Why A Heart Attack Calls For A Hybrid Format

There are many instances when there are no pre-canned report or presentation formats available.  When given a project that doesn’t necessarily fit into one particular format, your presentation or report my need to be into several formats.  Traditionally, this is done by analyzing your objective and splitting it into two or more sub-objectives.  While this is done, you should always take precaution to ensure that the needs of your audience will still be met.

As an illustration, a Seattle Russian translation worker was scheduled to hold a training session that focused on heart attack prevention in the Russian speaking community.  His audience consisted of elderly individuals who had a college education.  He assumed that the audience would probably know the triggers of a heart attack, but not know how to respond if someone in their household had one.  Because it was assumed that most could not read English and didn’t know how to respond, they would have little access to information if a heart attack took place.   Therefore, the local health department suggested to the San Jose translation company that employed the Russian translator that the audience would place much more value on useful first aid information and have little concern in learning about preventative steps to avoid a heart attack.

Thus, the Russian translator and the local health department developed a training session around these subobjectves:

• Confirm that the victim most likely had a heart attack
• Develop an emergency action plan
• Master and apply first aid techniques
• Understand the next stage, when professional medical care arrives

Generally, the subobjectives become the topics for the layout of the report.  The level of detail that you include in your layout and organizational plan will depend on your knowledge of the subject matter.  If you are an expert in the subject matter, a rough plan that includes the main topics is all that might be required.

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