The Best Time To Launch Your Products In New Markets

Towards the end of every year, people are in a mood for celebration. People are usually buying presents for their loved ones and planning to throw parties on Christmas. But those who run a company have entirely different plans at this time of the year. A Japanese translator working for the Kansas City translation agency The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company informed us about the increased demand for translation services in different languages around Christmas.

With the end of 2013 and the onset of the festivities of Christmas, many global companies thought it to be an opportune time to launch their products in new markets. The Marketing Analysts Translation Service Company based in Houston, facilitated many such companies who had plans to launch products in international markets just before Christmas. Some companies took it as a test to see the number of buyers their products had in these markets. And with people buying everything from clothes and shoes to draperies and furniture, Christmas is indeed the best time to enter new international markets.

Companies with a plan to go global this Christmas, started streamlining their finances accordingly. They worked on it all through the year to decide how much budget they were going to allocate to their new business ventures. It was necessary to take their translation vendors on board and communicate every detail of their plan to them. Launching products into new markets meant localizing a bulk of the companies’ content on their website. Those companies which missed this golden opportunity will certainly try to make a mark next year.

The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company helped their clients in every possible way to launch their products successfully around Christmas. Buyers are ready to spend more than usual around Christmas. Keeping this approach of buyers in view, we guided our clients to change their marketing strategy a bit to suit the occasion. As everyone expects special offers and discounts around Christmas, those having chosen this time of the year to introduce their products in the target market must take into account the expectations of their customers. This is also a good way to win over the hearts of your international customers.

Companies having entered new international markets this year are anticipating a good turnover of customers. They have also modified their products to attract the hoards of buyers frequenting markets and fairs before Christmas. Those companies which hired reputed translation companies for website localization and translation of manuals and labels will definitely have an edge over their competitors. If you are daring enough to enter new markets next year, hire TMA ( as we have a network of the best linguists from all over the world!