The Theory Of Anti-Globalization And Translation Services

As opposed to ‘globalization’, we often come across the term ‘anti-globalization’. Globalization suggests a world without any consideration of borders, where there will be equal opportunities for everyone. It also suggests the world will be turned into a homogenous sphere without nationalist conflicts and stratification on the basis of rank, caste, race or class. But so far this kind of uniformity throughout the world has not been achieved for various reasons. Translation services and top-rank translation service companies like The Marketing Analysts Translation Services company have played a major role in globalizing the world.

Though globalization means ‘a fair and complete distribution’ of technology and opportunities across the world, this distribution depends upon certain factors. The speed with which technical diffusion can take place in a country depends upon its political and economic circumstances. Acceptability of innovations also depends upon the cultural character of a certain region. An exactly equal distribution of resources and capital throughout the world is hard to be accomplished because countries, industries and individuals with power have a control over them. Some activists have come up with the slogan of “anti-globalization”. A well-informed translator with one translation services company indicated that anti-globalization sentiments have developed as a result of some multinational companies hiring labor from third-world countries with household wages. These companies lay off local workers to hire manpower from the under-developed countries.

However, this idea does not carry much weight. Globalization is not the reason behind unemployment or exploitation. The reasons for exploitation could be avarice and greed on an individual level. It cannot be regarded as true for all employers or international companies. There are many companies out there which are paying their foreign employers very well, said a Portuguese translator working for a Chicago translation services company. Furthermore, there are other ways to keep exploitation at a minimum. Trade unions are playing a vital role in making sure that employers are given all their rights.

Turning this world into a globalized sphere can address many problems which the humanity faces today. A certified translator working for a French translation services company told us that African countries are now following in the footsteps of the West in making investments in infrastructure including roads, ports, schools and marketplaces. All this has become possible due to translation services that have helped people communicate across borders.

Due to the latest technology and fastest means of communication and transportation, what happens in one part of the world affects the rest of the world too. Hence, globalization cannot be avoided by any means. It is better if we accept it as something positive and utilize it for the betterment of humanity.