A Few Untraditional Ways to Learn German

Those of us who have not had a chance to learn a foreign language as children or at least at the high school and are forced to face this challenge in adulthood inevitably experience many difficulties which may despair even the smartest and the most motivated person.

I recently had a chance to discuss the problem with a friend of mine, a worker at an Atlanta Certified Translation Services Agency, who proposed several ways to study German.

The most traditional way, of course, is to attend a language course – either in a group or in the form of individual lessons with a teacher.  However, in such a case, you will probably understand what Mark Twain  meant in his famous essay “The Awful  German Language”. Maybe you’ll learn wonderful rules and Mitvergangenheit Plusquamperfect, but you will be hardly able to successfully apply them in practice. So if you feel that you are not doing quite well you can try one of the following other methods of dealing with language difficulties.

Dive directly into deep water and live for a couple of months in a country where German is the official language- Austria, Germany or Switzerland. Once you are in the country, start reading the local newspapers, watch TV, listen to the radio. Next level could be a book by German author – it is best to start with literature for children or books, translated into German. Watching movies is always helpful, but be aware that the German and Austrian TV stations do not favour subtitles! So, Baltimore Translation Services Agency workers recommend to have seen the film in advance in English, and then just  to try to guess what the characters are saying.

If you can find a job, begin work. Reality, of course, may not offer you the best option immediately but do not despair. It is important to meet with many people. You will learn from the source, because even the best dictionaries still do not reflect some local language features.

And, finally, if you are in that country alone, and it happens to meet and fall in love with a charming person who speaks the language to perfection, then you will experience the fastest and – let’s face it – the most pleasant method to learn a foreign language – love. So, walking in the morning or spring gathering autumn leaves in the park, you will no doubt learn all prepositional, dative or complex phrases, existing in the German language. And undoubtedly you will no longer wonder why Hose (pants) is feminine, and Rock (sex) is male – just these questions will no longer be important.