Using Translation Services To Create Interest and Build Desire For Your Product Or Service

Once you’ve gained the reader’s attention, create interest and build desire by (1) detailing the benefits prospects will get from the purchase, and (2) providing them with reasons why they should buy.  When selling to retailers or manufacturers, for instance, the Portuguese Translation NYC company suggests that their clients blend special features with the product’s profitability.  Answer why and how your product will make them a profit, make their jobs easier or make their business more efficient.

For expensive items, Washington D.C. Translation companies recommend that companies build desire by combining rationale and emotional appeals.  The integration is necessary because consumers like to rati0naize their emotional decisions.  Let’s say you are selling swimming pools.  Most people buy pools for enjoyment.  So, naturally, your letter will emphasize fun and relaxation.  But you should also include such rationale appeals as health (benefits of swimming) and safety (no need to drive to the beach).

For less expensive items or services, emotional appeals usually suffice.  Notice how the following letter stimulates attention, interest, and desire through one major appeal: escape from the routine.

Has your life become dull and routine?

Are the pressures of your job becoming unbearable?

Have you had more than your share of freezing winters?

Why not leave your daily routine behind for a while to travel with FunJet?

Escape reality and enter paradise with a Caribbean vacation in Cancun, Mexico.  For less than $499, you can have the seclusion of a tropical beach AND the excitement and glamor of 4-star nightclubs, luxury hotel suites, world class exhibits and amazing nature parks.

Daytime is playtime in Cancun.  You can sunbathe on sandy beaches, snorkel and scuba dive around ocean reefs, sail or windsurf, go charter fishing, play tennis or golf.

After the sun goes down, the island comes alive.  Restaurants offer you some of the finest dining experiences in the world and nightclubs offer you some of the top names in show business, or you can dance the night away with the best calypso, reggae and mariachi in North America.

For the romantic at heart, moonlight cruises leave every night for a spectacular view of the islands.

Come to Cancun on FunJet.  You derive to escape the ordinary.  Call us toll free at 888-555-0000 or book your experience with on online.

Besides embodying the guidelines proposed by The Marketing Analysts Translation Company, the FunJet letter:

  1. Answers the question every prospective client asks: If I spend my money, how will I benefit?  (In this case the benefit is a break from the routine.)
  2. Describes the service’s distinguishing features
  3. Places the reader at the center of the action through the use of action verbs and concrete nouns
  4. Provides smooth transitions among the parts of the letter