Translation in the Engineering Profession

Language interpretation is essential in today’s growing world of engineering. This is because language translation allows countries and companies to interact with each other. To prevent the humiliation of not comprehending the vocabulary, translation services companies have become really essential.  Portland Translation Services firms serve people from multiple career fields. They have proficient and knowledgeable linguists in the area of aerospace, health care, mechanical engineering, law, product marketing, banking, tourism.

For any translation company, the characteristics of service, customer care, affordability, timeliness and accuracy are the factors that are most valued by prospective clients. There are various translation businesses you will find in California that are competent, and productive. They look after the language translation interests of major organizations, small organizations, personal needs, attorneys, assembly firms and federal government agencies. The regularity and trustworthiness of a translation agency is well known by its testimonials and returning clients.

Known interpretation service firms are normally linked with the ATA, GALA, etc and acquire legitimate and effective language translation workers. Los Angeles is a urban center in California where there are men and women that converse in at least 180 different languages. Numerous significant corporations have their business workplaces based mostly in the city. Thus, it is significant to retain the services of a suitable interpretation provider to deal with their interpretation job competently. The member of ATA, gala, etc. are accredited to certify the reliability of the language translation to be legitimately approved in official negotiations.

Additionally, Vietnamese Translation workers in California have been serving the language translation needs of over a million residents. San Jose and San Francisco are regarded as having some of the largest Vietnamese populations. These are vital economic centers. Similar to the Los Angeles translation provider they also provide service to the establishments and individuals in numerous spheres and in several languages. They have an extraordinary business clientele base and efficiently execute the work allotted to them.

It really is pertinent to know that translation is not confined to the exact language translation of words, but it should convey the significance in totality. This can be achieved if the translator is aware of the targeted regions customs, cultural surroundings, tradition and the thought process of the region. If this is mastered then the translation becomes positively perfect. It is most essential for the Houston Spanish Translation professional to be familiar with the first language and the translating vocabulary, while transferring the meaning in precise way. The truth is, the marketing advertisements, and its precise translations are vital as they catch the attention of different people of separate dialects and if the meaning is not disseminated in its accurate spirit then the product is wiped out before it is born.

Successful Product Launches In Developing Countries With Experienced Translation Companies

U.S. companies that wish to expand their geographic operations to China, Korea or Vietnam face a number of seemingly insurmountable hurdles, among them cultural differences, distribution snafus and business practices that radically differ from those of Western countries.  Those willing to meet the challenges are advised to proceed with patience, perseverance and flexibility-virtues that eventually can help build big profits in a nation whose economy is growing faster than that of the United States.

When Proctor and Gamble entered China in 1988, it faced the usual barrier to entry to marketing.  One Houston Chinese Translation worker recalls, how Proctor and Gamble was up against selling a product – disposable diapers – historically not part of the Chinese consumer marketplace.  At that time, there really was no demand for this type of product because mothers didn’t see a need to move away from traditional cloth diapers.  In 2007, Proctor and Gamble introduced a viral marketing program that catapulted the Pamper’s product line to the top of the product category in unit sales.  Today, Proctor and Gamble joins the ranks of the highly successful corporations that have learned to market effectively to the Chinese.

As mentioned previously, part of Proctor and Gamble’s success stems from it highly successful promotional activities that were developed in conjunction with a team of translation service workers.  In 2007, Pampers launched a “Golden Sleep” campaign which included nothing short of in-store celebrations and internet programs that went viral that asked parents to upload pictures of their babies sleeping in Pampers.  All of the campaigns reinforced the message that babies that wear Pampers fall asleep much faster and sleep with fewer disruptions than those babies that don’t.

The success of Proctor and Gamble in emerging markets has allowed the company to set and meet ambitious growth plans that call for adding 500,000 new customers each day through 2013.

According to a San Francisco Vietnamese translation worker, another company that has been hugely successful in the Chinese market includes Campbell’s Soup.  Even though the Chinese diet consists of a large portion of soup, the majority of soup had always been handmade.  Thus, the challenge for Campbell’s Soup was to shift consumer preference and prove that their soup was better tasting, more convenient and offered a cost-efficient alternative.

Selecting A Quality Language Translation Provider

About Us

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a leading language translation company that provides translations and interpretations between English and more than 150 other languages.  For your global translation needs, you can count on THE MARKETING ANALYSTS to provide the highest quality English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and Thai language translation service.  We are also a leading provider of specialized translations for medical, engineering, legal, electronics, hospitality/menu and other technical fields.  Visit our website today or call us today (888-600-8830 or 941-258-1462) for a free quotation.

Evaluating Translation Services

With the market full of translation companies, selecting an accurate and reliable translation company can be extremely challenging.  Here is a list of several factors to evaluate when selecting a translation service.

History and Experience

Consider the number of years that the translation has been in business.  Generally, companies with greater tenure are most likely to provide quality work and have high quality, knowledgeable translation specialists in your field.  THE MARKETING ANALYSTS has 20-years of experience in the translation service industry.  During this time, we have successfully serviced the needs of individuals, corporations and government agencies that have required medical, legal, financial, technical and other fields that require translators with specialized training, education and expertise.


How does a translation company screen potential translators?  Does the translation service company have a formal recruitment and selection process in place in order to guarantee the highest quality service?     THE MARKETING ANALYSTS requires that each candidate for a translation position have a minimum of ten years of verifiable professional translation experience.  We also perform thorough reference checks that relate to past translation projects.  Our educational requirements insist on native level language proficiency combined with an advanced degree or certification in their specialized subject field.

On-Time Service and Project Management

Your project has deadlines and you need peace of mind that your project will be completed on time.  On average, our translators complete 2,000 words per day.  However, we also offer rush service in case your project has very short deadlines.  While we do charge extra for rush service, we might be able to meet your tight deadline.  Please call us and we will tell you for sure.

Honest & Knowledgeable Customer Service

Time is money and you cannot spare either on novice professional service providers.  When you work with THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, you can expect quick and honest answers to your questions. We are interested in your long-term business and work hard to earn your respect and positive word of mouth referrals. Therefore, we expect you to ask questions and you can expect our utmost attention.


Different translation companies have different pricing structures.  Most companies will charge per word.  However, rates may differ based on the specific language and localization, education and expertise of the translator, and additional services like desktop publishing and express services.    It is important to realize that if a price seems too low, then it probably is.

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a U.S. based company that serves clients throughout the world.  With two decades of success, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS remains true to the values that fuel its success today: accurate, fast, friendly, and honest service.   Our clients can still count on receiving this exceptional service.  As a leading translation services company, we are committed to helping you achieve your communication goals.

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Medical Translation Service that You Can Trust-Certified Medical Translators

Medical Translation Service From THE MARKETING ANALYSTS

Medical Translation Service From THE MARKETING ANALYSTS

For the past 20-years, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS has provided medical translation service for the health professions.  From our local offices in Dallas, Texas and Fort Myers, Florida, we offer local service to leading hospitals throughout the US.  The success of our company is based on strong ethics and quality assurance measures that leave no room for error.

With lives at risk, it’s critically important that your medical translation firm provide complete accuracy, professionalism and on-time service.  At THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, we feel a moral obligation to provide error free medical translations.

The translation of medical documents is a highly specialized field. It requires professional knowledge, uncompromised levels of accuracy and timely delivery.  Our US staff includes licensed medical professionals, hospital administration professionals, project managers and over 180 translation specialists that work together to achieve the highest translation quality and translation service.

Documents we translate:
Clinical Studies, Medical Records, EOBs, Registration documents, Hospital Websites, Product information leaflets, Patient Education Brochures, Protocols, Reports, Safety and Infection Control documents, Healthcare legal documents, Signage and more.

Going Beyond Your Expectations.

Medical translation is a highly skilled field that requires specialized training.  It is not enough to simply be competent in a foreign language.  Our criterion for selecting medical translators is rigorous and requires industry-specialist knowledge and five consecutive years of translation experience.

In addition to providing medical record translation service, we also provide translations for medical devices that include cardio device translation, orthopedic device translation, and ophthalmology translation.

Providing Translations in over 180 Languages
THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is your one stop for language translation and interpretation services.  While we provide translations in over 180 languages, some of our most common include the following: We provide Language Translation Service covering a broad range of multilingual projects.  Our most common language translations include: Arabic Translation, Chinese Translation, English Translation, French Translation, German Translation, Hindi Translation, Italian Translation, Japanese Translation, Korean Translation, Polish Translation, Portuguese Translation, Russian Translation, Spanish Translation, Turkish Translation, and Vietnamese Translation.

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Selecting the Right Translator for Oil, Gas, Drilling, Mining & Refining Language Translation

Selecting an accurate Oil, Gas, Drilling, Refining or Mining Translation Specialist is critical to companies serving the energy industry.  As new technologies emerge and energy exploration expands outside the Middle East and Russia, the ability to communicate in multiple languages has become increasingly important.  For these reasons, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS specialize in oil translation, gas translation, drilling translation, and mining translation services.  Our competencies include the technical know-how to assemble engineering reports, operation manuals and scientific studies in over 180 languages that include Arabic Translation, Chinese Translation, English Translation, French Translation, German Translation, Hindi Translation, Italian Translation, Japanese Translation, Korean Translation, Polish Translation, Portuguese Translation, Russian Translation, Spanish Translation, Turkish Translation, and Vietnamese Translation.

When it comes to translation, we get it right the first time by employing experienced professionals who are native to the target language.   Once your translation is complete, all translated documents are proofread, ready to print and typeset when needed.  Our proven project management methods ensure on-time delivery and complete accuracy.

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Having completed dozens of translation projects for oil and gas companies throughout the world, we are ready to take on your project and exceed your expectations.  Please use our form to receive a free no obligation report.

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