Moving From The Planning Stage To Final Copy

There are some legal translators with advanced writing skills who can seamlessly move from the planning stages to the final copy.  However, most translators are much less experienced in writing and generally follow an easily recognizable 2-step process of planning and revision.  Regardless of the amount of experience you have, at some point you have to have to stop planning and start writing.

Most translators find that it is easiest to find a well lit room that is free of distractions.  Mark Shields, a provider of certified translations in Raleigh recommends using a large desk with plenty of room for a laptop computer and chair with excellent support.  To begin the process of writing, he suggests trying to write or type as quickly as possible.  At this stage, Mark suggests that you shouldn’t be concerned with refined sentences, spelling or sentence style.  Instead, the goal is to start writing and getting your mind thinking.  While you should follow the layout that you planned, you should be flexible and allow yourself room to make some changes.  Sometimes as you write, you might come up with a much better format that will be easier for the audience to grasp.  Likewise, you don’t need to start at the beginning of the report.  If another section seems easier to begin with then start there.   If you plan to cite sources then you should cite them into your draft to make things easier later. Microsoft Word and a variety of other word processing software make inserting footnotes and endnotes simple and quick.

To avoid writer’s block and burnout, try to pace yourself and don’t overdo it.  Try to work in 120-minute intervals before resting.  Plan to write for no more than five hours on a given day.  When you return to your project the next day, you should start revising your text.  While it is difficult to split the revision process into a number of objectives, keep in mind that there are two main stages that consist of substantive revision and mechanical revision.

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