Literature and Experience Surveys For Translators

Sometimes, a Dallas translation worker will be hired by the hour to conduct literature and experience surveys.  Sometimes the client will want the translator to work on their premises as they conduct this sort of research.  Requests come from a variety of firms including law firms, marketing research agencies, global corporations and many others.  The following paragraphs discuss the purpose of the literature survey and the experience survey.

The Literature Survey

As explained by Janis Mueller, Houston Chinese translator, a literature survey is simply a search through available data. After all, if someone else has already investigated one or more aspects of your marketing problem, it doesn’t make sense for you to spend money traveling the same path. Available literature is in general abundance from various corporate, commercial, private, and governmental libraries, services, documents, and publications. In a very short time, and at precious little expense, you can usually gain the benefit of insight from a truly vast amount of data from sources such as these.

The Experience Survey

As admitted Chicago Translation workers who specialize in research, companies can always profit by seeking the guidance and advice of persons who are experienced in the subject being investigated. Note that experience should not be equated with status. For example, if you’re concerned about possible reasons for sagging sales of your company’s hosiery, you may gain valuable insight by talking with salespersons ell as with acknowledged marketing experts in the field. This dimension of exploratory research is especially informal, and may include purposive “conversations” with people who have been identified as potential contributors. The approach should be as unstructured as possible, since it is to your advantage to allow each “expert” to elaborate his or her opinions on the topic to the maximum degree. Even if such opinions are inconsistent with each other, this allows you to gain the benefit of being able to identify a range of possible problem solutions or explanations that can be individually explored through subsequent research. Remember that the goal of exploratory research isn’t to find answers, but rather to gain ideas and insight into the problem as well as its potential solutions. Chances are that exploratory research may end up generating more questions than answers, but at least such questions will assist you in reaching the ultimate information you are seeking.

A New Global Labor Union Is Born

In excess of a thousand delegates, consisting of fifty million men and women in 140 countries, will be meeting to establish a new international labor union federation for the oil production, oil discovery, drilling, energy and assembly trades at a symposium in Copenhagen.

In 2012 a first of its kind trade union will be kicked-off at the Bella Center. Miami Translation Services workers hired to work the event by the labor union, indicate that the new union will represent laborers within the manufacturing sector who work for multinational corporations (a for-profit organization that controls production or delivers services in more than one country. Based on the global textile workers union blog that we translated into the English language by translators with French Translation Atlanta, the new organization will bring together affiliates of the past global union federations. The industrial industries covered in the new union will include workers involved in the fields of petroleum, power distribution, manufacturing of metal products, automotive, mechanical engineering, rubber, construction textiles, leather goods and environmental services.

Cited on the union friendly blogs, the incoming prime minister is cited as saying “We will face worldwide companies with an innovative model of globalization, a new financial and social design that puts individuals first, in line with democracy and social justice.” The formation of the new trade union is a portion of the recent trend of trade unions, on the way to national trade union organizations working collectively to counter the actions of multinational companies. Until now, this has primarily been through state and global collectives. The formation of a global union, for the manufacturing segment, signifies a new path for organized labor.

Internationalization and globalization

Internationalization is the process of increasing the role of cross-border organization of the reproduction process, which develops business beyond the borders of the state. At the heart of internationalization of economic processes is the internationalization of capital and production.

Internationalization of capital expands its areas of application beyond the boundaries of individual countries. The big state firms become international. An international capitalist class is created, the interests of which are concentrated in the world economy. These interests   involve a system of international private property which increases the movement of capital between countries. This, in the opinion of some Portland Translators, leads to the internationalization of production, where the relations between national economies evolve in such a way that the economy of each country becomes an integral part of the manufacturing process, organized on an international basis. The process of internationalization is objectively determined, but the national policies play an important role for its development.

In the second half of the 20th century, the workers from the Chicago Translator Agency think, the internationalization of economic processes became institutionalized. It was the result of the recognized necessity of agreements and joint decisions on economic policy issues. Examples are: the IMF, the World Bank, WTO and many regional organizations such as: the EU, the North-American and the Central European Free Trade zones, and other. These institutional forms of cooperation make decisions enhance internationalization and its impact on high growth rates, resulting from the trans- boundary movement of capital, goods and services and labor.

Globalization, the Washington D.C. Translation Services workers say, is a new stage of internationalization, with new forms and functional relations between scattered worldwide economic activities. The world is evolving towards a global, i.e. universal division of labor. This specialization leads to a new basis, which limits the role of geography and alters the structure and geographical focus of international trade. The forces of global action form a single area in which they develop different forms of organization of public life.

Globalization is manifested in widening, deepening and accelerating interdependence between communities and establishes itself as a force for transformation of world order mechanisms for organizing social life.

Preventing A Lack Of Communication In Global Business

Language is a huge obstacle that stops people from communicating effectively and with ease. With more than 500 different languages in use today, it may be really difficult to interact with certain individuals from different countries. This is especially true for companies that need regular conversation with their stakeholders and clients throughout the world.

Large businesses, primarily international organizations, regularly cope with buyers from all over the globe. Even though a large percentage of countries are familiar with the English language, some locations continue to prefer speaking in their native tongue. This usually creates a major problem for these firms because they fail realize the wants of each party.  This lack of communication may lead to the business losing a crucial customer. Moreover, it may damage a company’s chance of getting more prospective clients in a market. In order to avoid these types of losses, firms really should design and implement a lasting solution for this type of dilemma.  Fortunately, there’s a viable solution to this problem that involves the use of experienced language translation services companies.

The International Baltimore Translation Services company, as its name suggests, supplies quick and accurate interpretations of diverse types of documents for a reasonable price. Translation firms such as The Marketing Analysts can translate contract, brochure, patent, website or other type of business document from one language to a number of other languages.  In addition, they can certify and notarize translation to be accurate representations of the original source document.

For businesses of any size, working with a Certified Translation Company makes sense for many reasons.  Global organizations will connect more efficiently, with less confusion and increase their likelihood of success in foreign markets.  This in turn, creates far more profits for the business than would otherwise be achievable without the retainer of an experienced Translation Company.

Use A Translation Agency To Grow Your Business Twice As Fast As Your Competition!

Companies that have seen opportunities to promote their products overseas have benefited substantially by hiring Houston Translation services.  By consulting with experienced translators, these firms have enjoyed wider market reach and attracted many more customers.  Most globally bound companies even report being able to capitalize on greater efficiencies than those who made limited or no use of independent translation agencies.  These efficiencies were achieved through lower marketing costs, quicker time to market and even reduced overseas manufacturing and distribution costs.

Of course, the benefits of working with a translation agency are in addition to the ordinary benefits of an international market diversification strategy such as the stability arising from firms’ lack of dependence on declines and troughs of any particular market.  Another benefit cited by a Washington D.C. Translation Services firm includes the opportunity to learn from their competitors, which often makes their managers more sensitive and responsive to differing competitive situations and environments.  Further, as firms continue to capitalize on success in international market expansion, knowledgeable language translators from American agencies can assist headquarters in recruitment and talent acquisition ventures.

As you can imagine, the cumulative effect of working with an external agency is major.  In fact, research has shown that firms of all sizes and in all industries that work closely with translation agencies in the development and implementation of international marketing and management operations outperform those businesses that don’t work with an external agency.  In fact, a number of reports suggest that companies that work with an agency such as The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company can grow more than twice as fast in sales and earn significantly higher returns on equity and assets.

When a company becomes more successful, workers benefit from receiving significantly higher wages than less successful international companies or domestic only firms. Because of their greater profitability and longevity, workplace security is also substantially greater for employees who work in plants of international marketers with a strong commitment to partnering with translation agencies.