The Legal Implications Of Writing Recommendation Letters

Businesses that continue to provide letters of recommendation have a tendency to provide favorable remarks concerning their former worker. However, professionals who provide German translation in Chicago indicate that the downside with this practice is that the former employee is only hired by a future company based on an excellent recommendation and then be unsuited for his or her new job. Furthermore, these kinds of recommendations could cause the author to be susceptible to legal action based on negligence, or the act of providing important details that might have considerable effect on work performance. A number of businesses consider this to be unethical.

If you decide to write a letter of recommendation, Philadelphia translation services workers indicate warn that you take note of the legal implications and remember that what you say might be examined in the courtroom. Always ensure the details you supply are truthful. Point out only what is known and relevant. Adhere to the facts. Stay away from volunteering details which aren’t linked to the individual’s job performance, and avoid the use of any nonconstructive language. When you respond truthfully and in good faith, you are operating inside the law.

You are able to shield yourself by adhering to the facts and putting your critique within the framework of a commonly beneficial endorsement, as in the following message:

It is my pleasure to support Mark Kennedy’s application for membership in the American Economics Institute Association.

During the past ten years, Mark and I have taught economics in local high schools and community colleges. Teaching with him, I have discovered that he is an excellent instructor. Not only is he alert the latest research in his specialty, but he frequently speaks at local civic meetings who look to his economics research findings to make personal and professional decisions. Despite the fact that Mark has revised several forecasts over the years, his research and analytical models are grounded on proved techniques and excellent surveys that he has written and thoroughly tested. He is highly respected by both corporate decision makers and local public policy makers. I’ve really enjoyed working with him.

We need more economists like Mark Kennedy in the Association! I would be happy to elaborate on his skills if you call me at home any evening (000-000-0000).

In this sample recommendation letter, the Atlanta translation services worker stays away from the danger of libel by supporting his assertions with facts and by avoiding vague, critical judgments. You can also prevent problems by thinking about these questions prior to submitting the recommendation letter:

  • Does the recipient of this honest, sensitive data have a genuine obligation to receive it?
  • Do all the details that I have offered link directly to the work or other benefit being wanted?
  • Have I made the subject’s claim as powerfully as I truthfully can?
  • Have I averted the exaggeration of the subject’s skills and not deceived the intended recipient?

Provided you can respond favorably to these four questions, you’ll be able to confidently submit the recommendation.