The Best Time To Launch Your Products In New Markets

Towards the end of every year, people are in a mood for celebration. People are usually buying presents for their loved ones and planning to throw parties on Christmas. But those who run a company have entirely different plans at this time of the year. A Japanese translator working for the Kansas City translation agency The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company informed us about the increased demand for translation services in different languages around Christmas.

With the end of 2013 and the onset of the festivities of Christmas, many global companies thought it to be an opportune time to launch their products in new markets. The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company based in Houston, facilitated many such companies who had plans to launch products in international markets just before Christmas. Some companies took it as a test to see the number of buyers their products had in these markets. And with people buying everything from clothes and shoes to draperies and furniture, Christmas is indeed the best time to enter new international markets.

Companies with a plan to go global this Christmas, started streamlining their finances accordingly. They worked on it all through the year to decide how much budget they were going to allocate to their new business ventures. It was necessary to take their translation vendors on board and communicate every detail of their plan to them. Launching products into new markets meant localizing a bulk of the companies’ content on their website. Those companies which missed this golden opportunity will certainly try to make a mark next year.

The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company helped their clients in every possible way to launch their products successfully around Christmas. Buyers are ready to spend more than usual around Christmas. Keeping this approach of buyers in view, we guided our clients to change their marketing strategy a bit to suit the occasion. As everyone expects special offers and discounts around Christmas, those having chosen this time of the year to introduce their products in the target market must take into account the expectations of their customers. This is also a good way to win over the hearts of your international customers.

Companies having entered new international markets this year are anticipating a good turnover of customers. They have also modified their products to attract the hoards of buyers frequenting markets and fairs before Christmas. Those companies which hired reputed translation companies for website localization and translation of manuals and labels will definitely have an edge over their competitors. If you are daring enough to enter new markets next year, hire TMA ( as we have a network of the best linguists from all over the world!

Quality Translations Or Missed Deadlines? Are You In A Dilemma?

One of our clients, who came to us for a certified document translation, shared one of his experiences of dealing with a mistranslated assembly manual.

“I purchased a mechanical toy for my son for Christmas that was manufactured in China. So, Christmas Eve came, and I’m out in the garage doing what many fathers are doing on Christmas Eve; assembling presents. Talking to many fathers, their solutions range anywhere from hiring someone in the family who is mechanically inclined to actually paying the retailer to do the job.

But I have always counted myself among those people who have the tools and knowledge to do almost any household job, including assembling presents for Christmas. I began my son’s project first because I suspected it to be the most challenging.

I often throw the directions away. Yeah, you can say, sort of careless when it comes to saving manuals etc. What’s the challenge in following directions anyway? But after trying hard to assemble the toy, I decided to consult the owner’s manual with directions.

I found myself going through the garbage, frantically searching for them.  After I found them, I took them to the floor, opened them up and consulted them. I began reading… “Step one- Package needing opened to be, removed mantling aspect of frame assemble.” Huh? I think it just told me to open the package. Okay, “Step two- apparel of package is wheels and black, on frame go to these…”

Okay, you get my point. I never was able to assemble this thing using directions provided, as I could understand but very little. I wondered who they hired to carry out the translation for their company’s manuals. Certainly it wasn’t a translation services company or was it?

If so, what happened? Were they just in a rush, under pressure of a deadline crunch and had to hire anyone who appeared to be capable of translating directions?

Who knows for sure, certainly there are times when you will sacrifice speed for quality but why do so when it’s not necessary?

There Are Translation Services Like Ours Who Can Help You!

If you are with a translation company that has been doing your work for a while, if they are of any worth at all, they will have some tools on hand which speed up the process of translation and as an added bonus will save you money. Crunch-time doesn’t mean every vendor will refuse to translate for you on a short notice when you tell them that you need the translated document back as soon as possible.

In the translation business, there exists a tool known as ‘translation memory’ which you might be familiar with. It is a data base that stores previous translations, a history of words, phrases even ideas. So when translating anything for your company that has any similarities to what was done in previous times, it can be indexed and assembled to create exactly what you need, though with whatever editing and formatting that must be done.

Basically, speed is being built into your service the more you use it.  So when you utter those frantic words to us and give us what you may think an impossible deadline, don’t lose hope. Let us have a look at it and you may be surprised!

Localization Concerns: Planning Ahead Isn’t Difficult

Every company aims to achieve more in the coming year than the previous year. As new year is just round the corner, you must set some new targets and goals for your company. As far as your localization plans are concerned, if your translation vendor didn’t come up to your expectations last year, then start with a new translation service company. How about giving The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company an opportunity to serve you? If you have some new localization goals, you need to partner with a good translation provider.

The second most important thing you will need while planning to achieve future goals, is accurate data concerning your previous year’s localization projects. Let’s one by one discuss all those aspects which will need an analysis.

Your use of translation memory in the previous year

Getting an estimate of the total amount spent on translation projects will be helpful. Similarly keep a record of your return investment from the international markets which you explored the previous year.

Keeping a record of how much you spent, how much you saved by using translation memory and how much of the content was translated in your specific budget will be helpful in ascertaining your future localization goals.

Need improvement in your translation memory?

Creating an estimate at the end of the year regarding your translation memory use will help you determine whether your translation memory saved you money. If the reuse of translated data isn’t much, and your translation costs were more than you expected, then you need to take certain initiatives for the coming year. You don’t want to make the same mistake again, right?

Check if there is any room for improvement in your translation memory. Ask your translation service company about the reason your translation memory failed to cut translation costs. If you feel that your service provider is not equipped with the means to cater to the needs of your organization, come to The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company. We can help you utilize your translation memory software to the fullest.

A French translator in Kansas City says that companies having hired their services are planning to get their websites localized in more languages. He further added that their clients have decided to include more languages in their localization plans for the next year by witnessing considerable cost saving through translation memory and pseudo localization.

Use your past projects as guidelines to start on new ones

If you entered new international markets in the past year, collect data for each. It will be helpful for you to know how much content you got translated in each target language and the resultant revenue generated through your target market.

This data will be helpful in your future business decisions. It is also extremely helpful to know which of your target markets earned you the most revenue. Translating more content for the same regions will strengthen your company further in those markets.

Collecting all this data will create a realistic picture in your mind, helping you plan accordingly for the next year.

Need A Translation For Your Business? What Things To Keep In Mind

If you run an international business, you are often in need of certified translation services. Whether it is the localization of your website or the translation of your brochures or pamphlets, you are constantly in need of a professional translation company. If you have not been extremely lucky at all times, you must have had bad experiences with some of your translation vendors. Lousy translations can affect your clientele. Your company’s website and your translated advertisements are a tool  to gain access to your customers.

You need to keep a few things in mind when choosing a translation company. A careful selection of the service provider will save you a lot of trouble and will cut your costs. If you are getting translation services far cheaper than the normal rates which every certified translator will demand from you, then there is something definitely wrong about it. Usually freelance translators with little experience in the profession of translation keep their fees low. And once your translation is done, you will have to shell out more money for getting the errors fixed. Even worse, if you didn’t know about the errors and your translated material went into the hands of your customers.

Choose a translation company you can trust

When it comes to your business, we will advice you not to compromise on the quality of your translation services. There are reputable translation service companies out there like The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company which offer excellent services and are economical too. Such a translation company will bear complete responsibility for the translation done. Moreover, translation companies follow a certain procedure to ensure that the translation is accurate and a mirror copy of the original version.

Providing your vendor with a style guide

For a good translation you must first provide a style guide which will give your vendor an idea about the kind of translation you want or need. You can make multiple style guides for different languages or a general style guide for all. Your style guide will provide a translation of the recurrent business terms as you will prefer them to be translated. It will also highlight the kind of expression you will want to be used in your translated material.

Does your translation vendor have the latest technology?

You must see if your translation vendor is using the latest technology for translations. For speedy and accurate translations, translation service companies have translation memory software where all the previously translated terms are stored for the use of translators. This ensures consistency of specific terms throughout the document and saves a lot of time while translating. Nowadays translation companies use different CAT tools which ensure clarity and consistency in the document and enable multiple translators to work simultaneously on the same document.

Your right to ask questions

Remember that as a client you have a right to ask questions regarding the translation of your document or the localization of your website. Engage a translation vendor only when you are completely satisfied with the kind of service you will be provided. Discuss all the things beforehand to save your time. It will be better if you ask for a sample of any previous translations done by your vendor. If you keep all these things in mind while selecting your translation vendor, there is little chance that anything will go wrong.

Website Translation and Building Multi-lingual Websites

Building multi-lingual websites involves a heavy load of content translation, as the website owners want to make their content easily understandable for all, whatever their nationality might be . Furthermore, translating a website into various languages requires a high competency in technical layouts and formatting. In some cases, language translators might need training before they set add translated text to a website.

While translating the content of a website, the certified translator needs to address several important issues.  When a text is translated into another language, the layout changes.  For example, all languages that have an Arabic script are written from left to right, which needs a complete flip over of the page layout to make the copy a mirror image of the original version. Website translation may sometimes require alterations and adjustments to the original version, especially because the font sizes vary from language to language. Some languages like English, Italian, French and Greek are easily readable in a particular font size, whereas other languages like Chinese and Korean are very difficult to read in the same size. A language translator who undertakes the task of translating web content needs to be very cautious about altering page layouts to fit them to the requirements of a particular language.

Website translation involves text formatting, linking and coding. Therefore, knowing HTML and CSS is essential for someone translating a website. HTML helps in setting up the structure of a website, whereas CSS helps the user to improve the presentation of web pages by allowing the user to work in different fonts, use colored designs and make necessary changes in format and layouts.

Linking between languages on a multilingual website is indispensable. Website owners use several ways to link the languages on their websites. Some sites have icons pointing out material in the respective languages. Some websites show a particular content in English and link it to translated versions of it, which is a good idea because every visitor might not be entering the site through the homepage. Listing languages by their native names or by their names in the original language of the website is the most suitable option, however. Once your website has turned into a multilingual site, you must be careful to update the translations whenever the need arises. Keeping the translations up to date will attract more clients to your website.

While translating a website, it is important to anticipate what type of readers will frequent the site. A French translator will keep in mind the cultural dynamics of his country while translating the content into Arabic. Similarly a German translator will slightly mold the original content for the benefit of the German audience of the website. When people of different ethnic backgrounds communicate with you through your website, getting their questions translated and translating your replies to them in their own language is the only beneficial option. This may be time-consuming and arduous but it will increase traffic to your website in the long run.

Why Translators Must Master Writing And Public Speaking

Even before one starts their career, the need for good communication skills arises. The students with good public speaking and presentation skills excel in college and have to face fewer difficulties in the workplace. It has also been observed that bilinguals and translators have a better written expression and can also speak effectively in public presentations. Command over more than one language hones the communication skills of a person. Translators are experienced in working with different types of clients and understanding to their needs. This is one reason why translators are often convincing and good at persuading others.

Students and workers who fear speaking publicly are often very good writers. This means that their fear does not come from a lack of communications skills, but is generally due to lack of preparation and sometimes confidence. Most beginners in public speaking feel anxious while facing an audience but gradually they overcome their fears. A Vietnamese translator providing translation services for ten years shared his experiences of getting over the fear of public speaking. For him, it took considerable effort and several years to shed his fear of speaking in public. Now he works as a translator for The Marketing Analysts Translation Services and also serves as an interpreter for conferences and seminars.

In what arenas can good public communication help? To compete in today’s world, one needs to to have strong verbal and written communication skills. Studying public communication helps you in being vocal about your opinions and conveying them in the right manner. The right choice of words, the best delivery and some affectation can make you a success. According to a French Translation Services worker, it is a prerequisite for an interpreter to have good communication skills.

Your chances of getting a good job increase if you are a good speaker. Moreover, mastering public speaking gives you many important life skills. These skills include critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and team building. We use these skills every day in our lives. Learning to speak publicly can help you succeed professionally as well. Companies need seasoned professionals and good communicators. They like to have creative employees with solid spoken and written skills.

Hence, it is important to improve your public speaking and writing skills. While you don’t need to be an expert communicator, you should look to continuously improve your skills.

Book Review – “Found In Translation”

As a Polish translator, one of the best books that I came across on the topic of translation is “Found in Translation”, authored by professional translators Nataly Kelly and Jost Zetzsche. They give a remarkable tour of the world of translation services through this writing. The book is full of gripping stories about different types of translations. It talks about the importance that good translation holds and what happens when translations go wrong. It is a great piece to add to your list of readings on the next vacation!

The authors Kelly and Zetzsche have more than 40 years of experience in the realm of translation. Their book’s contents consist of a brief introduction, followed by seven chapters, acknowledgements and some end notes. The book covers almost every aspect from translations of religious texts to translations of hurricane warnings, poetry and peace pacts. It gives language lovers a complete view of how translation helps spread culture and nourish the world’s economy. The book further discusses interesting examples of translation with reference to Facebook, NASA, United Nations, Google, Olympics and many more.

The book asserts that simply speaking two languages does not mean that you are also competent enough to translate. Translation is a specially designed skill that takes years to develop and polish. The best thing about this book is that it gives hilarious real-life examples of how translations can often go wrong. One of my favorite examples was that of US President Jimmy Carter. When the President visited Poland in 1977, the US State Department hired a Russian translator who knew the Polish language but was not well-versed in it professionally. Due to his incompetence, Carter ended up saying things like “when I abandoned the United States” (instead of “when I left the US”) and “your lusts of the future” (instead of “your desire for the future”). These blunders were widely publicized in the media. I enjoyed reading several other stories recorded in the book which I would not mention here for fear of spoiling readers’ interest.

If I were asked to point out any flaws in this book, it would have to be a shortage of information on how the markets of specific languages are structured and the working environments under which many translators are forced to work. Do round-the-clock translators ever get a lunch or restroom break? How are they paid for their shifts? The book did not highlight any of these areas.

Nonetheless, for the lovers of the language, “Found in Translation” is a must read. I guarantee that reading this book will revitalize your love for language as it did mine. By the end of this book, I was certain of one thing: I’m thoroughly convinced that translators and interpreters are smarter and considerably wiser than I thought them to be!

Africa’s Loss Of Revenues, Impact On The Global Market And Role Of Translators

african-economic-growthIt should be a matter of concern for the African countries, that they are still exporting raw materials to their export partners, which results in loss of revenues. The local farmers earn little, while the bulk of the profit goes to the rich countries that bring finished products into their stores. Uganda Tea corporation general manager Rogers Siima and Carlos Lopes , the executive secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) talk about the challenges the rising Africa faces as  an industrial revolution hits the Continent.

The recent statistics show that Uganda loses millions of dollars in revenues by exporting raw tea. On the other hand, the rich chocolate-producing countries take away the lion’s share, with only 10% of the money from chocolates going to the cocoa producers in Africa. The chocolates and tea when imported by the African market becomes expensive for the local population to buy, after adding all the packing and shipment costs. With the new oil discoveries in Africa, only crude oil is being exported which is resulting in loss of revenues and the same principal applies on other unfinished exports like coffee, cotton, groundnuts etc. It cannot be denied, that business is flourishing in Africa and new investors are starting up enterprises. Whenever business activity in a region grows, the need for translators and translation services arises.

Arabic, French, Portuguese and Chinese translators are in demand in most of the East African oil producing countries where the foreign investors are coming in hordes. If proper guidance is provided on governmental level, Africa can build the necessary infrastructure for smooth trade with its neighboring countries. Also translation services can play their role in bridging language gaps, so that proper training and aid should be provided to the African countries, for them to export finished products in markets with their own labels.  There should be chocolate-manufacturing and coffee and tea producing factories in Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique and Zambia. The developed countries also need to step forward and help the African continent improve their manufacturing capabilities. Nigeria as the world’s sixth largest producer of crude oil, should set up plants to refine this crude oil for local consumption.

The shift in the industrial and agricultural environment of Africa has attracted the attention of the world. Foreign as well as local investment in different social sectors has increased over the years. But a lot more is still to be done, to make the region fully developed and progressive. New technology in agriculture sector needs to be introduced, for better results in this arena. Farmers need to be educated and trained. Labor laws should be reformed and training programs, with the help of foreign tutors, should be organized to turn unskilled laborers into skilled ones. All this can only be made possible by interpretation and translation services for effective communication with the African people. As industrialization in the region has become a necessity rather than a “luxury” in the present times.

Africa As A Land Of Opportunity

The primitive continent of Africa, unexplored by foreign investors, was labeled as an under-developed country and didn’t attract much attention of the outside world for many years. It was considered a land with limited resources, often struck with drought and epidemics and its only redeeming feature was the wide range of wildlife it had. But now things have changed and Africa is a place of attraction for foreign investors.  The oil and gas reserves located in many African countries like Sudan, Algeria, Nigeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Angola and Chad have enthralled the foreign excavators and investors recently. And this recent development in the African Continent has resulted in a need for professional certified translation services.

The African economy has seen a boom in the last few years. This is due to a number of reasons. Not only new reserves have been found in Africa, which have created many job opportunities for the local public but the agricultural sector of Africa is also growing rapidly. Agriculture is the backbone of any country and with 600 million hectares of land, Africa can not only fulfill the food requirements of its own population but can also export the food produce to other countries as well, if the region could be improved technologically. New farming methods can increase the arable area. Here also, the African farmer needs to be given proper guidance and new farm equipment needs to be introduced. The heavy farm equipment could be utilized in a better way if their manuals are translated in Arabic, French and Portuguese which are the official languages of most of the African countries. For this purpose more Arabic translators, French translators and Portuguese translators are required. For developing countries, agriculture promises a flourishing economy, plenty of food for people, a high foreign exchange reserve and demand of other goods and services with the passage of time.

The African people are more aware than the past years. The African governments are interested in attracting more foreign investors. They have become more accepting of the changing times and the African man is more business-oriented than he ever was. More African men are investing in projects starting in their own countries. According to a rough estimate, six out of every ten investors in Africa are African. It shows that the Africans are investing more in their countries as compared to the foreign investors. A high internal investment rate consequentially brings more foreign investors as their faith in the country’s economic stability strengthens.

Agriculture done by modern methods is a type of business, often referred to as “agribusiness.” It requires a deep study of the climatic, geographical and economic factors of a particular region. Good agricultural produce is based on a few factors, namely, favorable weather conditions, the land’s proximity to water reserves, and the amount of money required to be invested for better production. The African countries need more skilled labor and still the literacy  rate is far lower than the required rate. Here also the local population can be trained and educated with the help of foreign educators with the help of translators/interpreters.

Things have changed over the past few years and Africa is no more an under-developed region. It is developing and modernizing with the passage of time. The new investment opportunities and the discovery of oil and gas reserves have created plenty of jobs for translators and foreign investors can hire the services of professional Portuguese and French translators with the help of translation service companies like the Chinese translation services company and the Miami translation services company.

When Do I Need To Get an Apostille for My Certified and Notarized Translation?

An apostille is a unique seal of a government authority that certifies that a document is a legitimate copy of the original document. In other words, it validates documents to be used in other countries by authenticating them. The apostille works like an international notary.

The countries that have adopted the use of apostilles since the development of this concept in 1961 have eventually become signatory countries. If you are in a signatory country and traveling to another signatory country, you will need an apostille of required documents. However, unless the country you are in has signed the Hague Convention, you would not be able to acquire an apostille. Only with the approval of the Secretary of State can an apostille be deemed valid.

Some specific categories of documents need apostille certificates. Apostille are needed for various public documents which, of course, depend on the country they would be used in. Vital records, corporate documents, legal documents and criminal records require apostille certificates. The following are some categories of personal documents and corporate documents that require apostille certification:

  • If you need to transfer your power of attorney to someone else to purchase or sell real estate, to file  insurance claims, to take legal actions or simply to control your finances in some other country, an apostille becomes necessary.
  • If you want to adopt a child from a foreign land which participates in the Hague Convention, various documents need to be apostilled.
  • Many countries ask for birth certificates to be apostilled just to verify the authenticity of the document.
  • For the overseas transportation of a loved one’s remains or the settlement of his estate in another country, the death certificate should have an apostilled copy.
  • Apostiles are often required for marriage and divorce certificates.
  • For both criminal background checks and certificates of good conduct, apostilles are required.
  • Academic documents such as diplomas and transcripts also require apostilles.  Evaluations of foreign academic credentials also need apostilles.
  • Apostilles become necessary in cases of children’s travel consent letters and the letter of invitation necessary for obtaining the U.S.s visa. Foreign driver’s license also need to be apostilled.

In regard to the corporate documents that need apostilles, the following should be noted:

  • An apostille-certified power of attorney that belongs to you is needed when you designate someone to handle your corporation overseas.
  • Corporations must provide apostille-certified  articles of incorporation to verify their authenticity and legitimacy in the countries where they operate.
  • A Certificate of Goodstanding, a Certificate of Amendment and a Certificate of Incumbency require apostillles.
  • A corporate resolution also requires apostilles.