Why Businesses Must Produce Globally Neutral Brochures, Manuals, Letters And Other Communications

When companies enter into foreign markets they discover that they must produce communications that can be understood or easily translated into a variety of languages.  Even companies that only operate domestically are under pressure to adopt ethnically, culturally, and linguistically to satisfy the needs of their workforce.  The president of The Marketing Analysts Translations Company agrees and indicates that this is particularly true when you factor in that nearly 10 million U.S. immigrants were granted citizenship during the 1900’s.  In 2008, more than one million people were naturalized as U.S. citizens.  Of these immigrants, close to 20-percent were offered priority worker visas because they had exceptional abilities and skills strongly demanded by U.S. corporations.  A large portion of these immigrants had limited English speaking and writing skills and came from cultural backgrounds significantly different than those of the United States.

Similar migration patterns of people from Africa, India, Central America and Eastern Europe and the growth of global corporations have created similar situations in other parts of the world.  As a business executive, you will encounter situations when you must communicate with people of diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds too.  According to one Portuguese to English translator, a good translation agency will assist executives in developing presentations, manuals, brochures and other forms of communication that are globally oriented.  Globally oriented communications signify works that are culturally neutral.  This means that your documents will be prepared in a local language, and be understood by members of other cultures who have some grasp of the local language but have a different first language.  By developing neutral communication works, these documents can be readily translated into a variety of other languages.

While the task of producing neutral communications may sound simple to some, it is actually quite a challenging process for those who only know one language and one culture.  The process of creating neutral communication can also be a great challenge to those who are bilingual but have adopted strong linguistic and cultural practices.

Requests To Customers And Other Outsiders

Companies frequently request that people outside the business produce certain details or to carry out a fundamental activity: enroll in a conference, mail back an information card, sign a report, validate a specific location, or add to details regarding an order. According to a highly respected Spanish translator in Los Angeles, these communications are frequently brief and straightforward, however other circumstances demand a more in depth description. In these instances, the audience might not be willing to respond unless they realize how the joint agreement benefits them. Thus, a Spanish translator in Seattle suggested that more complex letters, with several paragraphs of explanation, are sometimes written. Due to the fact the identical information must regularly be delivered to a number of individuals at the same time, it could possibly be organized as a form letter and maybe personalized.

The subsequent message was written by a Louisville German Translation worker and is an illustration of a nicely-organized, thorough form letter:

In federal tax law, annuity payments are regarded as “earnings” for income tax withholding functions. In order to streamline your documentation, you might decide to allow us to withhold taxes from your annuity payments. Alternatively, you might decide to collect the full payments and pay projected taxes.

The following explains how to determine the best option for you:

Begin by calculating your total taxable income from all sources: the taxable part of annuity payments you earn, dividends, interest and income from work. Next, calculate your overall tax obligation for this year by making use of the income amount you determined and your existing tax rates. After that, deduct your payments of projected taxes and additional sums withheld for you.

In case your calculations show that you have a tax liability, you might need us to hold back the taxable part of your pension payments. To do so, indicate the correct box on the Tax Decision Form, enter your Social Security number, endorse and date the form, and return it to us.

Should you not want taxes withheld, select the “no” box on the enclosed form, enter your Social Security number, endorse and date the form, and return it to us.

Use A Translation Agency To Grow Your Business Twice As Fast As Your Competition!

Companies that have seen opportunities to promote their products overseas have benefited substantially by hiring Houston Translation services.  By consulting with experienced translators, these firms have enjoyed wider market reach and attracted many more customers.  Most globally bound companies even report being able to capitalize on greater efficiencies than those who made limited or no use of independent translation agencies.  These efficiencies were achieved through lower marketing costs, quicker time to market and even reduced overseas manufacturing and distribution costs.

Of course, the benefits of working with a translation agency are in addition to the ordinary benefits of an international market diversification strategy such as the stability arising from firms’ lack of dependence on declines and troughs of any particular market.  Another benefit cited by a Washington D.C. Translation Services firm includes the opportunity to learn from their competitors, which often makes their managers more sensitive and responsive to differing competitive situations and environments.  Further, as firms continue to capitalize on success in international market expansion, knowledgeable language translators from American agencies can assist headquarters in recruitment and talent acquisition ventures.

As you can imagine, the cumulative effect of working with an external agency is major.  In fact, research has shown that firms of all sizes and in all industries that work closely with translation agencies in the development and implementation of international marketing and management operations outperform those businesses that don’t work with an external agency.  In fact, a number of reports suggest that companies that work with an agency such as The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company can grow more than twice as fast in sales and earn significantly higher returns on equity and assets.

When a company becomes more successful, workers benefit from receiving significantly higher wages than less successful international companies or domestic only firms. Because of their greater profitability and longevity, workplace security is also substantially greater for employees who work in plants of international marketers with a strong commitment to partnering with translation agencies.