Using New Technology To Rapidly Localize Content

Big organizations face the ordeal of getting loads of content translated on a weekly or even on a daily basis. Especially if your company/organization operates in various international markets, your translation needs often surpass the limit to which you can keep track of all your translation projects. Not only does it become difficult to manage all your translation projects, it also becomes a challenge to speed up your project time-lines with so much content to handle.

Is your translation vendor using latest technology?

As far as website localization is concerned, many new tools are being used by translation companies to speed up the project time-lines of their clients and also to save them from unnecessary hassle. One Houston translation services company is also employing the latest technology in content management to facilitate our clients. Let’s see what this latest technology is.

Are you manually exchanging content with your translation vendor?

We talked to a few Portuguese translators, everyone being of the opinion that all companies have different needs and requirements. If you update content on a weekly basis on your company’s website, website localization will become a ‘not-so-easy’ task. Getting your website localized would mean translating all this content into another language. Imagine the number of files required to be sent and received from your translation services vendor in such a case. Using email to pass this material back and forth will delay the projects and updates on your website.

Ever considered system automation?

With new technology being used in the field of translation, you needn’t complicate things by doing everything manually or using email to send and receive files. If you haven’t set up a content management system as yet, contact The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company as we have a team of competent professionals who can set up an effective content management system for you.

By establishing a connection between your content management system and our translation management system, you will be able to speedily send and receive files from us.

How it works

This link between your company’s content management system and your translation vendor’s translation management system enables large files to be sent quickly for translation. Your translation provider is instantly notified of the received file and can start working on it immediately. When the translation is done, your translation vendor will resend the file to your system. Without wasting any time you can upload your content on the desired location on your website.

This new technology can help save a lot of your precious time, enabling you to speed up your project time-lines which will eventually benefit your business.

Common Problems Faced When Purchasing Translation Services

misguided-tanslationsOften when a translated document is received by clients, it does not fulfill their expectations. This happens because the client fails to choose the right kind of translation services for their specific needs. Even a layman needs to have some know-how of translation services, so that he could benefit from the best option available, remarked a Chinese translator working for The Marketing Analysts Translation Services company based in Houston.

At present, machine translation which has not minimized the need for professional language translators. At best machine translation can give you a rough idea regarding the general meaning of a passage or a sentence. But often machine translation provides unreliable and inaccurate translations.. That only leaves hiring a certified translator working for a reputed translation services company or a freelance translator claiming to provide you with an impeccable translation. Sometimes getting things translated from a bilingual coworker might seam ideal, but in the end the quality is often subpar and more expensive than hiring a professional translation company.

In order to determine which kind of translation would be suitable for you, you need to keep in mind a few things. First, it’s important to consider the target audience. The term “localization” is used for a translation carried out to serve audiences in a specific region. In localization, a particular dialect of a region is used when translating. Localization of a document or a website requires a professional certified translator who is familiar with the dialect like his own mother tongue. Lastly, the client needs to consider the intended use of the translation. A  legal document translation asked for by the immigration authorities of a country would command absolute accuracy and precision of language. In such cases the best bet is to hire a certified translator from a well-known translation service company, stated an Italian translator with a ten year long career with The marketing analysts translation service company based in Chicago.

There are four types of translation; Machine translation, literal translation, professional translation and trans-creation. Machine translation is the most recent technology and the final outcome is of the lowest quality with this type of translation. This translation cannot be relied upon without being proofread and reviewed. Even then, machine translation will not work for any document which needs contextual and not literal translation. Machine translation provides faulty sentence structures and grammatical flaws, therefore it is unreliable. Translations done by a  non-professional translator or a layman who happens to be bilingual, cannot also be regarded as high-quality products, remarked a Japanese translator working with Washington D.C. translation services. Such translations are often not contextual but are word to word and literal, failing to convey the exact meaning of the text. The highest quality translations are professional translations which experienced, qualified translators can do who are usually working with translation companies. Trans-creation is sometimes useful when the underlying message is more important than the sentence itself. Through trans-creation a linguistic equivalent of the sentence is provided, which will be easily understood by the local populace. As in the case of proverbs, we have entirely different equivalents for different proverbs in different languages, which apparently have no syntactical resemblance with each other but convey the same meaning. This kind of translation requires the language translator to have native level fluency in the target language.

The Publishing Industry Depends On Translation Services

The need for translation services cannot be undermined. From advertising/ marketing campaigns to legal or financial translations, and from the tourism sector to association translation, certified translation is needed everywhere. The publishing industry has always been the biggest buyer of translation services. A Chinese translator working for the Baltimore translation services told us about the number of books he assisted in translating. Nowadays, as we are living in the computer age, website translation has also become a necessity for international organizations and associations, in order to reach out to their clients living across the border.

 “The word ‘translation’ comes, etymologically, from the Latin for ‘bearing across’. Having been borne across the world, we are translated men. It is normally supposed that something always gets lost in translation; I cling, obstinately to the notion that something can also be gained.”

(Imaginary Homelands: Essays and Criticism by Salman Rushdie)

The contribution of translation services in the transmission of knowledge cannot be ignored. New books are being written by authors all the time. And most of them are about some new research conducted in the field of science and technology or a piece of literature which has won great acclaim. So publishing companies get these books translated in other languages all the time. But it is the job of a professional translator to make book translation a success. When we talked about the technicalities of book translation with an analyst from the marketing analysts, he told how a poor translation can ruin the best book.

Therefore, translating a book, no matter what the subject and keeping its actual spirit intact is the job of specialized experienced translators with a long background of book translations. It also depends a lot on the subject of the book. If the book is related to the field of medicine, it would definitely have lots of medical terms in it. A linguist who has previously conducted medical translation would come in handy for this type of an assignment.  It is the job of the project analyst to decide which translator will handle the job perfectly when a book comes in for translation. In this arena, choosing specialized translators is the best bet. An employee from Atlanta translation told us that their company chooses translators with extensive experience and an educational background in a given field or topic. This is very important to ensure that the translation is correct and consistent.

Formatting of the text and maintaining its original style while translating also requires expertise and skill. A reputed translation service company will also take great pains to ensure that the translated version is carefully proofread and is free of errors. Therefore, publishers need to be wary of freelance translators. It has been noticed that translators working for translation companies are legitimate and experienced, with certified degrees in translation. Reputed translation companies like the marketing analysts ( only recruit well-qualified and experienced translators with an experience of many years in professional translation.  We would advise publishers/writers to be very careful about the selection of translation service company to ensure that their book is translated by the best translation firm in the market.




How A Coporation Should Select A Translation Service

The emerging markets of Africa, South America, India and Russia offer tremendous growth opportunities and are increasing attractive to corporations in fields ranging from agriculture to technology.  This is primarily due to the softening global economy that has limited domestic growth and expansion possibilities. However, entering new markets in Africa, South America, India and the former USSR requires many special considerations.  One of the most important considerations involves communication and the selection of an appropriate professional language translation services company.

When making the decision to enter a foreign market, companies should carefully select an accurate and reliable language translator that specializes in their industries. Unfortunately, this important task of evaluating translation companies is becoming increasingly difficult as hundreds of translation of varying degrees of quality, professionalism and honesty all seek to promote themselves to companies needing translation services.

Since the legal and regulatory markets vary by country, it is critical that corporations have their professional correspondence, instruction manuals, guarantees, contracts, marketing material, websites and other information translated correctly to eliminate any potential economic, social or political risks.  One way to do this is by outsourcing the translation and localization processes to a highly experienced translation provider.  A good translation service will minimize the risk of errors and the need for time-consuming edits by your company’s own employees.  Further, by selecting an experienced, honest and reputable translation agency a corporation will help fulfill its needs and minimize potential risks.

While accuracy is the most important aspect to professional services and manufacturing firms, it is not the only factor when selecting the best company of their translation needs. Other important factors often include experience within an industry, reputation, turnaround times, pricing and a translation company’s ability to enter into non-disclosure agreements.   Read More

How Social Changes and Technologies Will Influence Translation Services

For translation workers who are a legal citizen of the United States, you can easily enjoy an assortment of fresh fruits all year that can be delivered from almost any destination in the world.  Translation workers living in China can consume Lake Sturgeon that was caught in Wisconsin only days earlier and then shipped to Tokyo. Translation workers are also taking up longer trips to distant locations that are usually for work and sometimes for vacation. In fact, the United States Department of Commerce has estimated that the United States will probably have around sixty-million visitors in 2013. According to Baltimore translation services workers, this influx of people from overseas will demand experienced service workers that can converse with people from foreign speaking, diverse societies. Moreover, the force of global trade will connect more businesses from varied countries. In most cases, this interaction will be direct, and at other times, it will probably be electronic in nature and may require advanced translation services skills. But despite the carrier, efficient interaction will require well-produced intercultural interaction expertise.

New techniques may even extend the capability of customers to communicate globally with suppliers with less effort and less cost than ever imagined. At the end of 2007, there had been a projected 2.8 billion wireless phone subscribers all over the world.  While once viewed as a luxury item, today cellular phones are thought to be necessities.   Further, while they were once only used or talking, today they are used for text-based correspondence, photo taking, scheduling and many other purposes.  French Translation workers are now able to share “mobile telephone novels” to help relieve the tedium of their normal taxi commute, which in certain cases wastes a couple of hours each way. As a consequence of cell handsets vast array of applications and declining costs, the amount of users is predicted to expand, and international mobile phone connections are more prevalent.  Do you want to be familiar with the appropriate telephone social manners when journeying to a different country? Newly developed and planned technologies pledge to improve the level of information obtainable in the foreseeable future.  In fact, a new Web, is expected to perform at rates roughly 20,000 times faster than today’s high speed cable and DSL connections.