Need A Translation For Your Business? What Things To Keep In Mind

If you run an international business, you are often in need of certified translation services. Whether it is the localization of your website or the translation of your brochures or pamphlets, you are constantly in need of a professional translation company. If you have not been extremely lucky at all times, you must have had bad experiences with some of your translation vendors. Lousy translations can affect your clientele. Your company’s website and your translated advertisements are a tool  to gain access to your customers.

You need to keep a few things in mind when choosing a translation company. A careful selection of the service provider will save you a lot of trouble and will cut your costs. If you are getting translation services far cheaper than the normal rates which every certified translator will demand from you, then there is something definitely wrong about it. Usually freelance translators with little experience in the profession of translation keep their fees low. And once your translation is done, you will have to shell out more money for getting the errors fixed. Even worse, if you didn’t know about the errors and your translated material went into the hands of your customers.

Choose a translation company you can trust

When it comes to your business, we will advice you not to compromise on the quality of your translation services. There are reputable translation service companies out there like The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company which offer excellent services and are economical too. Such a translation company will bear complete responsibility for the translation done. Moreover, translation companies follow a certain procedure to ensure that the translation is accurate and a mirror copy of the original version.

Providing your vendor with a style guide

For a good translation you must first provide a style guide which will give your vendor an idea about the kind of translation you want or need. You can make multiple style guides for different languages or a general style guide for all. Your style guide will provide a translation of the recurrent business terms as you will prefer them to be translated. It will also highlight the kind of expression you will want to be used in your translated material.

Does your translation vendor have the latest technology?

You must see if your translation vendor is using the latest technology for translations. For speedy and accurate translations, translation service companies have translation memory software where all the previously translated terms are stored for the use of translators. This ensures consistency of specific terms throughout the document and saves a lot of time while translating. Nowadays translation companies use different CAT tools which ensure clarity and consistency in the document and enable multiple translators to work simultaneously on the same document.

Your right to ask questions

Remember that as a client you have a right to ask questions regarding the translation of your document or the localization of your website. Engage a translation vendor only when you are completely satisfied with the kind of service you will be provided. Discuss all the things beforehand to save your time. It will be better if you ask for a sample of any previous translations done by your vendor. If you keep all these things in mind while selecting your translation vendor, there is little chance that anything will go wrong.