ICT and People with Special Needs

In recent years the issue of social adaptation of people with special needs is particularly striking. One of the most important tasks of social adaptation is to give these people full of opportunities and quality education. With the intensive presence of the internet and modern information and communication technologies in our everyday lives, particularly relevant is the issue of equal access to electronic information resources and global network. Internet and World Wide Web is an important resource in many aspects (education, employment, health care, etc.) for all who can use it. However, as Japanese Translation San Francisco  workers say, the fact is that certain populations have greater difficulties in accessing these resources.

Providing Internet access means offering alternative ways and means of Internet communication, not only for people with permanent or temporary disabilities (including visual, auditory, motor, speech, cognitive or neurological), but with varying capabilities (eg due to of age).Currently, most Web sites or network software (internet browsers, tools for creating interactive media) have limitations in terms of accessibility, making it difficult or impossible for their use by people with special educational needs. In this respect, the above Houston Chinese Translation workers think that it is good to consider ways to provide various opportunities for people with disabilities. To develop accessible web design, in fact, is simply to comply with the standards for programming, which, unfortunately, many designers do not do.

Ensuring Internet accessibility for people with special educational needs can be done in many ways, some of which are very simple solutions – tools to change the size and type of fonts, change colors, etc.. There are also special software and hardware technologies developed to overcome problems of access to information Such are: alternative input devices – adapted keyboards, ergonomic mice; alternative output devices – Braille displays, Braille printers and others; specialized software; universal design.