Using Proof To Substantiate Your Claims

The third layer of the organization chart displays the particular facts you will need to employ to express your key ideas. These facts are the essentials of your communication and assist your readers in comprehending and recalling the fuzzy principles.

To illustrate, let’s imagine that you happen to be recommending that the corporation boost its marketing budget. To reinforce this position, Houston Translation Services workers would recommend that you supply analytical proofs that show your strongest competition allocated more towards marketing than your employer. In addition, you might explain a certain situation where a specific competitor raised their marketing budget and realized an extraordinary sales increase in market share. Finally, with more facts you might detail that your company’s market share has steadily declined over the past five years and that sales are directly correlated with marketing expenditures.

If you happen to be building an extended, complicated message, you should bring the organization chart lower by several layers. San Jose Chinese translators recommend that writers keep in mind that each layer is another stage of the sequence from the abstract to the tangible, from the typical to the particular. The lowest layer includes the particular specifics and statistics that connect the generalizations to the visible, quantifiable planet. The higher layers consist of concepts that disclose why the factual details are important.

The greater the proof that you present, the stronger your argument will be. If your topic is sophisticated and not well known, or when your message recipients seem distrustful, translators with The Marketing Analysts Translations believe that you must use a large number of facts and statistics to make your case. Alternatively, if the subject matter is well known and the intended audience seems genuinely willing to believe you, it is possible to get away from providing a substantial number of facts. You must supply sufficient facts and figures to be persuasive however, not so many that your communication gets to be boring.

An additional approach for keeping people engaged is to vary the sort of information.  While you prepare your communication, attempt to change from facts and figures to narration; include a sprinkle of explanation; toss in a few examples or perhaps a reference to authority; bolster everything with PowerPoint slides.