Opportunities For Marketers With Translation Experience

A major function of global marketing research is to help international managers make decisions. Pricing, product and package design, product distribution, and promotion are typical of the areas in which research contributes to decision making.

If you are a Russian translation in Miami professional with a background in Marketing and interested in entering marketing research, employment opportunities in this field are as diverse as the academic and practical experience of the individual, and his or her quantitative, interpersonal, and communicative skills.

Opportunities for instant research involvement are probably brighter than ever for well-trained entry-level personnel in marketing research, and the kinds of persons considered for such positions has changed considerably over the years. In the past, marketing researchers were often hired with relatively little research expertise, then trained on the job. A Houston English to Russian translator specializing in marketing research stated, “A decade ago, people were not educated specifically for global marketing research. Exposure to it began after their careers had started. Today’s global marketing research managers are better educated to the relevant technology, cultural differences, and languages of the local people where the research will be conducted and are more capable of immediate productivity.”

One of the most important factors in obtaining an entry-level position in global marketing research is the possession of an MBA degree and solid skills in language translation services. However, many bachelor’s degree holders also enter marketing research. In either case, your chances are greatly increased if you possess at least a few of the following characteristics:

a strong background in marketing, social science, language translation and quantitative courses; computer literacy and familiarity with statistical analysis techniques; good interpersonal and communication skills; and a basic curiosity about consumers and their behavior.

If you are a college or university student, you should join the student chapter of the American Marketing Association, this can also prove beneficial as a source of advice and contacts (e.g., through activities such as monthly luncheons with area businesspersons). In addition, the American Marketing Association publishes an annual marketing services guide and membership directory that might prove useful in your personal-marketing efforts.

What Is Global Marketing Research And Why Is It Important To Translators?

A global marketing research report records and discusses your findings on opportunities and threats in foreign markets.  For most Portuguese Translation workers involved in research, their report will provide the facts that lead to an informed opinion. The content presented in the report might well provide a basis for decision making, but your primary job in writing a research report is to inform. A secondary purpose for these translators might be to recommend, but the translators will do so only when requested.

Strategic implications, hypotheses and recommendations a necessary part of the global marketing research report.  As most skilled translators in this filed know, research data frequently represents a large portion of the proposal. In the next set of writings, a team of Atlanta French Translation will be focusing their attention on the marketing research report.

Global Marketing Research concerns itself with identifying and uncovering information about a foreign marketplace or a culture.  One example might include researching the demand and opportunity available for launching a new flavor of cookies in the South Korean marketplace.  Any major marketing research project  is designed to answer a question, make an evaluation or establish a strategy.

For instance, our team of global marketing research workers might be tasked with working with New York City Chinese Translation workers to identify whether a new automobile line will be perceived to be a value to consumers in China.   The new product development team is interested in the features and benefits that will be valuable to a certain target market.

Global Marketing Research is the way to find your own answers about your overseas markets, to submit your opinions to the test of fact. Depending on its information sources, research may be classified as primary or secondary. Primary research is a firsthand study of the subject; its sources are memory, observation, questionnaires, interviews, letters of inquiry, and records of business transactions or scientific and technological activities.

Secondary research is based on information that other researchers -by their primary research – have compiled in books, articles, reports, brochures, and other publications. Most research calls for both primary and secondary approaches.