World Development in the Light of Gunder Frank’s Theory

Andre Gunder Frank wrote Development of Under-developmentwhich was a milestone in the study of sociology and world economy. He argues that all nation-states are bound to progress and develop and those nations which do not develop are handicapped due to outside factors which stunt their process of development. So it is established that all nations have the potential to develop under the right circumstances. How can the imperialist philosophy give way to an environment of mutual acceptance, peace, love and harmony? We will try to find an answer to this question in this article. Acceptance comes with empathy, and empathy comes from communication and understanding. And when inter-cultural communication takes place, we need translators to provide translation services. Gunder Frank and dependentistas were opposed by the dualists who thought that development of a nation solely depends on its own abilities. They thought that a nation’s underdevelopment might be due to lack of progress, communication or traditional feudal practices.  According to them it was observed in the later developing societies, that the industrial zone co-existed with a traditionally backward society. But dependentistas thought that these industrial zones were parasitical and hindering the development of the backward zones. Whichever is the case, the developed nations can step forward and play their role in creating a globally developed world. For this purpose we need lots of German translators, Portuguese translators, Arabic translators, Vietnamese translators, Korean translators, Hindi and Urdu translators. As things are, most of the research in the present world is done by western countries in the field of economics, international politics, technology and literature. By making it available for people of the under-developed countries, we can take a step forward towards globally modernizing the world. Translating this knowledge in other languages can help in transferring all this research to the impoverished societies.

One may ask, what is the need of a globally modernized world? Or why is world development necessary?  Our world has become a global village and what happens in one part of the world affects people living in other parts of the world too. Nations cannot live in isolation nor can they hope to benefit by thriving on the resources of other countries for a long time. Even the imperialist powers of the world have come to realize that depriving the under-developed countries from their right to develop will prove to be a hindrance in their own development. According to Gunder, countries might be undeveloped but no country is under-developed. A small example will clarify this point. There are oil and gas reserves which have been found in many African under-developed countries like Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt etc. These resources were not being utilized until the foreign investors came and built the infrastructure required to extract these resources. And the developed countries are benefiting from these resources too, as they are the main export partners of the African countries. This petroleum industry in Africa has created job opportunities for the local people and its a forward step in World development. Not to mention the need for French translation, Spanish translation and Portuguese translation service companies. The African oil producing countries are a gold mine for translators.

Andre Gunder Frank also gives some solutions to the Third World countries to pace up with the developed nations. He thinks that there should be a positive change in the relationships of the third world countries with the imperialist powers. He also thinks that an internal change is necessary to loosen the hold of elites on the resources of the impoverished countries. A transformation in the  ruling class of these countries is vital for their progress.