Education In The Global Context–Translation Of Curriculum

The quality of education varies throughout the world. The developed countries of Europe, America and a few Asian countries like China and Malaysia are far ahead in the field of education than the under-developed countries of Asia and Africa. This disparity has been extensively studied by academic researchers. Developed countries know the importance of revising and redesigning their curriculum every year.

As researchers gain new insights on impoved and develop improved instructional techniques, the curriculum taught in schools, colleges and universities must be updated. But research shows that many underdeveloped countries are still teaching the same syllabus they used 25 years ago. To improve the quality of education, curriculums must be constantly updated. In some developing countries where English is not the official language, curriculum from developed countries is translated with a few modifications. This is another good solution to the problem we are facing today, that is, lack of uniformity in the educational standards of different countries.

A Hindi translator working for The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company based in Boston told us, that he and his team of certified Hindi translators have translated books that were going to be a part of the curriculum, on many occasions. He also mentioned that for the translation of curriculum from one language to another, field specific translators are needed who can translate the subject related terms in a better way, finding the most apt replacement for them in the target language. Translating any book demands skill, precision and a professional experience in translating.

One may ask the importance of the translation of curriculum from one language to another. Underdeveloped as well as developed countries benefit from translating books as translation of schools’ curriculum in another language is a source of spreading knowledge from one part of the world to another. The recent globalization commands for uniformity all over the world, in health facilities, the standard of education and living, social equality and employment opportunities etc. Still a lot needs to be done in this respect. Translating curriculum is one step towards creating uniformity in the standard of education worldwide.

The point of concern here is the choice of language translator who will carry out the translation of curriculum. Trusting freelance translators to carry out the job of curriculum translation can prove to be disastrous at times. You may get the job done in low rates but there is no guarantee that it will be a correct translation. Only renowned translation companies can be trusted for such a task. Translations of curriculum must be done correctly as they have to be taught in schools and faulty translations may result in imparting faulty information.

Limiting The Business Risks of Entering Foreign Markers

A large number of organizations inadvertently prevent their businesses from entering into new markets and nations. A company’s greatest concern is that it will lose money by launching their business into unknown markets. The risks are greater when the business is unfamiliar with the cultures and traditions of the new market. This is because the organization may not be able to provide the requirements demanded by their (future) clients in a region with cultural and language barriers. As a result, a company could wind up throwing away an opportunity rather than profiting from it.
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