The Finished Report Depends On A Good Outline

You might outline before or after writing a first draft. In any case, the finished report depends on a good outline. Here is one outline that a San Jose Russian translation services specialist provided that can be adapted to most analytical reports:


A. Definition, Explanation, and Background of the Research Question or Problem

B. Intentions of the Report and the Target Audience

C. Sources of Material

D. Glossary of terms

E. Limits of the Research

F. Scope of the Research including subject matter listed in order of importance



A. Primary Issue Researched

l. Description and Explanation

2. Discoveries and Outcomes

3. Appraisal and summary of the collected data

4. Explanation and Analysis of findings


B. Next Issue Researched

l. First Subtopic

a. Description and Explanation

b. Discoveries and Outcomes

c. Appraisal and summary of the collected data

d. Explanation and Analysis of findings

2. Another subtopic



A. Summary of Findings

B. Complete Explanation of Findings

C. Recommendations and Proposals (as needed)

This outline is only tentative. Modify it if necessary