A Cultural Understanding Of Your Target Market Can Make A Huge Difference

When you are going global with your business, a cultural understanding of your target audience can do wonders. If you know how to approach your target audience and how to effectively advertize your product in the target market, your sales can increase to a considerable level. Whether opting for website localization or the translation of your company’s brochures in another language, cultural understanding can go a long way. Sociologists have classified different cultures into three groups according to the variations in their ways of communication.

The cultures which base their communication on logic were named as the linear-active cultures. Scandinavians, Germans and Austrians come into this category. A German translator working for the Austin translation services of The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company confirmed this study. He remarked that Germans think logically and give more credence to written than verbal confirmation. These people like to be direct and are emotionally detached in their communications. While you are localizing your website or manuals etc for these countries, you need to be very direct in your marketing campaign. While designing advertisements or localizing them for these countries, try to be convincing in your approach. Try not to deviate from the original subject as these cultures place a high value in time and do not like unnecessary ravings.

Contrary to these less interactive cultures, there are multi-active cultures. People belonging to these cultures are more emotional in their interactions with others. These people are sentimental, talkative and have a more intimate way of communicating with others. They place high value in spoken words and their emotions have an upper hand in most of their decisions. Italians, Spanish and Latin Americans fall into this category.

If you want your content localized or translated for any of these countries, you ought to modify it in a way which appeals your target audience. Be more vocal about your product. Instead of being strictly market-oriented in your approach, you will need to add color and feelings to your advertisements. Instead of using formal expression, try to use informal and colloquial expression to convey your message. A Spanish translator working for the Houston translation services of The Marketing Analysts Translation Services confirmed this study. He said that Spanish and Mexican people prefer to stay away from formalities in their public dealings. Your marketing strategy for these countries must focus on creating a homey atmosphere to attract your audience.

Then there are the reactive cultures which also place a high value in good communication. These people are passive and calm by temperament and also very sociable. Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese all qualify as reactive cultures. These people also give credence to a verbal promise and do not always conduct business formally. Even if they hold a different opinion from others, they will respect the contradictory viewpoint and will refrain from openly negating it. These cultures are consumer-based and marketing your products effectively in these countries can be very beneficial for your company.

A psychological insight into the cultural variations of your target audience is going to uplift your marketing campaign.