The Global Dominance Of English

English language

Because English still holds supreme power in the online world, it is probably the most powerful language in the world  today. It entered the stage in the mid-twentieth century, after World War II, when it replaced French as the common language of diplomacy. English has maintained its supremacy ever since, but it may not continue to dominate forever.  Times are changing, economies are booming, new markets are emerging, and website owners should be on the lookout- you never know when the reign of English may cease. The question emerges: if you decide to localize your site, what would your second choice of language be? Who is challenging the language supremacy of English?

Mandarin Chinese Challenge

It is assumed that Mandarin Chinese is one of the most prominent languages in the world today. According to an estimate that dates back a few years, Mandarin is the mother tongue of nearly 950 million people, which is double the number of native English speakers. Mandarin is spoken by people in China, Singapore and Taiwan, but it has also overtaken English as the most widely used second language in Hong Kong. If we include dialects and local variants, it is clear that Mandarin is a strong language with an enormous base. It is still far from being the most powerful language on the Internet, but it is here to stay, and its importance will probably only increase in the years to come.

Spanish as a Global Force

In addition to Mandarin Chinese, there is Spanish. The importance of Spanish should not be underestimated: it is a language spoken by around 400 million people in Spain, South America (excluding the Portuguese-speaking Brazil), Equatorial Guinea and Western Sahara. In the United States, Spanish is the fourth most widely spoken language and is recognized as the native language of 37 million people, which is around 10% of the country’s population. Due to a massive influx of immigrants from Latin America, Spanish has grown so rapidly in the U.S. that there is a strong demand for professional Spanish tranlation services.  With the global economy changing, it is quite obvious that Spanish will rank high as one of the most in-demand languages for website localization.

Other European Languages

However, Mandarin and Spanish are not alone in the race against English. Strong, highly developed countries are striving towards having websites in their native languages. Germany, France and Russia are such countries. The stronger a country, the greater its need for expressing independence. Although German, French and Russian have fewer native speakers than English, they are still globally recognized and taught around the world as second languages. There are other languages, such as Hindi and Arabic, which have a multitude of native speakers, yet somehow they are not currently getting picked up by the online community.

We live in a world dominated by English, but it doesn’t mean that it is the final lingua franca of civilization. Latin and Greek both served as a lingua franca for centuries, but they are now dead languages.  There are more than 1 billion people speaking English, but only one third of them speak it as their native language. Technological advancements and nationalistic aspirations might easily change the balance of linguistic power in the future.

How Translation Workers Are Using Computer Graphics And CAD Software


“Computer graphics offer this promise: to make readable molehills out of mountains of data.”

A Computer Graphics Picture Is Worth a Thousand Printouts

Computer graphics satisfy certain unfulfilled needs of international managers. Overloaded with work and pressured and the need to communicate with workers in various parts of the world to make quick decisions, most managers would prefer scanning a single picture to reading through reams of printouts that pile up on their desks. To these managers, a computer graphics picture is worth a thousand printouts. Less numbers-oriented managers would happily trade a statistical output printed in tabular form for one that is graphically presented. To these managers, keeping it simple is a virtue.

Today, a number of Saint Louis Translation workers have computer systems with highly sophisticated, color graphics programs. As a result, they can work with their clients to produce complex visuals in a variety of languages, as in these examples:

• With an electronic stylus (a pen with an electronic signal), you can draw pictures on a graphics tablet, to be displayed on the monitor, sent to a high resolution commercial printer or stored or sent to other computers.

• You can create 3-dimensional effects, showing an object from different angles by using shading, shadows, and so on.

• You can design a device, build a model, simulate the physical environment, and let the computer forecast what will happen with different variables (say, plant or office layout).

• You can integrate a computer-assisted design process (CAD) with a computer-assisted manufacturing process (CAM), so the design will actually direct the machinery that makes the parts themselves (CAD/CAM).

Computer graphics have countless applications. In minutes, a Kansas City Translation worker can chart its client’s projected yearly profit for their annual report that will be translated into Spanish. A manufacturer gets a visual display of inventory. A marketing department displays consumer patterns and regional trends. An engineer in research and development projects “what if” scenarios to check adjustments in projected figures. Sales managers compare employees’ performance or check sales trends. The company president tracks progress on major projects. Computer graphics allow people to organize raw data so they can be interpreted at a glance.

Retail Productivity Analysis

Developing regional shopping malls was one thing, but analyzing the performance of hundreds of tenants was another story for Bob Schaut, vice president of marketing for the Taubman Company. Schaut recalls that sales reports were growing too long to draw meaningful conclusions as the number of tenants in each shopping mall increased from 30 to 40 in the early 1960s to nearly 200 in the 1970s.

But with the newly added computer graphics capability … , his task has been greatly simplified. Having produced a map of the mall floor plan, the computer now shows productivity of tenant space using color codes.

These applications imply obvious benefits. For one, computer graphics save time. Rather than having to analyze and interpret masses of data, managers can generate graphics from their databases and interpret the visual results in minutes. These graphic results can, in turn, be turned over to French Translators in Denver who can translate them into a variety of languages to be used for presentations at staff, sales, stockholder meetings, and conferences, or when presenting important findings or reports. In these situations, a picture often is worth a thousand words.

Faster interpretation of information creates a third benefit: faster decision making, since trends or deviations are much easier to spot in graphic form. Faster decisions, in turn, give companies using graphics a competitive advantage.

Requests For Payment (Collection Letters)

Until recently, only people with excellent credit ratings were allowed credit.  According to The Marketing Analysts Translation Company, few are denied this privilege and as a result more and more non-English speaking people are applying for credit and receiving it.  By extending credit—even to marginal risks—companies can increase sales and profits.  Today, our economy thrives on this principle.  With the increase in the number of people of a variety of ethnic backgrounds and speaking a wide variety of languages, the extension of credit, however, has created the need for sophisticated collection techniques.  The collection letter’s primary purpose is to elicit action (i.e., payments).  Its secondary purpose is to retain customer goodwill.

Collection Appeals (on Benefits)

The insightful collector starts with the premise that most people will pay their bills because of pride, honesty, or the desire to keep their credit privileges.  Some will need reminders, but will pay when podded gently.

For those unwilling—or unable—to pay promptly, a number of legal translation services companies suggest that collection writer make a personal appeal.  The following positive and negative appeals are effective:

One: Resale

Resale, which is used in the early stages of collection, emphasizes the benefits customers have gained by using the product.  Like the unsolicited sales letter, the resale appeal works best when you create vivid images of the product in use.

After two months of relaxing and sleeping on a Sealy Posturerpedic, you’ve probably reached the conclusion we hear so often: You will never go back to a regular mattress.

Two: Fair Play

Fair play stresses ethics. Translators with the San Francisco Translation Services Company recommend that you appeal to the debtor’s integrity, honesty or sincerity.  The moral principal is: We’ve given you certain goods or services and, in return, you promised to pay.  Isn’t it only fair that you now pay for the benefits you’ve received?  This appeal to fair play works well in combination with the resale appeal.

After two months of relaxing and sleeping in the soothing comfort of your warm Sealy Posturepedic, you’ve probably reached the conclusion we hear so often: You will never go back to your regular mattress.

And, of course, there’s the added benefit of your Sealy’s lifetime warranty.  Your mattress is built to last and should anything happen, we will replace it free of charge.  Since you’ve had time to enjoy these comforts, you must agree that your Sealy’s an excellent bargain.  Now we would like you to hold up your part of the bargain by sending us the $236.99 due on your payments.

Three: Cooperation
Cooperation again stresses a moral principal.  The premise is: We cooperated by letting you buy on credit; won’t you now be cooperative and pay what’s due?

When we extended you credit to buy the Sealy Optimum mattress, we guaranteed it would increase your productivity by 20-percent. You, in turn agreed to make monthly payments of $87.95.  The Sealy Optimum has done what we said it would.  Won’t you please do the same by sending the $236.99 past due?

To Be Continued.