Different Emotional Reactions

Translation workers must be aware how an individual can respond differently to the exact same words and phrases at various times. A letter or a phrase that seems completely straightforward and appropriate to one Atlanta Translation worker  in one circumstance can result in misunderstandings and anger in another, based on on the familiarity of the person receiving the message and the person sending the message.

All communications consist of both a content meaning, which addresses the topic of the communication, and a relationship meaning, which implies the characteristics of the dialogue between the person sending the message and the person receiving the message. Communication can collapse when the person receiving the message responds adversely to either of these meanings. If the director announces, “Have your weekly report on my desk by 4:30 this evening,” the subordinate can become agitated for two reasons:

• The demands contained in the statement represents work for the subordinate, for possibly a number of reasons.
• The demand contained in the statement denotes that the worker is a slave who lacks individual power.

However, in this instance the worker may comprehend the communication correctly, communication breaksdown since the person receiving the message is reacting emotionally.