Need A Translation For Your Business? What Things To Keep In Mind

If you run an international business, you are often in need of certified translation services. Whether it is the localization of your website or the translation of your brochures or pamphlets, you are constantly in need of a professional translation company. If you have not been extremely lucky at all times, you must have had bad experiences with some of your translation vendors. Lousy translations can affect your clientele. Your company’s website and your translated advertisements are a tool  to gain access to your customers.

You need to keep a few things in mind when choosing a translation company. A careful selection of the service provider will save you a lot of trouble and will cut your costs. If you are getting translation services far cheaper than the normal rates which every certified translator will demand from you, then there is something definitely wrong about it. Usually freelance translators with little experience in the profession of translation keep their fees low. And once your translation is done, you will have to shell out more money for getting the errors fixed. Even worse, if you didn’t know about the errors and your translated material went into the hands of your customers.

Choose a translation company you can trust

When it comes to your business, we will advice you not to compromise on the quality of your translation services. There are reputable translation service companies out there like The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company which offer excellent services and are economical too. Such a translation company will bear complete responsibility for the translation done. Moreover, translation companies follow a certain procedure to ensure that the translation is accurate and a mirror copy of the original version.

Providing your vendor with a style guide

For a good translation you must first provide a style guide which will give your vendor an idea about the kind of translation you want or need. You can make multiple style guides for different languages or a general style guide for all. Your style guide will provide a translation of the recurrent business terms as you will prefer them to be translated. It will also highlight the kind of expression you will want to be used in your translated material.

Does your translation vendor have the latest technology?

You must see if your translation vendor is using the latest technology for translations. For speedy and accurate translations, translation service companies have translation memory software where all the previously translated terms are stored for the use of translators. This ensures consistency of specific terms throughout the document and saves a lot of time while translating. Nowadays translation companies use different CAT tools which ensure clarity and consistency in the document and enable multiple translators to work simultaneously on the same document.

Your right to ask questions

Remember that as a client you have a right to ask questions regarding the translation of your document or the localization of your website. Engage a translation vendor only when you are completely satisfied with the kind of service you will be provided. Discuss all the things beforehand to save your time. It will be better if you ask for a sample of any previous translations done by your vendor. If you keep all these things in mind while selecting your translation vendor, there is little chance that anything will go wrong.

How To Hire a Translation Company

With businesses expanding globally, there is an increasing demand for professional translation services. Hiring an effective, efficient and dependable translation company is the key to the success of every growing business. If you are a little cautious, you can find a reliable translation service provider who will provide error-free translation services at cost-effective rates.  Here are a few tips to help you select a specialized translation company.

Quality: Every translation company claims to offer the best translation service, but is that really true? Remember that poor translation services can hamper your business investments significantly; therefore, never settle for a sub-standard translation service provider.

Quality of service is the most important aspect that you need to check. To ensure this, you can ask for previous work samples and have them evaluated by an expert translator. Work done in the past is an excellent way to judge the capabilities of a company. You can also ask for referrals and contact them to ask about the quality of work they received.

Do ensure that the translated text preserves the original concept after translation. Small variations in words can make a mountain of difference. Apart from the basic language, the transcription agency must be aware of the different sensibilities associated with the population in different states and parts of the world. What is considered as a positive message in one region can be perceived as negative or even demeaning in another region. You will also need to ensure that the translation service providers have a quality control processes in place to proofread the final document prior to delivery. A company that has been in business for years will have all processes in place, for they would have evolved over time as they learned from their mistakes. This attention to detail and accuracy will save your reputation and give better value for your marketing dollar.

Price: Today, there are thousands of agencies claiming to provide accurate and affordable translation services; however, when you choose a provider for your translation assignments, you need to have a clear idea of what they will charge. Do not employ providers who offer their services at rock bottom charges.  To ensure that you are getting value for money, get quotes from several companies, compare their prices and quality of work and decide accordingly.

Estimated Turnaround: Another important point that you need to consider is the turnaround time. This is important to know to ensure that the company can meet the deadlines. A professional translation company states the delivery schedule well in advance. However, be careful about companies that promise exceptionally quick delivery, as speed can affect quality of translation work by encouraging carelessness.

Experience and Skills of Translators: Do check whether the translators are qualified and trained to handle the translation work you need competently.  Only a trained translator is aware of the nuances of translating documents. Moreover, if you need legal translation or medical documents translation, then you need to check if the company has staff specializing in these domains.

Privacy Policy: Finally, do check to determine whether the company you are considering to hire has a privacy policy in place, as translation work often involves sensitive information.

Overpromising in the Translation Services Business

Imagine that you have developed chronic lower back pain; as a result, you have chosen to get opinions from two back specialists. The first doctor inspects your back, looks at a number of MRI photos, and says: “I have seen lot and lots of cases similar to yours, and it is really challenging to state specifically what’s out of line. Different treatments provide ranging benefits for various men and women with this type of issue, it’s very hard to anticipate the best solution, and most of the time none of the solutions is all that effective. I truly can’t predict what, if anything is likely to benefit you the most. I recommend we try plan A, which often doesn’t get the job done but which at a minimum works slightly more frequently on patients such as you than do any of the different therapies. Schedule an appointment in a month, and if it is working we will continue it, of course, if it’s not working, we will consider something else.” The next doctor inspects you, looks at a few MRI images, and tells you the following: “I’ve seen many, many cases that are similar to yours, and I can tell what’s wrong with your spine. Most individuals with this situation report very good results to therapy B, and I’m confident you will, too. Make an appointment once a month for the therapy, and that should do the trick.”

The case in point is similar to problems that sometimes confront translation companies.  At times the problem is due to the fact that the readability of the original document is extremely inadequate. In other instances, we are provided with a document composed in an ancient dialect that has large amounts of text that cannot be recognized by modern linguists. Still in other instances, businesses might be offered very scientific and specialized files that only a small number of people on the planet would understand and translated correctly.

If you’re a client looking for a professional translation, which specific language translation organization will you go with? Whenever I ask people this question, just about all of the respondents point out they’d go with a language translation organization that is similar to the second interpretation firm. After which, I ask one more question: if you’re told one of these translation companies had happened to be referred to as the Best Certified Translation Company of the Year by the Global Language Translation Society and the other company was known to the industry as the Bozo the Translation Services, which would you speculate is which? Almost everyone guesses without hesitation that the second translation firm is the one that is commonly referred to as the Bozo of Language Translation.  Why would people choose the advice of a translation service whose knowledge we are so quick to question? Evidently we people prefer the second translation worker’s recommendation enough that they’re ready to take a chance, in spite of regardless of the qualms they might have regarding its trustworthiness. Typically, when this transpires, the client is stuffed with so much optimism that they are disappointed when they receive a very poor translation.