Today’s Competitive Translation Industry

After many years, we can say that the demand for translation services has finally reached its pinnacle. Translation has now become a pure professional activity which is needed by top-notch international organizations and associations. Years ago, the need for full-time professional translation workers was almost non-existent. However, in more recent times, demand has accelerated due to internationalism and international humanitarian efforts.

With a demand for translators to address the needs of worldwide commercialization and marketing, universities have seen a growing interest in students seeking careers in translation studies.  However, most graduates of translation studies programs won’t be fortunate enough to find work by submitting resumes to large employers.  Instead, most translators will need to find work with long established translation companies.  This is because most companies have an infrequent need for a language translator with specific expertise.

Because it is more economical for most businesses in Houston to hire a Houston translation services company, business decision-makers invest time and energy identifying translation companies that they can trust.  Overtime, a sense of loyalty is built.  This makes it a challenge for new translation companies to build a presence in the translation market. As a result, setting up a translation company and making it profitable requires hard work especially when there are so many competitors.

Over the past decade, a shift has been observed in perceptions towards the translation profession. Instead of taking it up as a side profession or a part-time job, translators have become increasingly serious about developing careers in this field. According to some estimates, the need for New York City translation services alone will increase by a 20% every year, as the surveys suggest. Translation services are needed to support this age of globalization and they help bridge communication gaps between nations.

Today, translation companies have become the pillars of society.  Without them, most companies cannot engage in international transactions. In fact, nearly all business done internationally requires the aid of translation services.  But the industry has also become extremely competitive.