Copytesting Procedures That Maximize Advertising ROI

Advertising Copytesting

Advertising Copytesting

Although copytesting is widely used throughout the world, most of it is low quality and unreliable.  Often, it is unclear as to what is actually being evaluated.  Only rarely do copytesting studies provide any insights into actual performance.

To ensure the success of your advertising campaign, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS believes advertising research must comply with the following principles.

  1. Copytesting should provide measurements that are relevant to the specific objectives of the advertising campaign.  For example, if the objective of an advertising campaign is to evoke emotional appeal, a measure of day-after recall would be appropriate.
  2. Copytesting research should provide actionable insights and recommendations that project the campaign’s success or failure.  If the research suggests that the campaign will not achieve performance objectives, the campaign maybe be cancelled or media distribution maybe scaled back.
  3. Copytesting should rely on multiple performance measurements.
  4. Copytesting should be based on measurements of human response.  This includes the reception of a stimulus, the comprehension of the stimulus and a measureable response to a stimulus.
  5. Copytesting research should suggest the number of exposures required to produce a stimulus.
  6. Copytesting should attempt to duplicate an actual environment (clutter, competitive offerings, etc) where the ad is scheduled to be placed, received, processed and responded too.
  7. Copytesting should take into account basic sampling considerations.
  8. Copytesting should be based on reliable and valid research methodology.

While these principles establish a high set of standards, they should be regarded as necessary.

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The Perfect Ad Design That Maximizes ROI

The Marketing Analysts offers predictive advertising design to maximize your ROI.

Advertising is still one of the most effective promotional strategies. Unfortunately, for many companies it doesn’t payback. To ensure your success, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS offers advertising concept testing for the web that uses technology that predicts success.

A countless number of companies, services and products will fail this year, not because of poor quality but because they poorly promoted. In many cases, consumers won’t know where to find these products or understand the usefulness they provide because a good promotional strategy was never developed. How can a company know if a big investment in an advertising campaign will achieve its objectives?

Our advertisement testing research works by evaluating each of your concepts and then reveals the optimal ad design (headline, theme, offer, placement, color, size, etc.) that will produce the best return on your campaign investment.

Our research procedure is based on proprietary software that allows us to rapidly, accurately and efficiently identify the right advertisement design that will to optimize your ROI

The Pitfalls of Advertising Research – TOMA, Focus Groups, etc.
Most advertising firms don’t even conduct real advertising research. Even among the “large advertising” companies, only a few conduct statistically valid, “share of mind” or “TOMA” Top of Mind research. While these methods can offer interesting insights, they have significant weaknesses. For instance, neither method accounts for experiences that occur under the real life conditions of time limitations and competitive pressures. Generally, these research methods are only useful after a campaign has been launched and aren’t designed to provide future.

A few advertising firms may also conduct “focus groups” and “interviews” that provide qualitative data. While the comments may be interesting, they can be misleading if respondents aren’t chosen wisely.

Predictive Ad Research / Ad Design Analysis
Our testing takes place under real world conditions and identifies the optimal advertising response stimuli. As a result, our method is clearly superior inexpensive and can be conducted quickly and inexpensively.