A New Global Labor Union Is Born

In excess of a thousand delegates, consisting of fifty million men and women in 140 countries, will be meeting to establish a new international labor union federation for the oil production, oil discovery, drilling, energy and assembly trades at a symposium in Copenhagen.

In 2012 a first of its kind trade union will be kicked-off at the Bella Center. Miami Translation Services workers hired to work the event by the labor union, indicate that the new union will represent laborers within the manufacturing sector who work for multinational corporations (a for-profit organization that controls production or delivers services in more than one country. Based on the global textile workers union blog that we translated into the English language by translators with French Translation Atlanta, the new organization will bring together affiliates of the past global union federations. The industrial industries covered in the new union will include workers involved in the fields of petroleum, power distribution, manufacturing of metal products, automotive, mechanical engineering, rubber, construction textiles, leather goods and environmental services.

Cited on the union friendly blogs, the incoming prime minister is cited as saying “We will face worldwide companies with an innovative model of globalization, a new financial and social design that puts individuals first, in line with democracy and social justice.” The formation of the new trade union is a portion of the recent trend of trade unions, on the way to national trade union organizations working collectively to counter the actions of multinational companies. Until now, this has primarily been through state and global collectives. The formation of a global union, for the manufacturing segment, signifies a new path for organized labor.

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