rearch and Translation Services

Good international legal research involves a thorough strategy of identifying the laws suitable to a specific issue or set of particulars. Prior to beginning exploration, it is helpful, even essential, for the legal studies professional , undergraduate  or Houston Translation Services worker specializing in legal interpretation to have a simple comprehension of the rules and the legal system.

After assembling the pertinent information and finishing a preliminary analysis of the dilemma, the researcher must find the applicable constitutional and governmental materials and then seek out trustworthy understanding of the law. Interpretations are typically present in appellate court options construing the unique constitutional provision or statute in analogous circumstances. These judicial judgements are referred to as cases in point. Legal sources of the law are referred to as primary references considering that they are respected.

A range of other legal material, termed secondary citations, are available to the researcher and Tampa Legal Translation Services specialist. These are made up of legal encyclopedias, references by students and professionals, regulation reviews released by law schools, and magazines circulated by different legal organizations. These supplementary resources are very valuable to the researcher, primarily to an individual unfamiliar to the body of law in a given area.

As soon as you grow to be educated concerning the sources of the law and the methods of its development by courts and you develop the expertise of investigating a problem, you can get started in the exploration of law. Here is a suggestion that can assist you. If you enroll in a university at or close to a law school, a law librarian might possibly assist you in the use of judicial publications or digital sources. It’s also conceivable that you could get support from students of law or even a certified translation worker, as they typically take a course judicial analysis within their first year. If you’re working from home, never neglect the fact that in a lot of towns, city governments, bar associations have organized libraries of law that are typically accessible to the public; a few of these might sometimes provide the no charge access to electronic judicial databanks and other paperless solutions.

Judicial research has evolved dramatically as a result of Net, and additional information is becoming available online every single day. Before starting internet study, it is vital that the legal researcher become knowledgeable about the records that are the traditional resources for legal research, when those guides are the most effective sources to use.

Globalization: Certified Translation Workers Debate The Positive and Negative Aspects

For certified translation experts, analyzing the effects of globalization requires a targeted and a wide-angle lens. The targeted analysis views globalization as a commercial trend; the larger viewpoint takes into account deeper societal ramifications. Remarkably for an expression that is so broadly utilized, there is no specific, generally accepted explanation of global expansion. In truth, some forward thinking legal translation services firms have pointed out that the meanings connected with global expansion appear to be widening as opposed to thinning, “accepting social, political and similar connotations along with the economic.”
The various understandings with regards to the outcomes on the translation services sector and the cultural benefits and problems of globalization give rise to the most contested debate during our lifetime. Browse a newspaper that concentrates on the language translation industry and you’ll quickly notice several extreme article writers suggesting that globalization works to impoverish the poor, improve the prosperous and devastate the environment. With identical enthusiasm, other certified translation experts say that globalization is creating a high-speed elevator to world peace and wealth. So who wins the debate?
Applying a targeted and a wide-angle lens, let’s begin with the most frequent, or core, feeling of multinationalization-the indisputable issue that a quickly rising portion of economic activity today occurs between people and businesses in other nations. Chicago Translation Companies professionals identify a few essential forms of multinational economic actions:
Investment flows. Savers, mainly in the developed nations, more and more diversify their investment portfolios to consist of overseas assets for example foreign bonds and stocks. Meanwhile, borrowers more and more utilize both national and international sources of funds.
Worldwide commerce. Imports and Export are growing quickly in places across the world. In the developed nations, for example, global commerce as a proportion of overall fiscal action increased from 27% in 1988 to 39% in 1997.
International direct expenditures. Overall investment in one country by firms located in some other country more than doubled, rising to $645 billion in 1998, compared with $185 billion (U.S.) in 1999.
Any kind of important conversation concerning the effects of globalization must to take into account these three actions individually. Each raises unique requirements and has distinct consequences. Usually, the evidence implies that in exchange and Foreign International Direct Investment, “the payoffs for monetary development and poverty decline are usually huge relative to would-be costs,” David Smith of Certified Translation Services claims. Internationalization, on the other hand, “can at times promote expansion-and-slow growth times and financial downturns with large economic expenses.”

Legal Translation For U.S. Immigration

Everyone involved knows that the process for applying for a green card is a major hurdle. I know several Germans who have applied for immigration in recent years who have all described this as an overwhelming exercise that can be very frustrating and nerve-racking. At times, I will hear immigration prosecutors advising that the process of going over the rules is becoming more and more difficult to comprehend. From finding the right forms, to completing them accurately to filing the forms them on time and in the right sequence is equally difficult to the way things move through the Immigration Services office.

On the other hand, there are many applications that move through the system without delay. We must say that there is a significant difference between the applications that get processed quickly and those that run into trouble. As an example think about an undocumented worker who has recently submitted an application for citizenship and the application has been marked suspicious by immigration. Federal authorities can easily locate this person and then deport them. Although this sounds difficult to believe, it actually happened to tens of thousands of applicants last year.

People are often overwhelmed by the difficulties of posed by immigration cases. That’s why Legal Translation companies are so critical particularly when they are experienced in immigration law. Usually, when the applicant lacks a criminal history and can speak English clearly and communicates well with others, his or her case can slide through the process more rapidly. As long as you already have a green card, you can reapply for naturalization if something goes unexpectedly wrong. The government will not deport a person unless criminal activity is occurred.
Although not as bad as being deported, you also don’t want to end up in immigration court either. If you end up here, don’t say anything until you have some experienced legal aids working for you. No matter where you are though, you can generally find a reputable source of information about experienced immigration attorneys in your area. If all else fails; you can begin by contacting a Birth Certificate Translation company that might be able to provide you with some names of attorneys. But at the bare minimum, if you find yourself in immigration court then you definitely need professional legal counsel to ensure that your rights are protected. The reason for this is because decisions are never reversed.
There are also a number of people who are applying for a special type of green card that falls into one of the main categories that have been made available. Please note that some categories are easier than others. Generally speaking, you have the greatest luck if you can show that you are blood relatives with someone already in the United States. Because immigration consultants can be expensive, we strong advocate that you develop an action plan and a budget.

The U.S. immigration system is essentially a closed system, meaning you have to qualify in a specific category in order to obtain a green card. Furthermore, most people cannot self-petition. Therefore, to become a U.S. permanent resident, you must first find a category for which you are eligible. We know that this paper and future ones will help you in your journey towards a green card. Our Transcript Translation office will help you understand terms, immigration cases, and the first steps before applying for anything. In addition to this article, the SF team has also written an overview of different green card subjects. Furthermore, the categories have even been sorted and evaluated based on the ease in which they are to receive.