Why You Need To Translate Your Ethical Policies

The subject of business ethics is a broad field that consists of a wide variety of trade functions-from preserving work-life harmony to examining the effects of globalization. In our modern business environment, the ongoing proactive supervision of moral hazards will guide your corporation around dangers and increase financial results. This is one reason why the language translation of business ethics guidelines must be provided in locations where commerce is performed.

However as one language translator highlights, whenever a company participates in the exchange of goods or services with foreign entity, the company will at some point be exposed to unfamiliar arrangements, which may bring the company’s ethical policies, and views of what is appropriate, into conflict with regional rules and customs. Alternatively, certain actions that are illegal in your home country could be lawful somewhere elsewhere in the world and present further ethical dilemmas.

Consequently, a Portuguese translator brings up one more question: In a global setting, how pertinent are ethical standards when they are at odds with cultural norms and objectives? For a start, in several Middle Eastern nations, it is a widespread perception that women should not be involved in commerce. As a result, some Middle Eastern corporations may avoid negotiating transactions with female representatives. Should a business only use male employees to negotiate with Middle Eastern partners? If so, could rational people view this as a form of discrimination against women workers?

Always adhering ethics policies in an international world is a challenge that has been effectively handled by United Parcel Service, which does business in more than 200 locations throughout the world. Despite the wide variety of countries with unique social and cultural norms, United Parcel Service (UPS), maintains its high moral integrity. To be sure that its moral requirements can be recognized in a variety of societies, UPS has had its code of ethics materials professionally translated by a team of translators who specialize in 12 languages. UPS also takes part in numerous philanthropic endeavors and has been awarded the US Environmental Protection Agency for coming up with progressive techniques to reduce its carbon footprint.