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California has been a multi-cultural and multi-lingual territory and state throughout its history.  Cities like San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego have all developed as cosmopolitan cities that are also important centers for the language translation industry.

San Francisco, once the chief seaport and the metropolis of California and the Pacific Coast, has always been an important home to immigrants from all over the world.  The city is very cosmopolitan, with a large Hispanic quarter where Spanish sounds and signs are dominant.  There is also a Little Italy and a Chinese quarter of which no other city has the like.  Chinatown, at the foot of Nob Hill, covers some twelve city blocks, and with its temples, rich bazaars, picturesque colors and customs, it is one of the most interesting areas of the city.  It was completely destroyed in the fire of 1906, and its inhabitants moved temporarily across the bay to Oakland, but by 1910 the quarter had been practically rebuilt in an improved manner, yet retaining its markedly Asian characteristics.  The new Chinatown gained considerably in sanitation and in the housing of its commercial establishments.  In addition, the new Chinatown became a center for San Francisco translation service, as the city hosted two official Chinese newspapers and countless other foreign language media outlets.

Like San Francisco, San Jose is another northern California city on the Pacific Coast.  Located about 46 miles southeast of San Francisco, San Jose was founded in 1777 and was the first Spanish pueblo of California.  The mission of Santa Clara was founded in the vicinity in January 1777, and the mission of San Jose, about 12 miles northeast, in 1797.  Throughout the Spanish-Mexican period, San Jose was a place of considerable importance.  In 1840 its population was about 750.  Since its founding, San Jose has had a strong Spanish language influence.  In the last years of Mexican dominion it was the most prominent of the northern settlements in which the Hispano-Californian element predominated over the new American element.  As such, San Jose translation services have always played an integral role in the affairs of the city.  The town was occupied by the forces of the United States in July 1846; and a skirmish with the natives occurred in its vicinity in January 1847.  San Jose was the first capital of the state of California and in 1850 was chartered as a city.

Unlike San Francisco and San Jose, San Diego is a metropolitan this is located in southern California.  About 4 miles north of the business center of San Diego is the site of the first Spanish settlement in what is now California.  It was occupied in April 1769; a Franciscan “mission” (the earliest of twenty-one established in California) was founded on July 16, and a military presidio somewhat later.  San Diego was occupied by the American forces in 1846 and subsequently exchanged hands several times without any bloodshed.  This change of hands, along with San Diego’s proximity to Mexico has always meant that the city is an important center for language services.  Indeed, San Diego translation services have grown and moved with the city.  By 1867 the population of the city had decreased so considerably, that a land developer laid out a new city about 3 miles south of the old town.  The location of the new city remains the location of San Diego as it is known today.

Selecting A Quality Language Translation Provider

About Us

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a leading language translation company that provides translations and interpretations between English and more than 150 other languages.  For your global translation needs, you can count on THE MARKETING ANALYSTS to provide the highest quality English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and Thai language translation service.  We are also a leading provider of specialized translations for medical, engineering, legal, electronics, hospitality/menu and other technical fields.  Visit our website today or call us today (888-600-8830 or 941-258-1462) for a free quotation.

Evaluating Translation Services

With the market full of translation companies, selecting an accurate and reliable translation company can be extremely challenging.  Here is a list of several factors to evaluate when selecting a translation service.

History and Experience

Consider the number of years that the translation has been in business.  Generally, companies with greater tenure are most likely to provide quality work and have high quality, knowledgeable translation specialists in your field.  THE MARKETING ANALYSTS has 20-years of experience in the translation service industry.  During this time, we have successfully serviced the needs of individuals, corporations and government agencies that have required medical, legal, financial, technical and other fields that require translators with specialized training, education and expertise.


How does a translation company screen potential translators?  Does the translation service company have a formal recruitment and selection process in place in order to guarantee the highest quality service?     THE MARKETING ANALYSTS requires that each candidate for a translation position have a minimum of ten years of verifiable professional translation experience.  We also perform thorough reference checks that relate to past translation projects.  Our educational requirements insist on native level language proficiency combined with an advanced degree or certification in their specialized subject field.

On-Time Service and Project Management

Your project has deadlines and you need peace of mind that your project will be completed on time.  On average, our translators complete 2,000 words per day.  However, we also offer rush service in case your project has very short deadlines.  While we do charge extra for rush service, we might be able to meet your tight deadline.  Please call us and we will tell you for sure.

Honest & Knowledgeable Customer Service

Time is money and you cannot spare either on novice professional service providers.  When you work with THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, you can expect quick and honest answers to your questions. We are interested in your long-term business and work hard to earn your respect and positive word of mouth referrals. Therefore, we expect you to ask questions and you can expect our utmost attention.


Different translation companies have different pricing structures.  Most companies will charge per word.  However, rates may differ based on the specific language and localization, education and expertise of the translator, and additional services like desktop publishing and express services.    It is important to realize that if a price seems too low, then it probably is.

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a U.S. based company that serves clients throughout the world.  With two decades of success, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS remains true to the values that fuel its success today: accurate, fast, friendly, and honest service.   Our clients can still count on receiving this exceptional service.  As a leading translation services company, we are committed to helping you achieve your communication goals.

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