Aspiring To Build An Internationally Recognized Brand?

Are you aspiring to make a name for your brand internationally? Then you must have considered localizing your website in various languages. As important as website localization and translation of your material is, you might have noticed that most of your company’s material is translated from English to other languages and vice versa. For example, how often do you need Portuguese to German translation as compared to German to English translation and English to Portuguese translation? This proves our point that English has become a global language.

As a global company, how much importance do you give to the English language and its correct usage?  Do you differentiate between the different dialects of English when posting content on your website? If not, it might be a good idea to differentiate between your English speaking audiences. Your American audience will prefer a more direct and straight forward sentence but your British audience will appreciate a flowery, high-flown expression. Using a flowery expression for your American audience will not work and might put off your clients. On the other hand, a simple expression might be termed as banal by your British audience.

One Raleigh translation services company maintained that it is very important to differ between the various dialects of English for the benefit of your international customers. You do not want to offend or confuse your Scottish, Irish, Welsh, American, Australian or Canadian audiences. To entertain your clientele in the best possible way, you need to engage the natives of these countries for the localization of your content for your respective customers. Only natives will be aware of the nuances of their dialects. The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company based in Louisville believes in the separate identity of each dialect of the English language. Often other translation service companies overlook this fact and translate or localize content in American English, assuming it will also cater the audiences from other English speaking countries.

This is indeed a very wrong approach. If you are aspiring to become a thriving international enterprise, you must give English its due importance as a global language. Having an experience of two decades in the translation industry, The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company will advise you to hire only those translation service companies which can provide you with the natives speakers of certain dialects of English language for website localization or content translation. You don’t have to look far as our company has the best language translators and linguists any translation company can offer. For any queries, visit our website ( or leave a message and we will get right back to you!