Transcreation Versus Translation–What Do You Need?

Many of our clients come to us to get their marketing material translated into other languages. They find it hard to explain, how they would like us to culturally adapt their material along with the graphic designs and imagery it has. All they have to say is, we need our material trans-created by you. The term transcreation is being commonly used now for the last couple of years. This term is now widely in use within the marketing industry.

 How Is Trans-Creation Different From Translation?

We talked to a number of certified German translators from The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company  to find the key differences between translation and transcreation of a text.

According to these linguists, when a text is translated from one language to another, no modifications are made in its content. The content remains identical in the target language and no changes occur whatsoever, in the translated version. The certified translator is bound to produce a mirror copy of the source text. Whereas transcreation is the direct opposite of translation. Transcreation is all about adaptation of the source text, keeping in view the cultural aspects of the target market.

When Transcreation Becomes A Necessity?

Transcreation becomes necessary for a text which has an abundance of cultural elements. By cultural elements we mean idioms, puns, cultural connotations and references, imagery, background colors, purpose-oriented formatting etc. The term suggests its meaning. Transcreation means creating a text again or reinventing it, so to say. It’s an overall adaptation of all the cultural elements we have mentioned above to fit the requirements of the target market.

What Type Of Texts Require Transcreation?

In the opinion of a French translator working for the San Jose translation services of The Marketing Analysts, trans-creation is mostly requested by advertisement agencies or by the marketing industry.

Often any type of promotional material like brochures, ads or websites need to be trans-created because they have many cultural elements which need adaptation in the target market. That’s when the message needs to be adapted to be understood well by the target audience. For example, a German audience would fail to relate to any cultural references about Sri lanka in the advertisement of a tea brand. Therefore, it will require a complete cultural overhauling for the German audience.

Transcreation is also done for websites where the whole content is recreated and readjusted to fit in with a company’s new target locales.

Transcreation Being Used By The Entertainment Industry

Transcreation is often used by the entertainment industry for the adaptation of plays, feature films and cartoon movies. The setting, plot and even characters are recreated for the benefit of the target audience.

How To Hire The Right Transcreationist For The Job?

Transcreation is an extremely technical job which only a professional can perform well. Transcreators work for translation service companies. Finding an experienced transcreator is very difficult. But reputed translation companies like The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company can provide experts having in-depth knowledge of transcreation for the marketing industry. You can contact us through our website